This will be the final post of the TV/Movie kick I’ve been on lately. But the idea here is interesting.

Everyone knows Rosey The Robot, from The Jetsons. The XB-500 clearance model robo-maid that takes care of the house, handles Elroy, and adds a little sass to every episode?

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Yeah, that’s the one.

So here’s the twist with today’s 100…

The Jetsons first aired in 1962. The role of women in its future was pretty constrained by modern standards. Think delicate little housewives and secretaries for the Mr. Spacely’s of the world. And while i’m happy they got it wrong, I wrote to that future rather than ours. Mostly to test some of the classic direct response lines. Please pardon any down-playing of women’s importance. These lines were written specifically for Jane.

Sexism aside, here are 100 lines about Rosey The Robot:

1If you’re starting to hate your dishes because of how often you clean them, it might be time for an XB-500
2Does you vacuum know Kung-fu & family self defense?
3Relax. Let Rosey handle the housework
4To the women of the future whose home life is beginning to feel too much like work
5Robo-maids at lower rates for housewives of the future
6Get a robot whose not afraid to handle your housework–or your family’s shenanigans
7Rosie gives your family the attention they deserve, and removes all the burden from you
8The live-in maid you don’t have to worry about
9Giving you get the break at home you deserve
10Women have come a long way with equality. But here’s proof there’s still more to go.
11When things get dirty, U-Rent A Maid
12She’s more than a robot. She’s family.
13No time to take care of the house AND yourself? Relax. Rosie’s got it.
14She’s not just a maid. She’s Rosie.
15Live in the future you’ve dreamed about—one without housework
16Cleaning up messes & personal problems, one family at a time
17The robo-maid with custom-programmable family values
18Too tired to remain vertical? Let Rosie handle the family.
19No robot becomes family like the XB-500
20Push-button living takes a toll. Rosie lets you regain your strength
21If the thought of not having to clean anymore makes you smile, imagine what the actual experience will be like
22Relax. Rosie’s got the housework covered.
23For homeowners of the future who need a little break
24Most maids come once or twice a week. But Rosie is always there for you—at the push of button
25Rosie works twice as hard to clean your house as your family does messing it up
26All the cleaning you need, plus all the lady sass you want
27What’s your best chance for enjoying home life more tomorrow? The answer may be metal.
28Get a robot maid who’s out of this universe
29Get a maid who’s part of the family
30The housekeeping robot that’s part of your family
31Sometimes work & family upkeep leaves too little time for you
32The robot maid who takes care of your house, and your family
33Who else wants a cleaner house without feeling guilty about hiring help?
34Even if you enjoy keeping up with your home, you’ll enjoy someone else doing it more
35When days of button pushing have worn you thin, Rosie the Robot steps right in
36The vacuum you’ll call by name, rather than “it”
37Clean your home & keep your family safe—with the XB-500
38Learn to love your home again
39Sometimes you just don’t have the strength to keep the house clean
40Freeing up your life at the push of a button
41Taking care of your house—and your family
42Let’s see your Roomba become part of the family
43When your day is full of button pushing, it’s good to know Rosie is taking care of everything at home
44Just because her hands are made of metal, doesn’t mean they’re not as gentle as yours
45Proof that even in the future, feather dusters are and maid skirts are still sexy
46Whole home protection for your home (and family)
47Family help from a robot with sass
48Can your vacuum tuck your children to sleep?
49Robots who help with household childcare & your sense of being
50You’ve earned a break from taking care of the house
51An easy way to make home life feel the way it should
52To the women of the future who want to enjoy their home a little more
53Announcing a new robot for whole home protection and a squeaky clean life
54You never knew you could love a robot (and she may just love you back)
55Unchain yourself from daily upkeep–and let a robot take over
56In the future, why bother doing what you hated in the past?
57Upgrade your life to a cleaner home
58Keep your family nice & tidy
59Get a robot maid who reminds you of Mom
60She may be an older model, but then again, aren’t all the best people you know?
61Program her to housekeeping perfection
62Just like everything else in the future, Rosie is ready at the touch of a button
63The robo-maid for everyday families
64No mess, mop or family problem is too big for Rosie
65Free yourself from housework of the past.
66You may not realize it yet, but you’re going to love your new robot
67Love for your house, and for your family, now comes in robot form
68Can your vacuum help put the kids to bed?
69Announcing a new robot for women who need a little more sass around the house
70Life is easier when you don’t have to clean
71Come home to a clean house every day
72You work hard all day. Make your home a place where you can rest
73Almost everyone gets tired of housework. Now meet someone who doesn’t.
74Finally, a robot maid who says all the sassy things you can’t!
75Time with Rosie is time reclaimed
76Your house is easier to love when you don’t have to clean it
77Sometimes you need a helping hand. Even if it’s made out of metal.
78Get help around the house, and with all the parenting tasks you’re too tired to do
79When a day of button pushing has worn you out, this robot gives you time to relax the moment you step into your home
80If you’re tired of having to clean before your maid comes, you need a Rosie
81When the future has worn you out, Rosie steps in
82Rosie is programmed to make you happy–always
83The robot maid you can share your problems with
84Let’s see your vacuum give advice like this
85The future is rough. You’ve earned a break from housework.
86Imagine your house, always clean, and always welcoming
87Make your home sparkling clean, and ready for the future
88The future of housekeeping comes with a little side of attitude
89Cleans in ways only a robot can
90When the day takes it toll, and the thought of housekeeping is too much to bear, it’s good to know you don’t have to do it
91Come home to a happy house.
92When you’re tired, it’s good to know Rosie’s got the housework covered
93When push button living becomes your life, it’s good to have someone to talk to (even if she’s a robot)
94Can your Roomba fix you a nice, cold drink?
95An extra set of hands to take care of your house & family
96How to maintain a cleaner home, respectful children and order in your house
97Cleans and nags, just like Mom
98Robots who keep your house (and your family) in line
99The best housekeeper you’ve ever had—and also your new best friend
100Scared your husband will fall in love with your housekeeper? Worry no more!


Overall: Just OK. The lines are a little generic. I was hoping for better results.

Lessons: Like the other fake products & services, it’s tough to not have any reviews to dig into. I skimmed a few housekeeping & au pair sites, but never really found the pain points.

  • It didn’t help that Rosie is an older model and was purchased as a discounted floor model because George couldn’t afford a newer robot
  • We’re still using feather dusters in the future?
  • In a new comic series, Rosie’s personality is replaced with the uploaded consciousness of George’s deceased mother. Creepy!
  • I wanted to push more into the “helping the family” aspect a few times, but I didn’t like downplaying the role of women. It just felt wrong
  • I like the term “push-button living” that was used by the series. You may have noticed that phrase a few times. Totally swiping that.

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Time: 2 sessions, 55 minutes.

Only 10 more to go!!