Day 93!!!

I know. 3 exclamations are overkill—but knowing I’ll be done in ONE WEEK is beyond the emotion a mere 2 can express.

Looking back, Potato Parcel was one of my favorite posts. The pure ridiculousness of it brought me joy and giggles. Immature? Yes. Just my style? Also yes.

So let’s do it again…

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter brick. More accurately, Mail Bricks. And it’s just what the name says. You mail someone a brick.

Surprise! It’s a brick.

But wait! There’s more! (He shouts as you close the browser tab)

You can also put words on said brick. And for a small upcharge, you can add glitter.

…Y’know, for extra dickishness.

That’s really about all I can explain it. So without further ado, I present to you 100 Headlines about Mail Bricks:

1Nobody likes getting a brick in the mail, but that’s kind of the point
2Stop racking your brain for presents they’ll love, and send more bricks
3Add glitter to your brick for extra sparkly confusion!
4Nothing says true love like mailing a brick
5The second most effective way to get a personalized brick inside someone’s house
6The perfect medium for people you either really love or hate
7You already know where the yellow bricks take you, what about the red ones?
8Send them to yourself and build a really expensive patio
9Quick! Mail a brick!
10New! Send the worst promposal of all time!
11The most fun you can have mailing sediment to someone
12There are 2 great reasons to mail a brick to someone. And we know them both.
13The mailable brick service that strengthens foundations between friendships
14Rock your world
15The quizzical gift that has people wondering “who the heck just mailed me a brick?”
16The perfect gift to solidify the foundation that your friend is a blockhead
17Mailing a potato is fun, but bricks are forever
18If you think sending a potato is weird, try mailing a brick
19Earn your place on the brick walkway of fame
20Confuse your friends. Baffle your enemies.
21Where great bricks find interesting people
22Don’t just mail any old brick. Mail a brick with glitter
23Build your paths to better friendships
24The genius of the single brick lies within the infinite possibilities it can build. Or just that it’s funny to mail.
25Send a brick to anyone. We don’t judge.
26When you pay us money, we’ll mail your brick.
27All in all, you’re just another brick in the mail
28The mailable brick service for people who want to stay anonymous
29Rock somebody’s world—send ’em a brick
30Discover the joys of mailing an anonymous rock
31Confusing friends & enemies, one brick at a time
32You can use your brick for good or evil. We don’t judge.
33Why send regular mail when you can express yourself with a brick?
34Where anonymous rich people with time to build, buy bricks
35You’re not still sending you correspondences on paper, are you?
36Mail your loser friend one brick. Then point out how neither of them will get laid anytime soon.
37Send them a brick with meaning
38Confuse your enemies
39The perfect gift for your idiot brother
40Send a brick. You’ll be glad you did.
41Bricks are the building blocks of any great relationship
42It’s mighty mighty. Letting it all hang out.
43We’ll write anything you want on your brick. Because sending a plain one would just be silly.
44Here is a brick.
45The perfect gift for blockheads
46It’s dumb, but at least it’s not a potato
47Send them one lone brick that’ll never get laid. Just like them
48Sending bricks, one idiot at a time
49Literally one of the dumbest things you could mail someone.
50Discover secrets of the modern brick only building contractors know
51Most people think it’s dumb to mail a brick. But you’re not most people.
52The beauty of the brick lies in the confusion
53Use your brick to spread love or hate. You decide.
54For moments you’d like to throw a brick through someone’s window, but you’re in no rush and don’t want to cause damage
55Who mails a brick to someone? You, that’s who.
56Mailing a brick is easier than making one.
57We’re the reason postal workers get ornery
58Secret anonymous items your mail carrier doesn’t want you to know about
59Breaking windows with bricks is mean. But mailing them is fun.
60When you think real hard, I bet you know someone who deserves this
61A really dumb way to say thank you
62Nobody ever forgets who mailed them a brick (which is why we also offer anonymous delivery)
63Mail a brick. and cement your relationship
64Sneaky little mail tricks to confuse your enemies and thrill your odd friends
65New! Choose from 2 types of bricks to send! Wowwee!
66It’s not just a brick. It’s a brick with words on it. (words optional)
67The best thing you can mail since the potato
68The list of people you know who deserve a brick, customized or anonymous, is endless
69Not just bricks. Red or grey bricks
70Goodbye yellow brick road, hello red brick in the mail!
71Brick with the best of ’em
72As random for the mail carrier as it is the recipient
73Now! With extra glitter! (Because f*uck them, right?)
74Bricks and stones may tickle your bones
75Where good people get bricks in the mail
76Nope. Doesn’t make any sense to us either.
77Like mailing a potato or a coconut, but a brick
78Throwing a brick could kill someone. But mailing one is just funny.
79Send a subtle way to let someone know they suck
80Nobody ever forgets their first mailed brick
81Sometimes you just want to mail a brick. And that’s reason enough.
82A brick isn’t the dumbest thing you can mail someone…but it’s close.
83Mail a brick. Yup. That’s it. That’s all…
84Sometimes you want to tear down walls—sometimes you want to build them up
85A silly way to let someone know they rock
86Make your feeling toward your recipient concrete
87So, you want to send someone a brick?
88We are the Amazon Prime of brick shipping (only without the 2-day delivery option)
89Custom brick mailing for mass confusion
90Warning! These will not fit through your mail slot unless you push really hard
91Set the foundation for your feelings, one brick at a time
92Everyone needs a little brick in their lives
93This is probably more fun for you than the recipient
94A brick can be used to build or destroy. And now it can be used as mail.
95Nothing says “you suck” like getting a brick in the mail
96Build your friendships brick by brick
97Building strong foundations for bonding, one brick at a time
98The building block of every great relationship is now mailable
99Up your hatred for someone by adding glitter
100Once it’s written on a brick in sharpie, it’s forever


Overall: Silly and good. My favorite combination.

Lessons: Mail Bricks is less engaging than mail potatoes. The jokes were rough and there were fewer puns—still he persisted.

  • I thought I’d be able to apply a few lines from the potato post, and I was, but not necessarily in a cut-and-paste style. They were mostly adapted themes.
  • Between the 2 competitor sites (yep, there’s a second place to mail your bricks, folks. Capitalism is alive and well), there were only a handful of reviews & photos. They were enough to get me to the end, but the resource wasn’t as diverse as I anticipated.
  • I love me some silliness

Time: 2 sessions, 1:05