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Grab your Scooby snacks. We’re going mystery shopping.

If you’ve worked retail, you’re familiar with this one. Mystery Shoppers are paid to go through a customer experience and report on the encounter. It’s a great way to find untapped potential, superstars on your team, and cracks in the foundation.

It can also sniff out bad eggs…

In my Field Marketing days, we did this a lot. And we used it for good. You’re not trying to catch anyone messing up—you’re looking for unbiased reviews to help you improve.

Why am I over-explaining this? Because I struggled with the lines. More on that at the end…

Here are 100 lines about Mystery Shopping:

1Spot untapped talent & buried potential in your customer front line
2How much money is your team leaving on the table with each transaction?
3Insights on your business–from your customer’s point of view
4Contrary to what the internet says, in-person customer service is not on the decline
5Trust. Then confirm.
6Take a good look at your business, from the outside
7See how your team is doing on the frontlines
8Yelp reviews build followers. Secret shoppers build trust.
9You know you’ve got a few A-listers on your staff. Wouldn’t it be great to confirm a few more?
10Curious how your team performs? Compare yourself to the competition.
11Are you sure you’re measuring the right things to judge success? See what your customers think.
12Our mystery shoppers are trained as well as your staff—sometimes better. Wouldn’t you like to find out?
1313 insights and actionable reviews on your business–taken from your consumer’s perspective
14Find out what your customers wish you were selling with each purchase
15Companies that provide the best customer service, usually win
16It’s the little things that make the difference in customer service. Is your team doing them?
17Ever wonder what the customer thinks of your business?
18You don’t look to expose. You look to improve.
19We make sure you’re in compliance before someone else does
20How’s your staff doing? Let’s find out…
21Honest, unbiased, 100% truthful reviews from your target audience
22Build your plan of action and confirm its effectiveness
23You’ve trained your people well. But did it stick?
24You think your team is on top of their game. But wouldn’t it feel great to be sure?
25Like hiring a private detective to confirm your team’s performance
26You’ve got an image to uphold. But are you?
27How does your staff stack up to the competition?
28When you identify problems in the system, you’re able to fix them
29Just because you can’t be watching your employees 24/7, doesn’t mean we can’t
30Find the hidden secrets to success lurking in your business
31Find out if your top employees are the ones you think
32Uncover the assessment of your front-line operations
33There are no secrets. Just feedback.
34You’ve trained your staff to provide exceptional service Now let’s be sure your customers are getting it.
35Learn what your customers want, and how your competition is fighting to steal them from you
36The only way to find the cracks in your customer service, is to hold it up to magnifying glass
37Sure, you can put your faith in Yelp reviews. The internet never gets it wrong…
38It’s time to go 007 on the competition
39Are you leaving money behind? Find out what customers wish you offered.
40You trust your staff. You just want to confirm.
41Identify your strengths from an outside perspective
42Unbiased reviews on the strengths of your staff
43Now! Mystery shopping service gives you insights & intelligence on your business–and the competitions
44When you see the level of service your competition is providing, you’ll have deeper insight into your own
45Take the mystery out of secret shopping
46Proof your staff is every bit as great as you think
47Get deeper insight on your business
48I spy with my little eye, opportunity
49The goal is not to be sneaky. The goal is to make you a better company
50Get the scoop on your competition
51Wouldn’t it feel good to know how great your team is?
52Measure 11 elements to optimal customer service & compare results to your competition
53Capitalize on customer delight
54Do you have unknown potential on your team? Or trouble?
55When you hold a magnifying glass up to your customer service, you find the cracks
56You know you’ve got a great product. But how’s your customer service?
57You may be pleasantly surprised how effective your staff is
58Confirm your team is in compliance—with your standards and the law
59Mystery shoppers are part of your team—and we’re in this together
60Are your employees putting your company at risk?
61Outside insights on your front line
62Good customer service drives loyalty—wouldn’t you like to know if you’re achieving all you can?
63Uncover buried strengths & process hiccups that sabotage your potential
64Outside insights on your business—and your competition
65Dive deeper into your untapped potential
66You reach a new level when you know your team is as good as you think
67Partner with a company who can watch the floor when you can’t
68Spot small problems before they become big ones
69Put your team to the test—and prove they’re as good as you think
70When you understand what happened at work yesterday, you’ll be able to fix it tomorrow
71Uncover 11 elements to perfect customer service—and see how your performance ranks
72You’re not spying. You’re confirming.
73Uncover insights on your strengths & potential
74Is your staff making these customer service mistakes?
75Learn the secrets of secret shopping
76When you know how to measure customer service, you know how to make it better
77Happy customers come back. Find out if you’ll see yours again.
78You built your business to win. Mystery shopping is part of the game.
79Find out how your team performs, from the phones to the front line
80Find out what goes on when you’re not looking—before someone else does
81Comprehensive feedback on your business–and your competition’s–from an outside perspective
82Hold a magnifying up to your customer service—you might like what you see
83There are a lot of elements that lead to your success. We’ll tell you how you measure up.
84Your customers remember you. But is it for the reasons you think?
85Put your business to the test
86Find out what your customers really think
87See how well your team fairs on the front line
88Think you staff can make it through the shift without texting? Here’s what we’ve seen.
89See how your team stacks head-to-head against the competition
90Sleep well knowing your staff is on their best behavior
91Discover what you’re doing well—and how you can improve
92Find out what goes on when the boss isn’t looking
93Find out which half of your staff is at the top—the answers could surprise you
94When you understand your competition, you know how to win
95Mystery shop your staff before a compliance auditor does
96Are you customers getting the service they need to come back?
97Find the untapped potential hidden in your consumer departments
98Everything you need to know about your customer’s experience—so you can continue to make it better
99Find out how your competitors do it
100Recognize the full potential of your front-line team



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Case Unsolved. Aargg.

I came close, but never cracked it. The themes are here, but the lines aren’t. It’s a shame—because it’s fertile ground.

Lessons: I should know better than to stray from benefits. It’s been 98 days! Yet, my immediate thought was to lead with “confirming suspicions.” But it felt sneaky, and I didn’t like where the list was going. So, I jumped to a “detective” theme, which was better, but still off. Then I went to benefits. Always, always, always lead with benefits, dummy.

  • The “spy” theme worked better in my head than it did on paper. Too forced.
  • Anything clever felt sketchy—like I was encouraging people to catch employees being bad.
  • The right line will strike the balance between finding opportunities to grow your business & getting insights on your competition. I came close, but I never hit it.
  • I split this list into 2 sessions, and I’m glad I did. I came back with a much-needed fresh perspective.
  • There’s a HUGE opportunity to pitch Secret Shopper companies. Most of the websites I reviewed read like insurance manuals.

Time: 1:15 over 2 sessions

2 more days!!!