I’ve been looking at Direct Response techniques of the healthcare industry—and there are some unbelievable headlines here. Some leave me feeling ethically uneasy, but they definitely build intrigue. The great ones generate millions upon millions of dollars, and there’s a lot to be said for their power.

I don’t love the healthcare industry. As a result, I haven’t done many posts about it. The closest I’ve come is probably Quip Toothbrush. So I looked into a similar product and found Iite.

Iite S1 is billed as The World’s 1st Kid’s Smart Toothbrush. It pairs with a phone via Bluetooth and essentially makes brushing a video game. It’s a cool idea. Plus it tracks data you can share with your dentist.

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There’s not a lot of info about iite, but it did well on IndieGoGo. So let’s take what I can find, plop some healthcare style lines on it and see what happens:

Here are 101 headlines for iite S1: The World’s 1st Kid’s Smart Toothbrush:

1 New sonic toothbrush for kids lasts 60 days between charges
2 Feel a little bit of pride the next time you take your kid to the dentist
3 Does your child have a smart mouth?
4 The vibrating toothbrush with an in-app game featuring a monkey
5 New sonic toothbrush turns kids daily dental care into video game
6 To the parents who will settle for nothing less than a dentist-approved brushing twice a day for their child
7 New food-grade electric toothbrush uses sonic frequency to clean mouths
8 The new kids game that makes brushing teeth genuinely enjoyable
9 “The dentist said my kid’s teeth were the cleanest he’s ever seen!”
10 If brushing your teeth were always this much fun, your dentist would never see a cavity
11 How to brush with a bug-toothed monkey
12 In two minutes, your child will have brushed their teeth and a bug-mouthed monkey’s.
13 We just gamified the way your children brush their teeth—and they’re going to love it
14 How to make sure your children are brushing their teeth well
15 When your child tells you they brushed their teeth, you’ll know because of your phone
16 The smart toothbrush for toddlers
17 The smart toothbrush for kids who hate brushing
18 This new kid’s toothbrush may be smarter than most parents
19 The only sonic toothbrush specifically designed for children’s sensitive gums
20 Does your child make these brushing mistakes?
21 There’s a good chance your child isn’t brushing their teeth properly
22 If your child hates brushing their teeth, it’s not your fault
23 Teaching a 2-year old to brush is no longer an impossible mission
24 Parents! Now there’s a way to get your children brushing their teeth with the proper technique.
25 It’s not your fault that your children have bad tooth brushing habits
26 How to know if your child is brushing their teeth well
27 Our children hated brushing their teeth. So we created a game–and it worked.
28 What children are saying about their toothbrush
29 Blast away cavity germs at 15,000 vibrations per minute
30 99% of parents said this was a better toothbrush for their kids than Sonicare
31 Is your child as smart as this toothbrush?
32 Your on-screen monkey isn’t the only one with bad breath
33 The toothbrush for toddlers who love video games
34 Mission impossible: Teach your 2-year old to properly brush their teeth
35 To the moms and dads tired of finding their children lied about brushing teeth again
36 You probably know that your children aren’t brushing their teeth well.
37 The only toothbrush kids will ever look forward to using
38 No child has ever liked brushing their teeth—until now
39 There are many ways to get your toddler to brush their teeth—but ours is the most fun
40 New sonic toothbrush uses Bluetooth to pair with a bug-mouthed monkey
41 Don’t just brush your teeth–blast away bacteria at 15,000 vibrations per minute
42 Most parents struggle to get their kids to brush properly. But it’s not their fault.
43 How to brush the teeth of a digital monkey
44 If your dentist told you it could be this easy to get your children to brush their teeth, he’d be out of a job
45 How to make a smart-mouthed kid
46 An easy way to make brushing more fun
47 Helping kids learn how to brush their teeth properly through Bluetooth video game
48 New sonic brush uses Bluetooth to clean green teeth
49 Is your child brushing properly?
50 Here’s how to make brushing your kid’s teeth less of a chore
51 How to clean a monkey’s mouth (and your child’s) in two minutes
52 The 2-minute daily video game that teaches your children to brush
53 This sonic frequency is dialed in perfectly for protecting the teeth of your children
54 Is the tooth fairy really a monkey?
55 98% of parents report this new game made brushing teeth easier for their kids
56 We just made brushing teeth fun for kids
57 Here’s a quick way to tell if your kids are brushing their teeth, without smelling their breath
58 See if you can outbrush the big, bad stinky-toothed monkey
59 Vibrate cavity-causing bacteria out of your child’s mouth at 15,000 BPM
60 How to blast away cavity-germs at 15,000 vibrations per minute
61 How to know if you have the wrong toothbrush for you child
62 Is your child’s mouth as smart as his toothbrush?
63 Most kids don’t like brushing their teeth. But yours will.
64 The brush that makes your child’s next dentist appointment less scary
65 99% of moms say this vibrating toothbrush taught kids to brush well on their own
66 If your child has dragon breath, read this
67 The new kid’s toothbrush they’ll be asking about for Christmas
68 This new toothbrush uses a sonic frequency of 15,000 to safely clean your child’s mouth
69 Brushing a monkey’s teeth is more fun than taking care of your own
70 When’s the last time your kids were excited to brush their teeth?
71 Meet the electric toothbrush that gamified hygiene for kids
72 Teaching your kids to brush well is easy when there’s a monkey involved
73 We just gamified teeth brushing. You’re welcome.
74 New Iite electric toothbrush for kids pulses at a frequency safe for small mouths
75 To all the parents who wish getting their kids to brush properly wasn’t such a chore
76 Discover what it’s like to have a dentist compliment you on your child’s clean teeth
77 When there’s a digital monkey involved, your kids will race to brush their teeth
78 For the parents tired of how badly their kids are brushing teeth
79 Most dentists do a great job of cleaning children’s teeth. But how do you keep up at home?
80 Feel what it’s like to have kids who brush their teeth on their own
81 Almost every child leaves garbage on their teeth when they brush. Here’s how to fix it.
82 78% of children do a terrible job brushing their teeth
83 How to make your child’s next dentist appointment less drill-y
84 Cleaning children’s teeth 15,000 vibrations per minute
85 New electric toothbrush cleans mouths for 60 days between charges
86 Want to know how well your kids are (or aren’t) brushing their teeth?
87 Kids don’t like brushing their teeth. But it’s a different ballgame when there’s a monkey involved.
88 Feel like a proud mom the next time you take your kid to the dentist
89 Parents! When’s the last time your kid asked you if they could brush their teeth?
90 The new toothbrush all the kids are asking for
91 We created a smartphone video game to help children brush teeth–and it worked
92 New smartphone video game & paired toothbrush helps kids brush at dentist-approved levels
93 You’re not still fighting with your kids about brushing, are you?
94 Help your child slay the dragon breath that lives in their mouth
95 Dread going to the dentist with your kid?
96 When’s the last time your children wanted to brush their teeth longer than 15 seconds
97 I want to give you this new smart toothbrush… before you child’s next dentist appointment
98 Imagine your child, happy to brush their teeth twice a day
99 99% of parents say this toothbrush has made mornings easier for the last year
100 Do your kids hate brushing more than broccoli?
101 Never fight with your kid about teeth brushing again



Overall: Not bad. There are a few attention-grabbers in the mix. It’s no million-dollar control beater, but it’s a decent effort.

Lessons: In order to really write a great healthcare headline, you’ve got to dive deep into research. There wasn’t a whole lot here to go off here.

  • I went back and forth between the brush and the game. It all depends on the medium and the audience as to what would work best
  • I like the bug-toothed monkey idea. That’d stop me from scrolling.
  • The “food-grade” is an interesting element. Again, I don’t have enough research, but it could be a cool theme to flesh out.
  • The language barrier didn’t help. Text was pretty basic

Time: 2 sessions, 1 hour

Almost done!!!!