Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed your copy. Prepare to fly.

Optimizing your copy is super nerdy, but I like it.

I like it the way Ross likes Rachel. Or Cam likes shirt cuffs. Or my mom likes stealing Sweet ‘N Low from restaurants.

like it like it.

Justin and copy, sittin’ in a tree

Hi. Justin Blackman here. But you can call me Justin. Because that’s my name.

Good to meet ya.

I’ve been finding messages that resonate for 18 years. I helped Puma, Red Bull & 5-hour ENERGY evolve their sampling programs—and I’ve created top-performing content for IHG Rewards Club.  I’ve spent time on major agency brand campaigns and I’ve helped little guys land big fish. Storytelling, pitch decks, TPS report cover sheets… Writing is something I’ve always done well.

But it wasn’t until 3 former colleagues sought me out separately that I began to help small businesses.

And that’s what I do now. I help people like you find their voice. We’ll hone your words until we get ‘em right and we’ll make your copy sing. Hello from the money siiiiiiiiiiiide.

No wimpy goals

My biggest rule is that you be passionate. If you’ve got fire, that’s all the fuel I need.

Some of my experience includes:

  • Writing landing pages & ridiculously successful emails
  • Refreshing websites, banners & taglines
  • De-robotizing corporate mumbo jumbo
  • Punching up pitch decks (Kapow!)
  • Patching leaks in drip campaigns
  • Niching down consumer messaging
  • Writing 10,211 headlines for 100 products in 100 days
  • Ghostbusting writing blog posts

Need something not on the list? Go Ahead And Ask. I’ve done a lot more. But I don’t like to brag about it.

I’m here to help the little guys talk big

If you need copy written from scratch, edited, or a power-hour to review your site, let’s talk. But I don’t claim to do all the writery things. And I’ll happily tell you about folks who might be a better fit if we’re not a match.

Hit Me Up Here to talk about your project.

Oh, and let me know how many of the 15 pop-culture references on the site you caught…

…Get em’ all and I’ll mail you a high-5.

About the name “Pretty Fly”

Shel Silverstein has been my favorite author since I was 3. Mad props to Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak & Roald Dahl, but Shel was my guy.

I’ve got 4 of his drawings tattooed on me & a 5th from Willy Wonka.

In A Light In The Attic, there’s a poem called A Hippo’s Hope. It’s about a hippo who sews a pair of wings, climbs a mountain and stands at the edge. From there, it turns all choose-your-own-adventure on you.

You can fly, fall, or walk away.

This always resonated with me. Fly, fall or walk away sums up the possibilities for nearly everything you face. And I named my first business “Time To Fly.”

I fell. But that’s OK.

This time around I’m helping people make good lookin’ sentences—and Pretty Fly sounded better than Sexy Hippo. But only just. So here we are.

If you’re wondering about the other tattoos:

  • Right shoulder: True Story
  • Left shoulder: A Hippo’s Hope
  • Right ribs: Moon Catchin’ Net & The Giving Tree (ay chiwawa, ribs hurt!)
  • Left arm: “We are the dreamers of dreams”
  • Left forearm: Interrobang 

The dream line is the first movie quote my daughter ever said to me—right after I told her how the snozzberries tasted.  Next up will be something for my boy. He’s a strange one, named after P.T. Barnum, so lord only knows what I’ll wind up with. Hopefully nothing with clowns.

They’re all silly. They’re all wonderful. And they all make me smile.

Now…Shall we fly?