This is seriously the best s’mores recipe I could find to convince you that I’ll be great for your podcast

For real. Scroll down. We’ll talk after you eat.


Bacon-Topped S’mores

As found in Cooking Light
(Even though this is not light)

Bacon S'mores “Mmmm… Tastes almost as good as Justin sounds”

There’s an obvious metaphor here about how you and I will bring out the best in each other— just like bacon & chocolate—but it’s super lame and you deserve better.

For now, enjoy this maniacal-yet-delicious recipe, and when you’re done, we can talk about why I’d be fun to have on your show.




  • 2 whole-grain graham cracker sheets
  • 4 miniature dark chocolate bars (such as Hershey’s)
  • 4 large toasted marshmallows
  • 2 slices cooked center-cut bacon

How to Make It

Break each whole-grain graham cracker sheet in half. Top each cracker half with 1 miniature chocolate bar. Microwave at HIGH 35 seconds or until chocolate is slightly melted; spread. Top chocolate with 1 toasted marshmallow and 1/2 slice cooked bacon.

“Justin, this is weird.”

Yeah. But I promise you that I’ll say smart things when we talk.

Here are a few topics we can speak about:

Brand Ventriloquism: How I learned to analyze brand voice and mirror it for 309+ different entrepreneurs

The Headline Project: The 16 painful lessons I learned from writing 100 headlines every day for 100 days (and how it damn near killed me)

Embracing constraints: Counter-intuitive rules to understand why limiting yourself is the key to becoming more creative

Writing more personality-er: Ways to make your copy more likable, lovable, and clickable. 

Underlying tones in your copy and secret confidence killers (that are probably hurting your conversions and making you sound wonky)

Why almost everything your 9th grade English Teacher taught you is bupkis (and when it’s OK to sometimes break the rules)

5 Easy tips to improve your copy (even if you hate writing)

Jim Henson vs. Walt Disney (who was a better boss and how you can best lead your creatives)

Quick-hit storytelling techniques learned from stand-up comedy (you don’t have to be funny to use ’em)

The 3 most powerful words in your copy (and “free” is not one of them)

The Weezer Conundrum (how to use templates without sounding like a complete & Toto ripoff—plus a bonus lesson from Michael Keaton)

War stories from thousands of consumer conversations at NASCAR races, white collar offices, state fairs, and colleges campuses (and what it’s really like inside those Red Bull Mini Coopers) 

Crazy simple ways to sound more like your favorite entrepreneurs (no matter what industry you’re in)

…Good stuff, right?

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There’s podcasterly magic behind this duct tape


All the people say I’m pretty fly for a write guy

(I told you there would be puns) 

Justin is my all-time most favorite guest ever in the entire history of any podcast I’ve either recorded OR listened to. And I’m not writing that because he told me to. 
Okay, got me. He did. And I am. But don’t let that stop you from having a killer conversation about copy and voice and how to make more money with smart marketing because he knows that stuff. <–and that line is all me.”
Rob Marsh

Co-Host , The Copywriter Club Podcast