Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed your copy. Prepare to fly.

Analyzing your style is super nerdy, but I like it.

I like it the way Ross likes Rachel. Or Cam likes shirt cuffs. Or my mom likes stealing Sweet ‘N Low from restaurants.

like it like it.

Justin and copy, sittin’ in a tree


I’m Justin Blackman and I wear odd socks.

Not just funny prints, but mismatched pairs. I love how you can take two different pieces and find a way to make ’em work.

Just like I do with copy.

I smoosh together mischievous words and unconventional stories into something new. Something special. Something unique.

And I find ways to enhance your copy by adding elements you’d never imagine could fit…

Yet they do.

I learned this skill by writing for 239+ people. Analyzing so many voices and brands taught me to listen to words with a stethoscope and read  copy with a magnifying glass. Now I can identify your patterns and habits—some you don’t even know you have—and combine them with copy techniques and conversion formulas to make your words sound ‘zactly how you want ’em too.

Especially when you’re struggling to do it yourself.

Copy for those who want their voice on point

As I study the bejinkies outta your copy, I take notes. Lots and lots of notes.

I’ll analyze your brand, your voice, your customers, and your style, and track it all so your copy sounds flawsome. (Perfect but not too perfect, y’know? We still want people to know there’s not a robot behind the words.)

And I’ll hand you a voice guide so helpful you’ll wonder how you got this far without one. 

Because without a voice guide, you’re working harder than you have to. And there are inconsistencies with your on-boarding, your training, and probably even your style. 

It means your brand voice took a back seat. And that’s OK at first, but as you get bigger, so does the problem of not having one.

The good news is, my research process takes almost no effort on your part—and you get to keep your guide forever & ever, amen. 

Justin’s Voice Guide is spectacular.

“We are all over the moon excited about it and I love everything about what he did for us. This makes on-boarding new writers a snap, and it was so interesting to learn how my voice comes across. All these little nuances make such a big difference and this guide is absolutely golden!

THANK YOU for an incredible tool for our biz.

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert & Podcast Host

“Can you really capture my voice like a Force Choke?”

If you’re an industry expert with a small team, or a small-to-mid-sized business with a content team…

Let’s talk.

Because, yeah. I can capture your voice.

And I can train other writers to do it too.  

Hit Me Up Here to talk about your project.

I’ll take the hard work out of identifying your voice, so you don’t have to.

About the name “Pretty Fly”

Shel Silverstein has always been my favorite author. Mad props to Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak & Roald Dahl, but Shel was my guy.

I’ve got 4 of his drawings tattooed on me, plus a few others.

In A Light In The Attic, there’s a poem called A Hippo’s Hope. It’s about a hippo who sews a pair of wings, climbs a mountain and stands at the edge. From there, you choose-your-own-adventure.

You can fly, fall, or walk away.

This always resonated with me. Fly, fall or walk away sums up the possibilities for nearly everything you face. And I named my first business “Time To Fly.”

It fell, but that’s OK.

This time around I’m helping people make good lookin’ sentences—and Pretty Fly sounded slightly better than Sexy Hippo. So here we are.

If you’re wondering about the other tattoos, ask away. They’ve all got fun stories. 


Shall we fly?

I may or may not have shed a tear when I read our new About page.

The brand voice and copy Justin created for us reads wonderfully and it’s nothing I expected but everything I wanted. Seriously, it’s fantastic.”

Kenny Monteith

Marketing Manager, Blueprint RF