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Did you ever see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? There’s a company called Lacuna that wipes away your memories of a specific person. But when Joel & Clementine break up and undergo the procedure, something goes horribly awry and monkeys take over the world.

I don’t know. I never saw the movie…

Regardless, I’m writing about Lacuna today.  Let’s see what I can do with a fake company from a movie I didn’t see, based off one YouTube commercial & an IMDB recap.

…What the Hell am I doing?

1You may not remember me, and that’s the point
2Some memories you’d rather forget. Now you can.
3Peace of mind for heart-broken lovers
4Removing upsetting memories by morning
5The difference between tomorrow and a happy tomorrow is Lacuna
6Some things are worth forgetting
7Discover the freedom of giving up your regret
8We’re your best chance at a happy tomorrow
9Erase the obstacles to your carefree mind
10Past relationships getting in the way of your future? Forgetting them is our present to you
11Some things you just can’t forget…until now
12Fade bad memories like a dream you forget in morning
13Your way to a happy past
14For good people with bad memories
15Letting you move forward carefree & unburdened
16Wipe away the final trace of upsetting memories
17To the men and women who want to start new again
18For all the memories you’d rather lose
19Move forward in peace
20Take one night to start an unburdened life
21Rediscover your unblemished mind
22Life is better with deleted scenes
23Closure is closer than you think
24Watch bad memories fade away
25Recreate your fairy tale existence
26A clean slate for your future
27Stop regretting the past
28You don’t have to remember forever—if you don’t want to
29Announcing  a new way for heartbroken individuals to move on in 24 hours
30Remember what life was like before regret
31For the troubled soul who wants a clean tomorrow
32Some things are better erased
33Never think about your ex again
34Wipe away bad memories
35Live like it never happened
36Regrettable endings are better left forgotten
37Taking the weight of the past off your shoulders
38Close the door on painful memories
39Remove the obstacles to inner peace
40Erasure is more powerful than closure
41When you can’t seem to move forward, we’ll put you back on the path
42Pay no mind to the past
43How to develop a clean slate, a pleasant state & unburdened frame of mind
44Now you can find your inner peace without closure
45Find your happy place again
46An easy way to move on
47Move forward without baggage—with Lacuna
48The simple fact is, most relationships end. Here’s how to feel like they never even began
49Let’s pretend it never happened
50For the unburdened mind
51When certain memories get in the way of moving forward, Lacuna helps you forget
52Never be troubled by a painful relationship again
53Wipe away what you’d rather forget
54Edit your memories like a movie
55Cleaning your history to make for a better future
56Memory erasure for heartbroken lovers
57Now you don’t have to choose between your future and your past
58Don’t miss what could be because of what was
59Rediscover what it’s like to untie your emotional pain
60When yesterday gets in the way of tomorrow, we make life easier
61Stop mourning the past, and find a happier future
62The quickest way to find your peace
63Cleaning minds, one heartache at a time
64Erase the painful endings
65Get ready for a happier tomorrow
66Where good people become happy again
67Discover the freedom you’ll find through the power of losing
68You can’t change the past. But you remove it.
69Discover the freedom of an unburdened mind
70Make your past perfect, even if it wasn’t
71Discover a world forgot
72Clear your mind & your heart
73Mending broken hearts and  burdened minds
74Your new way of moving on
75Everything you need to move forward in peace
76Fade the existence of upsetting memories
77What’s you best chance at becoming emotionally available tomorrow?
78Almost everyone has someone they’d like forget. And almost everyone can.
79Scrub away painful memories
80Remember the important things in life—not the pain
81Rediscover your carefree mind
82By tomorrow morning, you can live like it never happened
83Don’t let your past hold you back
84Emotional pain too much bear? We’ll help you lose it
85Never suffer from unwanted memories again
86End bad memories once and for all
87You’ll never think about them again
88The memory service that frees up your mind for a better tomorrow
89Don’t drown your sorrows to forget. Forget to forget.
90Remember what it was like to be you, unburdened
91When you’re tired of trudging forward after a relationship, we help you find your step again
92Helping you forget, so you can move forward
93Keep the good memories. Forget the bad
94If you want to forget it, we make it happen
95See how easily you can forget
96How to heal a broken heart
97Start a brand new day without burden
98Who else wants to return to the way things were  before the relationship began?
99When bad memories gnaw at your soul, Lacuna helps you forget
100Life’s too short for regrets
101Rediscover what it means to be happy


Overall: Blah. As soon as I started, I knew this wouldn’t go well. I tried to keep it more formal and that was a mistake. I should’ve written like me. Also, I had a hard time choosing a topic today—that always puts me in the wrong frame of mind.

Lessons: I should’ve played to the pain points. I also didn’t want to steal “sunshine” “spotless” or “mind” since it’s in the title, but that’s all I could think of. Then I started substituting words for them and sticking too close to the title. It was like saying “Don’t think of a purple elephant” to someone…

  • This could be a good do-over post because I know I could do better, but being so late into the project, it might not happen
  • Having almost nothing to work from put me in a bind—but even so, this list is a stinker
  • Pretty disappointed for not seeing all of the obvious avenues I’m noticing now
  • Let’s chalk this one up to being tired…

Time: 1:15 minutes, 1 session (after my bedtime)