This is it, folks. Post #100. In a few short minutes, I am going to D-O-N-E with this project.

…But not really.

Because now I have to do something with it. So, nothing stops here but the daily posts. And…


I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but great things are coming. There’ll be another recap email, a full epic blog post, and I’ve got several client projects on the back burner. I’m super excited to get to it all. But for now—it’s time for post #100.

Any writer who’s tried knows the hardest person to write for is yo’self. So today I’m writing about me. 100 lines for my site. Because I’ve learned a ton about which programs and clients I’d like to work with, and it’s helped me find my niche. Today I’m going to free flow 100 lines about me to see what pops out of my head.

This is gonna be interesting, guys. Be prepared for sloppy-ploppy brain droppings.

One note about this one:


Use them for inspiration. Tinker and adapt them for your own business. But many of these will be worked into my site moving forward. So no stealing, mmmkay?


Here we go. 100 lines for Pretty Fly Copywriting, comin’ atcha:

1Copy for small businesses who want to sound like people
2Simple messages for complicated businesses
3I’ve got a knack for finding new angles. C’mon. This is gonna be fun.
4My hodgepodge writing style makes your websites more fun to read
5Mildly inappropriate business writing that makes people like you (Or not. Some people suck)
6I write like you talk—only a little more fun
7Sticks & stones may break your bones, but my words will make you money
8The #1 site in the world for getting Justin to write for you
9Copy so good, it makes you want to work for your company
10Original views & witty copy
11All the people say I’m pretty fly for a write guy
12Swipe Write copy
13Fun copy for boring businesses
14Emails, website copy & company taglines with crystal clear messages that sometimes make you giggle
15Cleanin’ up sloppy copy & righting the wrongs of the written
16Conversion copy for people not right in the head
17Your website copy, only better
18People buy from businesses they like. I write words that make people like you.
1921st century appropriate copy for boring companies
20Email & website writing that makes you snarf coffee out your nose
21You’re too cute to be boring
22Take a look at your message 100 different ways
23Arial bold messages. Comic sans humor.
24Where genius messages meet beautiful dad jokes
25Everyone needs a good writer on their side. Hi, I’m Justin.
26Small business copy that’s fluent in sarcasm
27And just like that, you’ve got better copy on your website
28Don’t your customers deserve a little fun?
29You put way too much effort into your business to have it be boring
30Off-kilter copy for conversational pages
31Your customers deserve better copy
32You’ve got a good business. You’re just talking about it wrong.
33Professional business writing that forgot to put on pants
34Permission to smirk
35I’ll help you write at a 6th grade level. Just like the pros.
36Unnecessarily funny writing for small business & services
37Chuckle-worthy business copy that not’s above a bad good joke
38Nobody needs to know I wrote this for you.
39Proven writing concepts and money-making formulas (with a little bit o’ fun)
40Take the boring off your website
41Personality-driven email & landing page copy for your small businesses
42After writing 10,211 headlines, I’m finally ready to tackle yours
43Beautiful website copy guaranteed to make you lose 30 pounds ($39.75 USD)
44Off-centered email & website copy for service-based businesses
45Do you want to read fuddy-duddy copy? Neither does your customer.
46Don’t let fuddy-duddy copy get in your way
47Good writing that talks to your customers like people
48fist-bumpable business copy
49Small business writing that’s unnecessarily funny
50Email & website copy that occasionally makes you giggle-pee
51Jean & t-shirt copy for khaki & button down businesses
52I write email & websites for small businesses, so you don’t have to
53Business writing that’s in on the joke
54I make copy more fun
55What would your site sound like if you weren’t afraid to be fun?
56I write email & websites that make people like you. Like you, like you.
57Professional business copy with hints of Dr. Seuss
58Email & landing page copy with a little buzz
59Bit o’ funny email & website copy for small businesses
60Taking fun to a professional level
61I make your writing sound like people
62Friendly, approachable, clickable copy, that’s a little bit weird
63Clear & clever messaging that makes your pages fun to read
64Creative copy for people want to be creative, but aren’t.
65Small business writing with personality (the good kind)
66Words are only boring when you don’t put them in a funny order
67Small business writing that’s not afraid to joke
68Silly words for serious business
69Casual copy for buttoned-up businesses
70Writing for small businesses that want to sound more fun
71The 10,211 headlines I wrote were all practice. Now I’m ready to write yours
72Quick-witted email & website copy that makes people like you
73There are 171,476 words in the English language. I know which ones make you money
74Copy in the front, party in the back
75F*ck milkshakes. My copy brings the boys to your yard.
76Mildly inappropriate business copy
77Top notch copy that’s not afraid of funny business
78Make your business sound human
79Strange & unusual copy
80Over-caffeinated copy for websites & email campaigns
81The difference between you and your #1 competitor is just 9 little words. (I don’t know what they are yet, but we’re gonna find them)
82For business owners tired of generic web copy
83Copy that sounds so much like you, it makes you think you wrote it
84There are 171,476 words in the English language. I put them in order for you.
85Gen X infused copy
86Your site is too important to be boring
87Take your site copy from DIY to PFWIFMANIG (Pretty Fly Wrote It For Me And Now It’s Great)
88Unexpectedly delightful copy for fairly mundane businesses
89Email & copywriting for businesses with a funny bone
90Misfit writer. Student of words. Maker of money.
91Nail your messaging & make people like you
92Super fun copy that doesn’t stoop to comic sans levels
93I make small business copy sound human
94There’s something about conversational copy you can’t help but love.
95Hire a writer who cares as much as you about your success
96Copy made for people. Not from people. That would be gross.
97Website copy for businesses who do great things, but aren’t very good at writing
98non-boring email & website copy for small businesses
992 Steps for better web copy: 1) hire me. 2) always add a second step
100You just lost your excuse for bland copy



Overall: Incomplete. I like a lot of what’s here. There are some good phrases—but I’ve got to tinker with this one. Too early to tell what will stick.

Lessons: So many lines from previous posts! This project opened my eyes to sneaky connections and themes that I’ve loved. Looks like some of the gold ones stuck to my skull.

  • This list is showing me what’s inside my guts. Where I should direct myself. What my niche should be. It’s not small business. It’s not tech. It’s not services. It’s fun companies. Or at least, companies who want to sound more fun. I think the who matters more than the what.
  • I pulled a few lines from nice notes people have written me over the last 3 months. Thank you, everyone!
  • I’m going to save the lessons for another day. I’m too distracted to give a full post right now. All I can see is the end. And it’s right THERE ↓↓↓
  • I PROMISE there’s a better recap coming.

Time: 3 sessions, 1:30

Holy shit! I’m DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to go find someone to hug. Where’s my family?

Be back later.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big love,


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