Ziad Fazah holds the world’s record for speaking 59 languages. As someone who knows only English and enough Spanish to ask someone where the bathroom is, I’m pretty impressed. But my American stubbornness has paid off. Now I don’t have to bother with that pesky old learnin’ stuff.

Travis the Translator is on pace to audibly translate 82 languages. They’ve got a 3-continent team working on the device and it appears they’re ready to ship.

I love seeing good tech companies beat Apple & Google to market.

This could be huge for international travelers, hospitals, and global business. Good for Travis. And if they want ‘em, here are 100 lines they can use:

1Do you know that the record for the most languages ever spoken was? 52. Then you came along.
2Translate your words audibly in less than 2 seconds
3And suddenly, you’re fluent in 82 languages…
4Speak to anyone in the world in your own language–and be understood
5Don’t let the fear of learning a new language stop you from traveling
6Imagine waking up, and being able to speak in 82 languages…
7Speak the language without learning the language
8Good news for people who refuse to learn another language.
9The most languages any person ever spoke was 59. Until Travis showed up…
10Don’t let the embarrassment of not knowing the language stop you from experiencing new cultures
11Now you can have a conversation with relatives who don’t speak your language
12How to speak 80+ languages immediately
13Obliterate the barriers between foreign conversations
14You probably don’t need to speak 82 languages, but you can
15Just because you can’t learn 82 languages overnight, doesn’t mean you can’t speak them.
16When you’re at a loss for words, Travis finds them for you
17Now anyone can talk with anyone
18Travis speaks 80 languages–which means you can too
19Carry the freedom of speech in your pocket
20Not knowing how to speak another language is no longer an excuse for not traveling
21The translator for tourists who don’t know the language
22Speak 82 languages without learning
23Sweet revenge on the teachers who said you’d need to learn another language
24You just became fluent in 82 languages
25Travel with world with local fluency–without learning another language.
26Only speak English? That’s not a problem.
27The average person in the EU speaks 4 languages. Travis speaks 82.
28If you’ve been waiting for technology to prove you right for not learning another language, you’re in luck.
29Say hello, hola, Kon’nichiwa, and 79 more translations, to Travis
30Hablas espanol? Yes. You do.
31The language-to-language translator for instant conversation
32Being able to communicate in 82 languages is going to open a lot of doors for you
33To speak another language, talk in your own
34Leave nothing lost in translation
35Ask where the bathroom is in 82 languages (without having to learn a single word)
3682 languages at the push of a button
37Tired of asking people if they speak English when you travel?
38The handheld translator that lets you speak to locals in real time
39Do you know how to say hello in 82 languages?
40What if I told you, you can speak 82 languages right now?
41The most comprehensive language translator in the world does not live in your phone
42And just like that, you speak 82 languages…
43Learn 80 new languages, without learning 80 new languages
44Even if you know multiple language, you don’t know 82
45Instantaneous translation is now very real
46No more feeling like a stranger in a strange land
47Imagine being able to speak to anyone in the world, in any language, and understand every word
48Tired of traveling and not knowing the language?
49No time to learn another language? That’s OK. You don’t have to…
50Wake up speaking one language, go to bed speaking 82.
51Don’t let the embarrassment of not knowing another language stop you from traveling
52Learn every word you need to travel without one minute of studying
53You’re traveling overseas. Your friend is hurt. You need a hospital. But you don’t know how to speak the language.
54When you ask for directions in another language, the locals will be amazed by your device
55How to speak more than one language (sarcasm not included)
56Ziad Fazah holds the Guinness World Record for speaking 52 languages. That’s 30 less than you’ll be able to.
57Imagine traveling and not having to ask people if they speak English
58Travis lets you talk to friends, strangers and ancestors who don’t speak your language
59Booking an international flight? Don’t forget to take Travis.
60Who would you choose to speak with if foreign language wasn’t a barrier
61You’re traveling, lost, and don’t speak the language. What do you do?
62Remember all that studying you did in high school for your foreign language exam? Turns out it was a waste.
63Locals will welcome you in now that you can communicate both ways
64Proof that the only language you needed to learn was your own
65It’s like having your own C-3PO
66The translator device that speaks 82 languages for you
67Here’s what they’re really saying about you at the nail salon
68You were right. There was no need to study another language in high school.
69Speak to the locals in their language
70Now everyone can be a native speaker
71How to speak 82 languages without studying
72Understand & communicate with anyone in the world–with Travis
73Don’t let a little thing like not speaking their language get in the way of a great conversation
74Avoid the embarrassment of not knowing a foreign language when you travel
75Do you speak 80 languages? Yes. Yes, you do.
76Just because you never learned another language doesn’t mean you can’t speak it fluently
77You always knew you’d need to speak another language someday. Now you can, without learning
78You probably think it’s an app, but the best foreign language translator in the world does not live in your phone
79Ask for directions without sounding like a tourist
80New translator device allows you to be understood anywhere in the world, instantly
81Don’t let not knowing the language get in the way of a great conversation
82Learning another language is hard. Now you don’t have to.
83Bet you can’t wait to stop and ask someone for directions in their own language
84Why packing a translator named Travis in your bag is about to change international travel
85Now you can order in foreign countries without pointing at the menu
86Some people are too stubborn to learn a new language. Now Travis will help them when they need it.
87How many languages would you like to speak? Now dream bigger
88The world traveler’s best friend is named Travis
89The perfect translator that’s not your smart phone
90If you don’t want to learn another language, but still want to travel and talk to people, I’d like to introduce you to someone…
91Travis’s translations will never leave you speechless
92We just proved your high school teacher wrong. You don’t need to know another language.
93How to speak 82 languages without learning a single word
94Name one person in the world who doesn’t speak your language, that you’d like to talk to
95Now you can speak 80 languages
96Everything you need to communicate in 80+ languages–without learning a word
97I’ve got a way for you to speak 82 languages by morning–and its name is Travis
98Never feel speechless again
99Instant translations for 82 languages
100Now you can speak 80 languages–in less than 2 seconds


Overall: A good mix. Depending on the audience, the medium, and the specific advertising targets, there’s a good bit to pull from. It might need fine-tuning, but there are some good lines.

Lessons: Part of the fun/challenge with this one is keeping it simple. While all the lines would work for an American audience, I kept many simple for easy translations. At least, in theory, anyway. Oh, and don’t get too caught up on my numbers. The site says 80+ languages, but I like adding specificity.

  • I worked in new themes like embarrassment and bias confirmation—but I didn’t feel good about it. I didn’t like the “prove your teacher wrong” angle, even though it could work with some audiences. It’s just not my style.
  • I’m still toying with direct response themes I learned at Copy Chief Live. It’ll take a while to fully process all the power into a style I’m comfortable with.
  • …but I’m not writing another 10,000 lines

Time: 2:25 minutes over 3 sessions. This one was tough!

4 more to go!!!