Hi. I make your brand more interesting.

Ridiculously good website copy, emails, and voice guides for experts, brands & content teams

It’s tough to connect with your audience, right?

I mean REALLY connect. You know what you want to say—but when your words hit the page… well, most businesses sound like a term paper. Isn’t that why you’re here? You need a little oomph. Some chutzpah. A certain somethin’ somethin’ to punch ’em right in the feels.

Your website, your email, your taglines…

Ya gotta make ‘em fly.

Add a little buzz to your words


Full Website Copy

This is the part where we make your entire site sound awesome, from top-to-bottom


Voice Guides

Detailed instructions to train writers how to sound exactly like you in any format. If you have a content team, you need this


Punch Ups

Need a little kick in the copies? Let’s make your words more gooder. Perfect for existing email series & website tune-ups


Simple messages for complicated businesses. I’ll tinker up 100 lines for you, just like I did with The Headline Project

Email Campaigns

I write it. You send it. Then you make mucho mucho money dollars

I’ve Worked With:

Fun fact:

Humor lowers resistance & increases attention. It’s the reason we buy from brands that make us laugh. It’s why we love The Daily Show more than C-SPAN. And why The Martian taught us more science than 4 years of college did.

People don’t forget that which makes them smile.

I’m Justin Blackman.

I write like you talk.

Putting your personality on paper is my specialty

Forget the rules. The internet doesn’t care if you dangle your participle. Now people say things like fleek, FOMO, and matchy-matchy.

Traditional writing died the minute your customer said Amazeballs. It’s time to get funky.

Write like a person. Write like YOU.

We’ll use phrases you use and we’ll make your words sound like people. And we’ll talk the way your audience talks. Because that’s where the gold is.

Real messaging resonates.

  • It sells without sounding salesy
  • It shows enthusiasm without making you look like a nutjob
  • It delivers answers without being asked

Writing that talks is fun to read. It tells customers what they want to hear in a voice they want to listen to. And it doesn’t sound anything like a sales pitch.

So stop being boring.

Let’s get YOU on your page.

Lucky for you, that’s kinda my thing…

All the people say I’m pretty fly for a write guy

“Justin’s emails are the best thing to land in my inbox since, well, ever. He’s funny, super sharp, and basically God’s gift to copywriting. Plus he’s really fun to work with. There aren’t too many people I would trust to write stuff in my own name, but Justin is one of them. Did I mention how hilarious and great to work with he is? All true.”

Tarzan Kay

Big Boss, Tarzan Kay Copywriting

“Justin has that fire you want to see in a writer of any kind, as well as a willingness to pull from inspirational sources well outside the industry echo chamber. Simply put, he writes like many of us aspire to write. He’s creative, driven, and an all-around great guy to boot!”
Jay Acunzo

Creator & Host, Unthinkable

“Thanks for the new site copy, Justin! You really nailed the voice we were going for. The messaging is clear & our pages are quite fun to read now!”

Luke Faccini

CEO, The Sponge

My words make people click

It’s not (just) about the funny. I’ve taken tons o’ conversion courses, and we’re gonna get wicked sciency on your work. You’ll get all the sticky phrases and double-secret marketing formulas like AIDA, and PAS, and Hakuna Matata.

That means no worries for the rest of your days. I’m your problem free guy-who-writes-copyyyyy.

Great copy saves koalas

No, for reals. A portion of every project we do together will go toward animal rescue. Have a favorite shelter? Let me know and we’ll donate to it. Puppies, kittens, koalas…

You name it, we’ll rescue it.

Ready to go?