If there’s one thing I love more than bourbon, it’s naps. And caffeine. Also Kit Kats. But mostly naps.

But Kit Kats are super close…

Naps are everything good in the world, wrapped in a snuggly blanket. They balance out all the terrible sleep I get at night because my brain never shuts up.

Stupid brain.

Naptime bills itself as the Ultimate Power Nap Assistant. Similar to Dreem (Day 82) it’s a sleep mask that monitors brain waves and creates a soothing atmosphere to ease your mind. But Naptime is designed for quick 20-minute Power Naps. And it wakes you up at the optimal window for getting you refreshed but not groggy.

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Not bad, Naptime. I want to put you on my face right now.

Here are 101 headlines about Naptime—the Ultimate Power Nap Assistant:

1You’re not you when you’re tired. Here’s how to get your personality back in 20 minutes
2You may not realize you’re napping wrong—but once you experience it right, you’ll never want to go back to your old way
3Brain hacks for the perfect power nap
4Napping 3-times a week for 19 minutes boosts brain power by 40%. Tell your boss.
5On a scale of 1-10, how do your napping skills stack up?
6See if you can beat your all-time Nap high Score
7How to dominate the 20-minute power nap
8If you find it hard to wake up from midday naps, you’re doing it wrong
9Set yourself up for the greatest nap of all time
10Where do you think your sleep quality ranks on the Nap Score?
11There’s a science to taking the world’s best nap—and we just cracked it.
12Train your brain for the perfect power nap
13Nap on plane, on a train, in a box, in the rain
14Regardless of the many reasons you’re tired, Naptime gives you perfect rest
15The Reader’s Digest version of a good night’s sleep
16The 20-minute cure for not feeling like a slug
17Your body doesn’t know it yet, but there’s a way to optimize your nap… And your brain is keeping it a secret.
18As if naps weren’t wonderful enough…
19New! Smart eyeshade & app revolutionizes the 20-minute power nap
20Just because you don’t sleep well at night doesn’t mean you can’t nap great during the day
21Be great at napping
22Between the perfect nap and post-sleep grogginess lies a tiny window…
23A 20-minute nap is all it takes for your brain to start consolidating memories to make room for more
24If virtual reality invented a sleep mask, it would be Naptime
25Naptime soothes your brain for better 20-minute naps
26How long should your power nap be? The wrong answer might make you groggy.
27This Chinese tech company just cracked the code to the 20-minute power nap
28It only takes 20 minutes of downtime for your brain to recharge—and naptime optimizes every one of them
29If you don’t love naps, it’s because you’re doing it wrong
30Rejuvenate your brain in only 20 minutes a day
31Who knew napping could be made better?
32Naptime makes any location your happy place to catch a few Zzz’s
33There’s only one perfect powernap—and it’s yours
34If you think naps don’t work, it’s because you’re doing it wrong
35There are 4 stages to perfect sleep—but only 2 for power naps. Not knowing when to stop can ruin your day.
36The key to a more productive afternoon
37A 20-minute nap is more effective than coffee—but do you know which 20 minutes?
38There’s a 20-minute window for taking the best nap of your life. Do you know when it is?
39Raise your hand if you’d like a great nap right now.
40We’re not suggesting you give up your afternoon coffee—we’re giving you something to make it more effective
41If you think this is “just another sleep mask” you may be too tired to notice all the technology inside it
42In 20 minutes, you won’t be struggling through the afternoon with heavy eyelids
43Get a quick good night’s sleep in 20 daytime minutes
44Master the art of the power nap
45If you’re not tired in the afternoons, there’s no need to read this. But if you are…
46Naptime monitors your brainwaves and relaxes you for best powernap of all time
47Un-stimulate your brain for better naps
48Warning: May cause increased afternoon productivity & snoring
49As if you needed more convincing that naps are wonderful…
50The 3rd phase of sleeping—and why you must avoid it
51There’s a huge difference between napping & sleeping—and we make sure you get it right
52On-Demand power naps for midday slumps
53Are you making these power nap mistakes?
54When good sleep is just a dream, a powerful nap may be your midday fix
55In 20 minutes, you’ll be powered up for a better afternoon
56We’ve perfected everything you didn’t know you needed for the ultimate power nap
57How to take the perfect power nap (without the groggy side effects)
58There’s an absurdly narrow window to optimize your reentry from a nap. And your brain already knows what it is.
59The sleep mask and nap app that lulls your mind into a the best 20-minute nap ever
60The sleep mask that coats your brain with soothing sounds so you can take better naps for 20 minutes
61How to get better naps without the drawbacks of feeling groggy
62In just 20 minutes, your power nap can make you smarter for the rest of the day
63If you’re not tired by 3:05 PM, we humbly request you skip this page
64Dominate the nap
65Everything you need to take better 20-minute midday naps anywhere
66The perfect power nap toolkit for any situation
67The smart sleep mask using NASA’s research to make your naps better
68How to nap and wake up refreshed in 20 minutes (without becoming a groggy mess)
69Naptime recharges your body while your brain consolidates its memories
70Land the nap you need & lose your midday sugar search
71The world would be better if everyone just had a nap
72Sneaky brain wave monitoring, soundscapes, and a comfortable mask for the best naptime you can imagine
73Immersive brain pajamas for the perfect midday nap
74The power to take better naps in 20-minutes
75We’ll have you counting sheep in no time
76A lot can happen in 20 minutes—including the best nap you’ve ever taken
77Everything you need for the perfect power nap environment, anywhere you are
78Did you know there’s a wrong way to nap?
79There are 4 stages to every nap—but the power lies in stage 2
80Best. Nap. Ever.
81We just gamified naps
82Napping wrong could have its drawbacks
83You already love naps. Now they’ll love you back.
84Do you know the ideal length of the perfect snooze? The answer may be shorter than you think.
85Naptime makes your rest so powerful, you’ll wake up wearing a cape
86Science just cracked the algorithm to the perfect power nap
87The 4 things you need for the perfect power nap in 20 minutes
88The trouble with napping comes in stage 3…
89Naptime powers you down so you can recharge your body in 20 minutes
90Caffeine only masks your tired. Naptime fixes it.
91All the science-y things that makes you nap perfect
92Plug in to the perfect power nap
93This new sleep mask prepares your brain for the best nap ever
94There are 20 ideal minutes for taking a power nap—and Naptime helps you find them
95Do you get the sleepy head nod at work? Here’s how the perfect 20-minute nap makes you a better person
96Everything NASA knows about power naps
97All it takes to obliterate the benefits of a midday nap are 2 miscalculated minutes
98The answer to a more productive afternoon isn’t more caffeine—it’s a better nap
99We’ve been taking naps since we were babies. We’re pretty great at it.
100What you don’t know about napping could be zapping your late-day energy reserves
101We just made naps better. You’re welcome.


Overall: Another win. It’s a good mix of effective, playful, and beneficial lines and I think these could do well in various platforms

Lessons: This was harder than expected. I used a few of the Dreem themes, but also pulled from the 5-hour Energy post. Since the benefits of naps are different than sleep, it was good evolution of both topics.

  • There are a lot of tech specs on their site, which is great for credibility. It shows they know what they’re talking about. I took a more playful approach for this exercise.
  • Not many reviews to pull from since they’re only starting to ship now, so I had to get creative.
  • I like writing about sleep products. Maybe because I never get enough.


Time: Nearly 2 hours! This was a long one. Worth the effort though.

5 days left!!!!!


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