Tools For Copywriters

You word. I word. Let’s word together.


You don’t have to write alone anymore.

Working with copywriters and helping them find the perfect words is one of my favorite things to do in the world


Because I’m a nerd too I get you, boo. 

I’ve been through the comma slog and I understand what it’s like to stress-move em dashes around a page and wonder if it really makes a difference. (Hint: It doesn’t, but I still do it anyway.)


If you want to steal my secrets about voice, style, and developing a stance so you can finally stand out in your lil’ wacky pack of a writing niche…

Here’s what I got for ya:


Write More Personality-er

Write With Style

Write More Personality-er is your very own ridiculously named workshop that dissects the science of interesting writing. You’ll see the roots of conversion, conversation, persuasion, comedy and all the hidden lessons I’ve uncovered by writing for more than 419 different people. (These tips apply to writers at any level.)

Codex Persona

Create (And Sell) Voice Guides

Want to know the secret sauce behind analyzing, documenting, and creating a brand voice? The Codex Persona teaches you how to build, package, and sell voice guides on your own—for lots more money—to your existing clients.

This is where it all begins.

Monster Session

Unleash Your Monster

There’s a point in every writer’s career when you know it’s time to go bigger. You’ve figured out what you stand for and what direction you want to go, but the voice on your page doesn’t match. And you just don’t know what to write. 

That’s when it’s time for a Monster Session (NOW RE-OPEN)

Justin is my voice-Yoda.

As a personal brand copywriter, I’d found plenty of mentors for conversion copy – but there was one piece missing in my skillset that always evaded me: VOICE.

When I found Justin, sing the angels did. I mentored under him to study voice and learn about his sought-after Brand Ventriloquist voice guides. The confidence I found in defining my own voice and having a process to define my clients’ voices helped me grow my business at force speed.

I’ve closed $350K+ in revenue over the past 12 months because I’m one of very few copywriters who understand personal brand voice.

Julie Cabezas

Copy Crimes

Grab some time with a "copywriter's copywriter"

Don’t get me wrong. I love my clients. But I really love working with people like you who truly understand the moves we make, the steps we take, and the words we bake—and who know there’s a madness to our methods.

 …If you want an hour or three to work on your project together, grab a spot on my services page.


Lindsay Hotmire

Copywriter, Coach, Storyteller