Write like a bigger, bolder, beastier you — and never let your voice play small again

(For writers & entrepreneurs tired of holding back)

Write like a bigger, bolder, beastier you — and never let your voice play small again

(For writers & entrepreneurs tired of holding back)


Y’know what the biggest challenge in writing for yourself is?

The words.

The second biggest?


But the third?

(For reals this time)

It’s finding the voice to come across the way you want.

~ Fun but not foolish
~ Humble but not timid
~ Confident but not braggy
~ Professional but not persnickety

And finally having the guts to cut the audience you don’t want to appeal to anymore.

Because once you figure it out and start sounding like the actual human bean you are…

That’s when people love you.

That’s what makes readers swoon.

That’s where the virtual hugs come in.

I’ve written and studied copywriting for more than 10 years but despite all that experience, this Monster Session was next level.

This opened me up to things I hadn’t even thought of. New ways of seeing writing and voice and all that. I have no doubt it’s gonna take everything I do to a whole new place. I feel like I’ve now got an endless supply of ideas as well as crystal clear clarity on the direction of the voice. What the voice is, what it’s meant to do, and most importantly, how to actually do it.

Part theory, part therapy, part practical.

I’m so fired up with ideas… and now I can’t wait to write.

Anyone who writes stuff for a living NEEDS this… especially if they want an edge on their competition. Amazing session.

John McIntyre

Sure, a good offer is a HUGE factor in our buying decision, but… 

Whatever you write… whatever you say… and whatever you package has to be written in a way that makes ‘The Right People” choose and accept you.

Otherwise no one reads far enough to even know what you do.

(Painful but true.)

This is important because there’s sooooooo much competition out there.

I just searched “dog photography writers” and found 52,000,000 results.


Which is both absurd and awesome at the same time. (Chill, Google.)

So how do you stand out?

How do you differentiate yourself in the Sea Of Same?

How do you showcase yourself among 52,000,000 (!) search results?

How do you sound like someone who people should care about?

How can you write for yourself as well as you do for others?

And how can you be so good they can’t ignore you?

The answer is…

Ya gotta unleash your monster

You need to sound like a bigger, bolder, BEASTIER you.

You need to write with confidence and authority.

You need to understand how to sound (and how not to sound) to be the you who you’re about to become.

You need to NOT hold back so you can become more engaging, more powerful, and more you-ity-er.

(Even if it means making up words.)

You need to be the Hot Cheeto in a bowl of Chex mix.

Easier said than done though, right?


Not if you have help.

After writing for more than 429 entrepreneurs and dozens of brands, plus brain dumping 10,211 headlines in 100 days, I’ve learned aaaaaaaaaaall the itty bitty tricks and gigantic game-changers that make you stand out.

Justin Blackman

And I can drop them directly into your copy for you while you watch.

I’ll write with you so you can see what changes I make, what changes I don’t make, and I’ll explain the logic behind every word, comma, suffix, and emoji.

Not only will you wind up with better, bolder, more you-ity-er copy immediately…

You’ll master your voice and know how to move your audience toward your buy button without me.

Imagine that.

The next time you write, you’ll know ’zactly how to stand out, and have the confidence to show up more powerful than ever.

All on your own.


And that, my friend, is when the magic happens.

Hop in now and steal my writing secrets.

(In exchange for dollars, obvs.)

I have completely finished two critical pages of my website, and the rest are nearly done. I also feel happier to inject more of myself and my sense of humour into my regular emails to my list.”
Liz Painter

“I hired Justin because I knew something was off in my copy and messaging. It was nagging me.

Justin dove into my emails and helped me understand why I had attracted a few tire kickers in my last launch course and gave me tangible tactics for improving my voice and building my position as an industry leader.

After my monster session, he’d re-written my homepage, dropped me a killer tagline and gave me the confidence to make subtle tweaks on my brand voice to attract future all-star students. I am one happy customer.”

Emily Reagan

Peek the deets, snag a spot, and unleash your monster.

Monster Sessions are a private plunge into your personal writing style and voice

I’ll collect your writing samples and analyze ‘em live on our call. Our first hour consists of me finding buried patterns, threaded themes, and secret tones in your copy that are affecting the way your readers perceive you (even if you didn’t intend it).

Then, over the next two hours we’ll evolve your voice and adapt you to a more you-er style through live writing and edits.

After just three hours, you’ll have pages you love and know exactly how to show up in a way that attracts and entices your perfect monsters people.

Here’s what you get during our call:


  • 3 uninterrupted hours of Justin’s very odd brain on your home page, about page, bios, blogs, emails, social copy, sales pages, offers, or anything else you’d like to review
  • A deep understanding of your current voice & what people hear when you write
  • Detailed instructions on how to develop your voice from where you are to where you want to be
  • A private lesson for writing in a style best-suited to your brand
  • A sneak peek at the WWJW (What Would Justin Write) voice changing method
  • A live Brand Ventriloquist voice analysis of the 3 prominent writing traits that define your style
  • All the links, tools, and copy we create so you can carry on with crafting perfect words
  • Recordings of our call and all its mind grenades so you can review it any time you slip
  • Conversion boosters & personality spikes to make you even more wondermous

…Plus sample rewrites of your existing copy in different styles so you can see what works best for you.

 No two sessions are the same and everything here is completely custom.

“Justin has reviewed tens of pieces of copy I’ve written. I’m not exaggerating when I say that just two or three of his pointed comments on a G-doc have taken my work from “solid” to “standout.”

Yes, he offers clear and specific (and unpretentious) feedback. But more than that, he’s a Big Idea guy who unearths the underlying AHA theme that will transform your copy into something remarkably cohesive – and downright memorable.”

Michal Eisikowitz

Perfectionist Copywriter

Unleashing Your Monster doesn’t have to mean going nuts

It can be more formal if that’s who your monster is.

(Always Watching)

Or more skilled.

(The Coach & Claws Behind The Scenes)

It all depends on you.

Monster Sessions provide Clarity, Confidence, and…

(What?! No!)


Confidence, Clarity, and Conversion.

(Silly Cookie Monster.)

It’s about helping you convert at a higher rate by not sounding like a fuddy duddy doppelganger — and it’s about letting your true self shine so buyers can:

  • See you
  • Identify with you
  • Throw money at you

Here’s what Sarah Greesonbach of B2B Content Studio said about her Monster Session:

“Before I met with Justin, sitting down to write my own content felt like barfing a million butterflies. There were just so many ways to say what I wanted to say, and I wasn’t sure which was the best way. I’m also a professional ghostwriter, so I’m far more comfortable writing for a client than writing in my own voice.

Justin’s process put scaffolding in place to show me how my writing is perceived and how to say what I want to say in a way that builds the kind of relationships I want to have. I think about our conversation every time I sit down to write an email, and it’s made me a much better and more confident writer!”

Sarah G.

B2B Content Studio

See that? A B2B writer just said “barfing a million butterflies.” And more importantly… she now knows “how to say what she wants to say in a way that builds the kind of relationships she wants to have.”

The process works.

You can have that confidence too.


You snag a spot on my calendar now.

Oh, and here’s the best part.



Because sometimes we all need more support.

Get clarity now — and extra editing later.


Here’s your link to lock it in

“Hey Justin, can you throw in a second bonus on top of the extra 30-minute call and give me lifetime access to your Write More Personality-er Workshop so I can learn all your unusual techniques for adding punch, power, and pop into my everyday writing — so I can see even more ways to make my copy mas poppy?”

Sure. Twist my arm. Since you asked such a specific question, you also get lifetime access to Write More Personality-er.

(If you already have WMP, ask me about an upgrade.)

“Wait, what’s the price, man?”


I know.

Too cheap.

You’re essentially getting a live lite version of a Brand Ventriloquist® Voice Guide ($2,650), plus 3.5 hours of private coaching ($1,397), and Write More Personality-er ($279) for 27% of the cost.

($1,197 / 4,326 = .27)

It’s lower than a potato bug’s belly.

Underpriced AF.

Might fix that later.

But for now…

Click here to grab your spot


“Writing your own copy is like trying to lick your elbow”. 

I say this to so many of my own clients because it’s true. So there I was, stuck on bringing together two seemingly disparate keys to how I do what I do in my messaging, procrastinating about my own website despite being a copywriter myself (oh the shame…)(haha!).

After my monster session I have a clear message and know how to approach my website copy and messaging full stop. Justin used some geeky-cool tools to analyse my writing style which gave me some valuable insights (and I loves me some geeky-cool tools).

If you’re stuck in your own head and need some impartial copywriter-brain clarity on your messaging, its time… book in a Monster.

Ali Edgar

Fun Fact: Most of my clients DO NOT sound funny.

Most don’t even sound fun. That’s not our goal here. Our goal is to make you sound like whatever dominant characteristic you want to put forward.

  • Witty
  • Smart
  • Proven
  • Parental
  • Confident
  • Authoritative

…Everyone’s monster is different.

You decide yours…

I just help you set it free.

Justin Blackman

Better writing lurks behind this link.

“Justin helped me put the way I talk in my videos into my copy. Now you can’t even tell the difference and people are loving it. I get comments every day about my writing.

No matter how good of a copywriter you think you are, you’re going to learn something very freakin’ valuable from Justin.”

Joey Karam


(This works for writers, creatives & entrepreneurs at every level.)

“Justin has a gift for pulling the words out of you that you wanted to say but couldn’t quite find on your own.

Since our Monster Session, my copy is clear and impactful, with a little pinch of magic. I’m on my way to being un-copy-able by others in my field and that’s pure gold. Thanks Justin!”

Christine Luken

The Financial Lifeguard


Why is it so damn hard to write my own stuff?

You may not like this answer, but it often comes down to fear.

You’re scared.

You’re scared to say what you really want to say and own your own authority.

> What if people don’t receive your message?

> What if people don’t agree with you?

> What if you’re not good enough?

> What if people don’t like you?

> What if nobody cares?

…And what if you’re wrong?

What if you spent all this time building something and nothing happens next?

Once you accept permission to be beasty, nearly all of this goes away.

Monster Sessions aren’t a complete end to fear, but they’re a huuuuuuuuge step foward.

Will this help me write for clients?

Yes and no.

The main goal here is to work on your voice and your power to help you get clients, but…

The skills carry over. And the bonuses will show you all kinds of techniques you can apply to client writing as well as your own.

People hire me because they like my style and they want that on their page, which now comes very naturally to me.

So, while it will help you write better for clients, our entire focus is evolving your style.

Who even are you?


I’m Justin Blackman. The non-fuzzy guy in the pictures.

Some people know me as “The voice guy” or “The Brand Ventriloquist” or “The guy who wrote 100 headlines every day for 100 days for 100 different companies.” 

Other people call me daddy. (Those people are my kids. Don’t make this weird.)

Over the last few years, I’ve written for more than 429 different people and covered damn near every voice you can imagine. Along the way, I learned all the tricky secrets to elevating the right elements in your style, as well as pinpointing where people hold back. 

And I also teach writers how to identify and define voice and style. 

I’ve worked on voice projects for Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Danny Iny, Hayley Hobson, Ashlyn Carter, Melyssa Griffin, Bobby Klinck… and dozens of writers/entrepreneurs you’ve never heard of. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re bigly or on your way up to bigly. I can help you sound like you want to.

How is this different from your other offerings?

OK, great question. Thank you for asking. You’re very pretty.

Brand Voice Academy is about how to master voice in general — meaning it’s perfect if you want to create voice guides and/or replicate the voice of your clients. Monster Sessions are for you writing unabashedly as yourself. Get it?

Write More Personality-er is my (ridiculously named) workshop that dissects the science of interesting writing. I break it all down into info-nuggets so you can gobble ’em up and inject your writing with wee bits of merriment whenever you like.

Personality Punch-Ups and Power Hour Packages are mainly for editing. This is where I get elbow-deep into your problem page and polish that baby until it’s shinier than a diamond in a goat’s patoot.

However, we don’t get into the voice aspect there. That magic piece is only here in the Monster Session magic.

How does this all work?

I get it – you’re a TL;DR kinda person. That’s ok – I’ll make it short and sweet here.

You click this link. (Easy peasy.)

It takes you to a calendar. (Super simple.)

You book a time that works for you. (Awwww yeahh.)

Then the money thing happens. (Thank you very much!)

On the day of your session, we spend 3 uninterrupted hours on any copy you’d like to review. (Bada bing!)

We also break down what makes your voice unique. (Bada boom!)

After your Monster session, you are reinvigorated and ready to write the YOU way any time you like. (And happier’n a hog in a mud puddle.)

OH, and BTW – I also throw in a goodie bag stuffed with bonuses. It’s, like, overflowing. (Wanna see? Scroll up a bit…)

Sound good? Great. Let’s do this thang!

Can we split up the 3 hours?

No, and here’s why.

For the first hour, you’ll watch over my shoulder as I analyze your content using the Brand Ventriloquist® breakdown. It’s the same process I use for my $5,500 voice guides, just done on the fly.

From there, it’s editing, punching up, tweaking, and trying on new styles so you can see what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t like. (Hint: You may even find out what you don’t like is exactly what you’re doing now. ← That happens a lot.)

If we break that flow, you’re left wondering what to do and it gets in your head. I would never want to leave you at a down point. The goal here is to show you how to evolve your voice and leave you with better, stronger, beastier copy in one day.

Splitting it up isn’t in your best interest.

If you were just looking for a straight punch-up, this would be shorter. But the idea here is to show you how to be more you-ity-er. That takes a little time—and it’s well worth it.

What if I need to reschedule?

No problem. – I can be as flexible as Gumby’s ding dong. Just email me at Justin@PrettyFlyCopy.com at least 24 hours in advance and we’ll getcha sorted.

What if I have to cancel?

Hey, I get it. Life happens. With that in mind, from the time you book your sesh, you have a full 72 hours to cancel if you have a family emergency / your car explodes on the interstate / Carole Baskin takes your tigers.

After that, I’m happy to reschedule you to a later date, but no refunds will be granted. (Gotta draw a line somewhere, you know!)

Do you have a payment plan?

I gotchu, boo. We can do that. Just takes a few extra steps. Email me at Justin@PrettyFlyCopy.com  

Not sure if a Monster Session is for you?

Ask me. I’ll be straight with you.

There’s no way I’d ever push you into this if I’m not 100% sure you’d grow from this. (And yes, I have said no to people before.)

In short, Monster Sessions are ideal for mid-level and near-mid-level folks with a good foundation. It’s for people who know the voice on their page isn’t quite right for where they are now…

But just can’t figure out how to get it right on their own.

It’s for you if you’re ready to leap, but a lack of words, power, or a distinguishable trait in your content are holding you back.

“…When I scheduled the call, I was actually really nervous to spend 3 hours with someone (anyone!). It ended up being really fun and not awkward at all.”

Sarah G.

On the fence?

Here’s what some people you may recognize have to say…

“Do it. Justin’s a genius.”

Eman Zabi


“Justin really connected my humor to my style in a way that converted more customers to my course and beyond. If you’re looking for more customers and to create more captivating copy, Justin is your solution.”

Joel Byers

Hot Breath Comedy

“I don’t know how your brain works this way, but I’m in awe.

This Monster sesh was so much more than I could have expected or imagined. I am thrilled with what I learned and what I got out of it, and I think you’re not charging enough for it. Like – the price as it is now is a 💯no brainer and I would do it again. And again. And again!

Worth every penny and a minute of it and more.

Irina Leoni

Branding Photographer & Coach

“Every time I read something Justin wrote, I wonder where he gets his peyote.”

Misha Hettie

Uncommonly Good Business

“Justin is the ONLY one Mayank and I trust and talk about when it comes to mastering brand voice”

Prerna Malik

Content Bistro

“I credit what Justin taught me to the shift in connections I’m creating and it’s making a big difference in my business. I no longer need to sell because people come to me.”

Linda Perry


“Justin was able to get inside my head, shake those marbles around, and roll out better headlines than I could’ve ever written. He’s happy. I’m grumpy. But somehow, he made it work.”

Autmn Thompkins

The Grumpy Grammarian

“I’m free!

Justin was able to show me the places where my true voice was peeking through and where I was hiding it.

The very next email I sent to my list had the best engagement ever. Monster up people if you need more of you on your own pages.”

Gregory Anne Cox

Be More Marketable

Nervous? Excited? Hungry?

Good! That’s the perfect combination of emotions. Good things often happen after big changes

Being scared or excited might be the exact signal you’re ready. (There’s a reason you’re still reading this page.)

Look, y’know how when you write for other people, it’s always easier? 

Well, this is me writing for you, WITH YOU, so you can see where you’ve gone word-blind in your own copy.

It happens to all of us.

Your Monster Session trains you to show up with the same high level of confidence you help other people create — and not repeat the same mistakes moving forward, ever again.

You’ll learn how to write better for yourself, and know how to fix it if ever feels off.

Or email me if you have questions.

“I have a BIG THANKS for you helping me to enjoy copywriting now.  I’ve embraced my snark, belly giggles, and strange jokes you would know about me if we were in the same room.  It’s been fun to put them on a page even if no one else gets them.  (But the good news is that they do.  Thanks for that push.)”
Katherine Swift

Resin Obsession

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