Warning: This workshop doesn’t teach you writing basics. It teaches you how to make your writing *irresistible*

An Utterly Loveable Workshop For Copywriters Who Wish Their Writing Was A Little Less Ross And A Lot More Joey

Discover 81 ways to add punch, power & pop to your everyday writing (so it attracts more people, sells more stuff, and finally sounds as wondermous as you want)

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Write More Personality-er Workshop

81 Ways to add punch, power & pop into your everyday writing. Learn to write with your style in just 139 minutes

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Y’know how sometimes you sit at your laptop….

Smash out some OK’ish copy, but…

You know you could do better?

And then you spiral down that editing rabbit hole, only to make 93,457 revisions, shuffle around the commas, and still not love what you came up with?!


Writing copy can sometimes be a chore

And it leaves you scratching your head and wondering…

“How the heck do I even fix this heckin’ thing? Why doesn’t it sound like I want it to? Is this draft even salvageable or should I just hang up my keyboard and get a job as a barista? or a bubble gum viscosity tester? Or maybe as the guy who puts stickers on fruit?”

Happens to all of us, my friend.

And no, you shouldn’t.

What you should do is, understand why this is happening. 

Because this isn’t a “you” problem. It’s a “they” problem. And “they” is Mrs. Wilson. (Pronouns are hard.)

See, Mrs. Wilson was your fifth grade English teacher.

Mrs. Wilson teacher gif

OK, maybe your teacher wasn’t named Mrs. Wilson, but she/he/xe/they were definitely one of the people that programmed you to believe writing is supposed to be formal.

Now, grab you flux capacitor and let’s travel back to that time you had to write a book report on Old Yeller

Not only were you definitely not allowed to write as you speak, but…

You ALSO had to follow a strict format…

And if you somehow got your own opinions WRONG?

Or wrote in this wonky one-line paragraph style I’m using now?

You’d get marked down from an A to a big fat C+, emblazoned brightly on your paper in blood red ink for all the world to see.

Ouch, Mrs. Wilson!

That stuff sticks with you.

(That and the fact that we had to study books about dead pets. Who thought that was a good idea?!)

Nobody ever taught you how to write fun!

And now, when you try it, the copy sounds forced.

You get stiff.

Your words get stiffer.

Your creativity gets even stiffer-er.

So all ya do is revert back to that old stodgy style you know.

That same style e’rybody else is using.

The style that got you an A in grade school, yet now only earns a C+ on the internet.

But guess what?

You can be different.

You don’t have to write for Mrs. Wilson anymore.

You can find a way to take all those structures you already know and add YOU into it.

We’re gonna give you BACK your personality, your gift, your gab, your fun, your joie de vivre, your crudités, your *insert something French*.

You’re gonna get the new rules to fun writing that you never even knew existed.

We’re gonna help you…

(wait for it… wait for it…)

Write More Personality-er 

Write More Personality-er Logo

Write More Personality-er Workshop

81 Ways to add punch, power & pop into your everyday writing. Learn to write with your style in just 139 minutes

“Justin’s workshop is fantastic”

If you’ve ever felt like your writing is a little stale, this is the cure.

It’s got tons of simple, easy to implement strategies to punch your writing up and make it more fun and exciting for your readers. It’s going to be a required course for all of the writers in my agency to go through, that’s for damn sure.

-Chris Orzechowski

“Write More Personality-er is like getter a master’s degree in writing & editing copy with personality…”

In less time — and as entertaining as — watching a funny movie.(It almost feels like you’re slacking instead of studying.)

There’s so many actionable takeaways, I’m excited to write my own copy again.

-Gretchen Oris-Chong

“When I finished Justin’s workshop, I re-wrote a headline for my website that I’d been tweaking for about a year”

He not only reinforced some of the techniques I sort of knew, but he introduced me to some new approaches that instantly helped me feel confident about putting more personality into my writing.

-Liz Green

New Workshop. Who dis?

There are 27 people in the U.S. named Justin Blackman, but I’m the one who matters right now.


I’m the guy who wrote 100 headlines every day for 100 days during The Headline Project. I’m also the guy who writes Brand Ventriloquist® voice guides for A-List clients like, Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Danny Iny, Melyssa Griffin, Todd Herman, Ashlyn Carter, Belinda Weaver, Bobby Klinck, and dozens of others. 

(I can drop more names but then I just have to pick ’em up and my back hurts.)

I’ve personally created killer copy for more than 429 people (and counting).

Along this ridiculous journey, I picked a quirk or three… and possibly schizophrenia. Yet, I also discovered some amayonaissing writing techniques.

And I watched how others stood out by either breaking or finding loop holes in traditional grammar rules.

As a card carrying word nerd, I’ve read damn near everything there is about persuasion, conversion, comedy, and creativity. And when I see or hear a funny line, I don’t just laugh or blow air hard through my nose holes at it… I break down WHY it was funny. Then I analyze the style and stash it in my brain for later use. And I find new things to add almost every dang day.

I go deeper on this shizz than anyone ever should.

Because of this nasty lil’ habit, I found the logic and patterns hiding behind techniques that make words compelling.

This workshop is all those delectable and super juicy bits, rolled into a smorgasbord of well-researched, tested, and proven writerly shenanigans. 

This may sound super nerdy and strange (and it is) but this sciencey approach is the source of my super power.

Popeye had spinach. I have em dashes.

Justin Blackman

Here’s the dilly…

You got into the writing game because you’re inherently creative. 

You’re good because you think about things in ways others don’t.

You enjoy the rush of persuasion and the thrill you get from bangin’ out a well-turned phrase, but…

You just don’t know how to make your stuff stand out.

Eeyore's gloomy place

(← your Google Docs folder)

All copy, no poppy.

Your writing feels “standard” — and the words don’t sound fun. Your results don’t zip and zing off the page like you want ‘em to.

Sound about right?

Then you, my friend, are in the right place.

Because we’re about to pump a whole lotta you back in your copy. 

“Justin takes the mystery out of putting more of your own unique personality into everything you write for your audience. “

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your emails and other copy addictively entertaining and ultimately more persuasive, you’ll want to learn from the ‘maestro’ himself: Justin Blackman.

His Write More Personality-er Workshop takes you by the hand step-by-step with training and tools that will help you inject humor and infotainment effectively into your copy. In no time, you’ll be waving your magic wand and writing emails and other content that will help you stand out and build a following of raving fans!
Kim Krause-Schwalm

A-List Copywriter & Copy Mentor

Wait, what’s actually inside, man?

When you join Write More Personality-er, you get 81 tips to add punch, power, and pop to your everyday writing, including:

  • Writing Basics: Fun punctuation, unforgettable rules, and freaky facts about layout
  • Pop-py Seeds: Sprinkle these techniques onto your copy to make it pop like grandma’s knees
  • Power Moves: Weird ways to make your readers take action (Science!)
  • Punch-ups: Over-the-shoulder edits that take your words from blah to booyah
  • Checklists & Transition Lines: Print these out for one last look before you publish

…Plus an insult generator (😯), real-time edits, and permission to let go of some long-held writing beliefs implanted by that pesky 5th grade English teacher.

It’s a super enjoyable two hours of video broken down into 16 bite-sized chunks you can zip through in a GIF jiff and apply to your work immediately.

…Then pepper in the 7.5 hours (!) of clearly marked bonus videos featuring interviews and over-the-shoulder editing of:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Sales pages
  • Opt-in forms
  • Facebook ads
  • Product descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • Offers

…And comic structure breakdowns you can watch at  your own pace.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… (← sorry. as a copywriter, I’m required to say that on every page)

This isn’t just a hit-it-and-quit it thing.

You’ll also have the option to grab celebrity guest interviews & get access to all future content too.

Pee Wee Surprise

Let’s make this perfectly clear…

This is NOT the general stuff

This isn’t a class about using emojis in subject lines. We’re not talking about fascinations, AIDA, or split testing the color of your buttons. (Orange. Always orange.)

This is a collection of copy, comedy, and conversion knowledge nuggets that instructors, comics, and all my favorite writers dropped on the sly.

These are the tidbits they slip between the lessons that really make the difference. 

We’re talking about the good stuff you can’t google.

These are the rules you never knew existed.

Write More Personality-er teaches you how to write more fun… and actually enjoy writing. 

If you want the freedom to write how you want… and the power to make your copy be the highlight of someone’s day… smack ‘dem big shiny buttons.

You’ll get all my favorite secrets to add punch, power, and pop into your everyday writing.

These brain grenades will make your writing go boom.💥


This is the stuff that makes people want to tear open every email you send.

It makes your sender name even more powerful than your subject line. 

 BTW – Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie writer, an A-Lister, or even someone who just writes a little for work… this course is gonna make your personality pop off the page like a fake snake in a can of peanut brittle. And it will make people pay attention to you.

 Wanna write like you mean it again?

 Wanna tell your inner Mrs. Wilson to go punch herself in the face?

 Ready to dump a whole bottle of hot sauce on your keyboard?


↓↓↓Tips, tricks, and over the shoulder writing inside.↓↓↓

Fun-Sized Lessons for Easy Binging And Instant Implementation

Each video is just 3-5 minutes long and you can apply ’em to your writing lickety split.  

You’ll be zippin’ and zoomin’ to poppier copy in no time.

Why should you even care about this?

Because putting your personality on paper makes people like you.

And we buy from people we like.

Being able to write well is a super power—and opportunities to shine are everywhere. Could be an email, a website, or even a Tinder profile. This course shows you the best ways how, where, and when to stand out and get noticed.

It helped all these folks and it can help you too

This one of those no-brainer courses that you absolutely NEED if you write anything online.

Justin has a knack for making writing for yourself seem easy. He somehow gives you the confidence to see yourself as a badass writer and business owner … and then write like one too.

If you take this course and practice what he shows you… nobody will ever yawn, get bored to tears, or scroll past something written by you.

-Samar Owais

I’ve always wanted to learn how to write with more personality.

Most of what I know is through trial and error and the lack of structure usually made me second guess myself.

Justin’s course couldn’t come in at a better time! I’m already using his tips in my IG posts 😊.

-Amisha Shrimanker

Exactly what I needed to have more confidence in my own copy.

This course adds a science—and a system—to some of the silly, silent or unspoken ways that I’ve seen personality show up in writing over the last few years.

It’s exactly what I needed to have more confidence in my own copy.

-Brandon Burton

There are SO many nuggets in here!

I just binge-watched this course (short videos, no fluff, bulk entertainment value, doesn’t judge your comfy couch pants)… And there are SO many nuggets in here.

Some of them validate stuff I already do (but the win there is I now have the language to talk about it), and others (um, bullet order? HELLO, NEW KNOWLEDGE NUGGET!) are fresh, delicious gold.

-Kirsty Fanton

If you want to know why you skim some of the emails in your inbox and eagerly reread others—take this course.

You’ll get actionable tips and the strategy behind all those moments where the phrasing just “felt right.” 

Highly recommended!

-Alex H.

If you have read Justin’s stuff you know how good he is.

In this weirdly named course, you will find out how to do it like THE dude. It has surprises and giggles BUT the best bit is when he opens up his head and lets it ALL spill out on the page for you to see.

-Dave Denholm

Good writing is not optional

The fact is, we all have to write. Could be an email, could be a website, or it could be a love note at the bottom of a napkin. Opportunities to shine are everywhere. Personality-er show you how to make your copy spark.

This delightful chocolate factory of sweet, sweet writerly magic is broken down into itty-bitty delectably smart bites. Its quick n’ easy content will have you writing better in minutes. And your readers will notice a change right away.

Here’s what you get:

  • Writing Basics: Fun punctuation, unforgettable rules, and freaky facts about layout
  • Pop-py Seeds: Sprinkle these techniques onto your copy to make it pop like grandma’s knees
  • Power Moves: Weird ways to make your readers take action (Science!)
  • Punch-ups: Over-the-shoulder edits that take your words from blah to booyah
  • Swipes & Inspo Lists: Use these uncommon lines to make your copy muy caliente
  • Checklists & Transition Lines: Print these out for one last look before you publish

… Plus an insult generator (😯), real-time edits, and permission to let go of some long-held writing beliefs implanted by your 5th grade English teacher.

Everybody writes. This workshop makes it more fun. And it makes whatever you send more enjoyable to read.


With the tips, tricks, and coaching in Personality-er, you’ll build up an arsenal of awesome that makes people love every word you write 

So now it’s time to do the thing…

You want in? Or no?

I’ll break the fourth wall here and be totally transparent…

I’m not gonna do a takeaway close. 

Writer to writer, I respect you too much (and we both know you’d see right through it anyway).

Instead, I’m gonna remind you that writing doesn’t have to be a chore. 

And when you grab this course, it won’t be.

Not anymore. 

On the other hand…

If you click away from this page, you’ll think, “Dang it, I wish I’d joined Write More Personality-er already” every time you bang your head against the keyboard.

I don’t need to do a takeaway close because you’ll do it for me. 

Grab this now or let your copy linger longer in the Bog of Eternal Stench. 

    Write More Personality-er Logo

    “I hated this course.”

    It was bad enough that Justin writes funnier copy than mine. The last thing I needed was him showing OTHER people how to do it, too. I bought the course to see how good it could really be. 

    I was disgusted to find him casually explaining ‘secret’ copywriting rules that I was following subconsciously … for the world to see! I’m just glad he hid the really good stuff toward the end. Hopefully nobody else finishes it.”

    Daniel Throssell

    Still have questions?

    Why do I have to eat vegetables? How much salt is in the ocean? Where do babies come from?*

    If you want to ask me any of these questions OR anything else related to Personality-er, hit me up here.

    *OK, I’m gonna take care of these three right now. 


    2. A lot

    3. Ask your mom or dad – and for the love of Glob, DO NOT Google it! 

    "If you want the freedom to write like you, and want your writing to be the highlight of someone's day, Justin's course is all that with sugar on top!"

    Don’t spend hours debating, jump in and get going to be even more amazing than you already are.

    -Sharon Steele

    "In my daily writing routine I can forget to inject fun for me and the reader."

    Justin served up some really actionable advice that should make for better conversions and let me enjoy writing even more. I’ll be relying on his insights from now on.

    TL;DR – I loved Write More Personality-er!

    -Per Andreasen


    "I took Justin's workshop to spice up my copy - and it dumped a bottle of hot sauce over my keyboard."

    This workshop will better your writing even if you already know your way around CopyHackers, PAS and the rule of one.

    -Nicola Moors

    "A must-have for copywriters who want to command top dollar and build their brand following."

    (HINT: use Justin’s coaching to write your own promo materials and clients will beat down your door).

    I already get a ton of work with bold personality-driven copy and Justin just helped me up my A-Game to Goddess-Game level.

    -Mandy O’Neill


    "Justin's delivery is personal, engaging and super insightful."

    Anything with Justin’s name on it gets me too excited. This didn’t disappoint. Justin’s delivery is personal, engaging and super insightful.

    This workshop is made of gold and I’ve referred to it 10+ times since downloading for inspiration in my writing process.

    -Danielle Read

    "Listening to it with breakfast right now."

    You go great with fried cheese.

    -Rachael Pilcher

    Hilarity begins now

    Prepare for ludicrous speed. All this can be yours for just $279