Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed your copy. Prepare to fly.

(Just kidding. I’m Justin Blackman.)

Analyzing your writing voice is super nerdy, but I like it

I like it the way Ross likes Rachel. Or dads like thermostats. Or my mom likes stealing Sweet ‘N Low from restaurants.

I like it, like it

And I happen to be awesome at it.

See… I originally wanted to get really good at messaging. I wanted to create Big Ideas and have the power to craft perfect headlines on command.

So, I created The Headline Project, where I wrote 100 headlines, e’ry day, for 100 days, just for fun. (You can see all 10,211 lines right here.)

Mind you, I did all this while working full-time at a company where I wrote emails and landing pages for 14 different hotel brands, all with their own voice, all at the same time, and with a combined audience of 7,000,000 people.

Then I wrote for 329 different people in less than two years. Sometimes writing for six people in a single day.

But I was so head-down in the work that I never realized what it was doing to my brain.

And as I bounced between all those different writing styles:

  • Professional
  • Comical
  • Serious
  • Seussical
  • Millennial
  • Technical
  • Masculine
  • Feminine
  • Woo woo

I created a process to analyze, interpret, and mimic any voice. All while adding in conversion, personality, comedy, and copywriting techniques I’ve been studying for decades.

That meant I could take proven formulas, add in the right personality, and create content to sound like anyone.

That’s how The Brand Ventriloquist® was born.

Now, as one of the most-recognized copywriters in the brand voice space, I help writers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and people like you analyze, document, and create the perfect writing style.

…Even if your voice is unique.

Brands I’ve worked with:

Todd Herman

Brand Ventriloquist Voice Guides:

For those who want their copy on point

Without a voice guide, you’re working harder than you have to

And there are inconsistencies with your on-boarding, your training, and probably even your style. 

It means your brand voice took a back seat. And that may be OK for a while, but as you grow, so grows the problem of not defining how you sound.

The good news is, my research process takes almost no effort on your part — and you get to keep your guide forever & ever, amen. 

Justin’s Voice Guide is spectacular.

“We are all over the moon excited about it and I love everything about what he did for us. This makes on-boarding new writers a snap, and it was so interesting to learn how my voice comes across. All these little nuances make such a big difference and this guide is absolutely golden!

THANK YOU for an incredible tool for our biz.

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert & Podcast Host

 About Brand Ventriloquism®

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid”

Can I really capture your voice?

Being able to throw my writing voice to sound like anyone isn’t a “touchy-feely” thing.

I’m not using The Force to understand your soul, your passion, or your meaning.

It’s math.

I use science, tools, and my demented brain to analyze the patterns in your styles.

  • I use scales to interpret the levels of your words
  • I use robots to pinpoint the tones your copy
  • I use Jedi mind tricks graphs to plot the cadence and frequencies in your style

Words, Tones, and Frequency.

WTF is your voice.

That’s how I sound like you.

Well… that and because I’ve gone ridonkulously deep on the subject.

I continually practice, research, and teach voice — which means I can translate the data for you and create boundaries to keep your content on brand, no matter who writes it.

(See… I told you it was nerdy.) 

We all struggle to come up with pithy, compelling copy that makes an audience say, “I need you!”—and this is where Justin shines. He lays out a brilliantly simple structure, and then adds in emotional layers to give it extra impact.

He makes the writing process so fun and doable and always has a story about everything. If you’re thinking about learning from him (and you should!) be prepared to walk away with a fresh spin on storytelling, voice, and personality. Justin’s your guy

Laura Belgray

Head Shrimper, Talking Shrimp

About Justin Blackman

Justin Blackman is a copywriter-turned-voice-expert who’s created brand voice guides for industry experts like Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Todd Herman, and Danny Iny, plus dozens of businesses you’ve never heard of.

People say he’s older than he looks, smarter than he pretends, and almost as funny as he thinks — but he needs to go to the gym more. 

All these are true.

He’s a displaced Jersey Boy living near Atlanta, which means his kids have wonky accents and intermittently flop between y’all and you’s guys.

Justin is relatively tall, reads too much Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Roald Dahl (ask about his tattoos), and watches too much stand-up.

He’s taught brand voice analysis and personality writing in nearly all top copywriting communities including Copyhackers, The Copywriter Club, The Clever Copywriting School, Shrimp Club, CopyTribe, Copy Chat, Copy Chief, and several others. 

Aside from right now, he almost never writes in third person.

You should totes hire him.

I may or may not have shed a tear when I read our new About page.

The brand voice and copy Justin created for us reads wonderfully and it’s nothing I expected but everything I wanted. Seriously, it’s fantastic.”

Kenny Monteith

Marketing Manager, Blueprint RF