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For damn near anything with words

You want quacktastic copy? Here’s how to get it fast.

When writers get stuck, this is where they come

“Justin has reviewed tens of pieces of copy I’ve written. I’m not exaggerating when I say that just two or three of his pointed comments on a Gdoc have taken my work from “solid” to “standout.” 

Yes, he offers clear and specific (and unpretentious) feedback. But more than that, he’s a Big Idea guy who unearths the underlying AHA theme that will transform your copy into something remarkably cohesive – and downright memorable.”

Michal Eisikowitz

Perfectionist Copywriter

You, me, and Zoom—flip-flopping into your copy and finding all the words that hide like spiders in your room.

Because you know they’re there, right?

And they’re keeping you up at night.

(The words. Not the spiders. Although, probably them too.)

We’ll cannonball into your problem page and move letters around like AlphaBits, ‘cept our copy will stay crispy, even in milk.

I’ll tinker, adjust, and evolve your writing on the pretty fly, leaving you with copy that sounds ‘zactly like you want it to, only better. 

Need to find those uncatchable sentences you can’t seem to create on your own—even if you’re a damn good writer yourself?

Wanna pepper in personality, boost conversions, and make the whole dang thing more awesome?

We’ll do it together.

And we’ll do it fast.

Email, web sites, about pages, brand voice…

Whatever project that’s driving you batty, I can help.

Personality Punch-Ups and Power Hour Packages are perfect for when you’re feeling stuck, in a rush, or almost there, and just want to get the damn thing live. 

When someone is amazing at their craft like Justin is, all it takes is a slight repositioning of words to make a 100% difference.

Jim Karwisch

Executive Presence & Presentation Coach, Untangled Narrative

Here’s how it works:


1. Select A Time Using The Guide Below

Every project is different but these averages should give you an idea of how long we’ll need to make a big difference in your copy.

2. Grab A Spot

Choose a spot on the calendar that fits your timeline and lock it in. Need something sooner? Email me and I’ll see what we can do. 

3. Prepare For Greatness

I’ll send a quick doc where you drop your copy and answer a few short questions. Then we hit the ground running.


Easy, right?

Once your project rolls in, I’ll make sure we have enough time. If I think we need more (or less) I’ll let you know.

Here’s a good idea of what we can accomplish in your session.

Click a box to book.

Personality Power Hour (1 hour)

In one hour we can punch up one of the following:

  • Emails (1-5, including nurture series, sequences, lead gen…)
  • Web pages (1-2 pages)
  • Blog posts (1-2)
  • Product descriptions (3-8)
  • Facebook ads & Landing Pages (1-3)
  • New headlines & taglines
  • Social profiles and About info
  • General brand voice 

Best for close-but-not-quite-there projects. Get a set of professionally trained eyes to finish ‘er off and finally publish the damn thing. 


(click to book)

Power Pack (3 hours)

Use 3 hours all at once or break them up over time. We can work on one of the following:

  • Punch-up your site (all or most of it)
  • Rewrite email sequences 
  • Update landing pages
  • Rewrite sample content in different voices
  • Design content templates and product descriptions
  • Coach you privately on style & conversion
  • Train 2-3 writers on your team

Best for an overall writing boost. Jam my demented brain into all your nooks & crannies and pull out some kick-ass copy. Use the hours whenever you need them.


(click to book)

Full Day Dynamite (8 Hours)

In eight hours we can do one of the following:

  • Create a brand voice strategy
  • Update copy throughout your site
  • On-board and train new writers


Best for when you know your style needs a change, but you’re not sure how to do it yourself. This day paves the way for your voice and adds clarity & confidence moving forward.


(click to book)

He really annoys me.”

I mean, this guy is one of the MOST creative people I know. Like, if there was a CREATIVITY OLYMPICS (wouldn’t that be fun?), he’d win all the gold medals and we’d all hate him. Except we wouldn’t hate him because he’s not only an empathetic human who is fun to be around (and not just at the bar), but he’s ALSO an asset you can add to your team to punch up your copy so you make. more. money.

It’s hard to hate someone who’s making you lots of money, isn’t it?

If you can snag 30 mins or a few hours or even *GASP!* a day with this dude, you’ll reap the rewards and roll around in your ROI almost immediately. Who is he? He’s Justin Blackman. Does he *really* train for the CREATIVE OLYMPICS every day of his life? Ask him yourself. You won’t regret it.”

Kira Hug

Very Weird Copywriter, Kira Hug Media

You’ll want to stick around for the one-hour sessions. For the others, you can float in and out.

Feel free to break the 3-hour pack into multiple blocks. 

These estimates should give you a general idea—yet let’s be mindful that every project has its own quirks. We can discuss details ahead of time if you have any concerns about your specific pages. Just email me from the contact page. 

Please remember, you’re buying time and not a guaranteed deliverable. There may be some construction dust to sweep at the end, but I’ll make sure you know exactly how to move forward.

I have a solid track record for fast on-brand thinking that makes people happy. Read the nice words below, then snoop my calendar to land the best time for you.

C’mon. Let’s find the words to finally make you happy with your website.

This is gonna be fun.

Whenever I need a little more punch for a headline or copy for a design, Justin is the first person I turn to. He’s got a real knack for finding a message that seems so simple, yet nobody else is able to write. Also, the guy makes me laugh!”

Kim Sneed-Johnson

Manager, Interface Design, IHG

Justin helped me put the way I talk in my videos into my copy. Now you can’t even tell the difference and people are loving it. I get comments every day about my writing. 

No matter how good of a copywriter you think you are, you’re going to learn something very freakin’ valuable from Justin.”

Joey Karam


Justin was able to get inside my head, shake those marbles around, and roll out better headlines than I could’ve ever written. He’s happy. I’m grumpy. But somehow, he made it work.”

Autumn Tompkins

Editor, The Grumpy Grammarian

If you need help finding your voice, perfecting your own copy (or just want to have lines from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory playing in your head for days), I can’t say enough about Justin’s ability to support.

(Plus he live writes, which is a zone of genius in itself). Thx JB!

Rebecca Vigelius

Copywriter, Storyteller, Strategist

Sticks & stones may break your bones, but my words will make you money