Right, so no more TV/Movie themes. But I am going to use yesterday’s Rosie The Robot post as a base for today.

Olly – The First Home Robot with Personality just demolished it’s IndieGoGo goal. And I can see why. It looks awesome. Think Siri or Alexa, but with a unique personality for each user. So you can change the voice, change the attitude, and change how much you want it to initiate interaction with you. It’s got some cool face-reading & emotional tone tech that allows it anticipate how you’re feeling. Yes, that’s creepy, but it’s also insanely awesome.

This is a huge step in AI, and I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Olly’s site is pretty good. A little jargon-heavy, but in a way that adds credibility. The friendly tone is helpful because it lets me play without constraints. So that’s awesome.

Here are  100 headlines about Olly – The First Home Robot with Personality:

1Get a robot with personality. The good kind.
2You’ll love Olly so much, you won’t even mind when it wakes you up or nags you about meeting
3Meet your new friend/trainer/calendar/alarm/all-around cool robot
4To the techie who will settle for nothing less than the latest in AI
5Olly knows what you need before you do
6All the smarts of Google, the snark of Siri & the consideration of Alexa, in one AI box
7The good news about an robot with personality is you can change it whenever you want
8It’s like living with your best friend (without the loud chewing & extra dishes)
9Come home to a welcoming voice.
10Sometimes you just need someone to talk to you. Even if it’s made of metal.
11Alexa may be your personal assistant. But Olly’s your friend
12Did our robot just become your new best friend?
13What would become of your life if a robot started helping you?
14You’re not alone. You’ve got Olly!
15The likeable home robot your whole family can use
16Olly, the robot with personality just made being at home a lot more interesting…
17The robot assistant that knows what you need (before you do)
18Having a robot around makes being at home more fun
19Get a robot that senses what you need–and gives it to you
20Don’t worry, best friend. He’s just a robot. (or is he?)
21Technology has come a long way since Siri. Meet Olly
22What would become of your robot if it started to feel all the feels?
23Announcing the coolest roommate ever
24Olly makes Rosie from The Jetsons seem closer than ever
25It’s pretty much the coolest remote control ever
26You’re going to wish your real best friend knew you this well
27To all the techies who want a better personal assistant
28Other robots try to be cool. Olly actually does it.
29Olly raises the smart assistant bar to genius level
30The 3 companies in tech have enough insight into your life. Here’s a robot that’s less invasive.
31It’s like they took the personalities of your best & most considerate friends, and put them in a robot
32Finally–a robot that grows to meet your every need
33Dial in your robot’s personality, and make your new best friend
34Let’s see Alexa read your mind like Olly
35Robots are smarter with British accents
36The robot that’s smarter than your dog (and less licky)
37Robots with personality (Guaranteed not to try to take over the world)
38The practical home robot that’s also fun to talk to
39Ever feel like there’s something missing in your life? Turns out, it’s a robot.
40We never thought our favorite robot wouldn’t be able to turn into a car — instead, it looks like a donut.
41Olly the robot has feelings. But don’t worry. He’s not emo
42A best friend as loyal as a Golden Retriever (but with way better with technology)
43Olly uses emotion to make decisions for you. Only not dumb ones (Like when you ate the whole gallon of ice cream.)
44Siri & Alexa react to your commands. Olly anticipates them.
45Olly the robot has feelings. But not like your ex from high school that cried a lot.
46The difference between robot assistants is that Olly loves you back
47The beauty of a smart robot with feelings, is it understands when your day is rough
48Siri’s either going to be really jealous, or fall in love
49Sometimes a robot’s just got to express itself
50You don’t know Olly yet. But it’s going to make your life wonderful.
51Ever have a conversation with a robot before?
52We’re not saying there’s room for improvement when it comes to robot virtual assistants. We’re saying there was room.
53Why would you want a robot assistant with personality? Because it’s awesome. Duh.
54Olly keeps your day on track–and a lot more fun
55Program Olly the way YOU want to–not the way a big tech company does.
56Remember when your best friend would sleep over at your house? That’s what it’s like having Olly around. Only without all the candy.
57Yes, it’s a little scary that this robot gets to know you. But it’s also insanely cool.
58Olly makes your home smart (and can also order pizza)
59Olly may not be your best friend, but it’ll always be there for you
60We’ve all been wondering what it’ll be like a have an AI friend. The good news is, we’re about to find out
61Olly’s going to make your current roommate–the nosey one who’s always messing with the thermostat–look bad
62Voice control all your smart functions from a device that’s not afraid to talk back
63Finally–a robot that seems every bit as cool as you want it to be
64All the whacky robot personality, very little desk space
65Program your Olly to be a boy or a girl
66How many other gadgets get to know you? The REAL you?
67The next evolution of Alexa & Siri
68For a robot that can’t turn into a car, Olly is still pretty amazing (and more practical to have around the house)
69Siri can be a little bitchy. Olly can be however you want it to be.
70Let’s see Alexa do this…
71The robot that reads your mood as well as Mom
72Olly knows exactly what you need without you having to ask (but it can’t open a beer…yet)
73Olly makes being home more fun
74The personal assistant robot with an accent. Or not. You decide.
75Olly is shaped like a donut because everyone loves donuts. And everyone loves Olly
76It took a lot of nerds to make a robot with personality. But we did it.
77Olly will love you back… Unlike those other robots. Or your high school crush.
78Unlike other home robots, every Olly is unique to you
79Your best friend just became a robot
80We’re not saying a robot can be your soul mate. But we’re not NOT saying that either.
81Haven’t your always wanted a robot you can talk to?
82If you could combine your best friend, a robot and a dog, it would be Olly
83How well Olly gets to you know is kind of scary–but most mostly awesome
84Siri & Alexa are alright, but Olly can do better
85The at-home robot that’s smarter than some of your friends 
86Olly can’t read your mind. But it can read your face–and that’s pretty darn close.
87Most robots are reactive rather than proactive. But Olly isn’t most robots.
88It’s like having a puppy around the house that always wants to make you happy (but never chews your slippers)
89If Alexa & Siri had a baby, it would be Olly
90The at-home robot for people disappointed with Alexa & Siri
91The robot that “gets” you
92Robot assistants are easy to love when they love you back
93What’s the point of having a robot if it can’t be proactive?
94A personal assistant with feelings. But not the bad kind.
95Olly picks up where Alexa and Siri fall short
96Olly makes the best roommate ever–and even turns off the lights for you
97Who else wants a robot that senses your emotion and anticipates your needs?
98For the person who wants a robot, but also a friend around the house
99Unlike Google home, your whole family can safely use Olly
100For the early adopter who wants  more than Siri or Alexa


Overall: I like it! Now, admittedly there are a lot of Siri & Alexa comparisons which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using, but they were still fun to write. I also replaced “personality” with “feelings” for a stretch—and that was a mistake on my part.

Lessons: Yesterday’s Rosie list gave me a good foundation. This post let me play with the theme even more and I pulled out quite a few lines I wish I came up with earlier. It helped to be less restricted today.

  • It’s tough to say if I’m overselling the capabilities. I’m not really a tech guy.
  • There are several ways to market this. Siri & Alexa play up the cool factor, but there’s also amazing tech behind this, which makes for a great story, depending on your audience.
  • This will be a fun to keep an eye on. It’s not tied into the big players, so who knows what will happen
  • The price tag is a little too steep for me ($499 USD), but I still want one

Time: 2 sessions, 50 minutes

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