Any married folks in the house? My 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up—which got me thinking about our first dance. We took some lessons, and aside from a few missteps that only we noticed, it was beautiful. Especially for 2 people with a lack of rhythm 3 generations deep.

I remember looking for dance instructors. We didn’t want anything over the top. Just a few pointers to let us do more than that little penguin dance where you rock back and forth.

It was tough to find someone who offered just that.

…Well, most instructors did offer just that, but they didn’t market it correctly.

I did a quick search today and I’m happy to report that there are several instructors that showed up for first dance wedding lessons. Some get it right. But I thought it would be interesting to go more future-husband specific.

So, I hopped in the way back machine and remembered what I was looking for. Nothing crazy. Just a few steps to give us a perfect first dance. (And maybe make me not look like that scene in Young Frankenstein.)

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Here are 100 lines I wish were written when I searched for dance lessons 10 years ago:

1 For soon-to-be married couples who want to their first dance to look beautiful
2 Weddings are stressful. Your first dance shouldn’t be.
3 Take your dance skills from “know nothing” to “wow, we’re pretty good!”
4 Everything you need to learn to look great for your first dance
5 Learn dance just your style (even if you don’t have a style)
6 Everything you need to learn to make it through your first dance
7 Have a great time learning to dance, and a great time dancing with each other
8 What’s your best chance for a great first dance? The answer may be more fun than you thought
9 An easy way to become a better dancer
10 Just a few lessons to give you the confidence for the most important dance of your life
11 New lessons shake off the nerves for your first dance
12 These dance lessons will be the only part of wedding planning you’ll look forward to
13 You don’t need to move like Usher, but when everyone is watching, you want to do more than the penguin dance
14 Learn your first dance and a few wedding basics
15 Giving you the confidence to step onto the dance floor as husband & wife
16 Take the perfect first steps into a happy forever
17 You’re excited about your first dance. But also terrified.
18 Dance into married life
19 In just 3 lessons, you’ll be confident enough to dance through your wedding day
20 Learn a few moves to start your new life on the right foot
21 It’s OK if dancing makes you uncomfortable. But you owe it to your future wife to try.
22 The first step toward learning all the rest of them
23 All you want to do is not look like a fool, and not crush her toes. We can teach you that, plus a few extra tricks for your first dance.
24 To the soon-to-be couples who want to look nice on the dance floor
25 Wait until they see what you can do on the dance floor
26 Learn the steps to your first dance in 3 lessons
27 You’ve got your partner. You’ve got your song. We’ll give you the steps.
28 So your first dance is really your first dance? We’ll take the awkwardness out of it.
29 Tailored dance lessons to your first song as husband & wife
30 Learn to dance to your first song, and few more wedding essentials
31 You are twice as good of a dancer as you think
32 All the confidence you need so you can focus on the one thing that really matters—her
33 The difference between dance lessons is stepping on toes while everyone is watching
34 Two left feet? We can still make you move like silk.
35 Take your first steps with your partner on the right foot
36 If you’re want your first dance to be extra special, you’re in the right place
37 Even if you don’t know who should lead, we’ll have you confident for your first dance
38 Who else wants to a better dancer for their wedding?
39 All the training you need to not trip over your own two feet (and not step on hers!)
40 Get the lessons to give you confidence for your first dance
41 You’ve got a big dance coming up. We’ll get you ready for it.
42 Nobody wants their first dance to be boring
43 You’re not as bad of a dancer as you think
44 Almost everyone has clumsy feet. Here’s how to keep them in line.
45 All the dance preparation you need to not feel  self-conscious & stiff for your first dance
46 Since all eyes are going to be on you, you may as well give them something worth watching
47 Learn to dance your first song as husband and wife, perfectly
48 Practice your first steps as husband and wife
49 First dance lessons for soon-to-be-married couples who don’t dance
50 You’re about to dance the most important dance of your life. Don’t worry. You’ll be ready.
51 Your wedding is coming up fast. Better learn that first dance…
52 Helping future couples nail their first dance
53 Grab her hand. Step onto the floor. Now dance
54 You may not have heard us, but we’re going to teach you how to earn the applause you’ll get for your first dance
55 Dance lessons for the big events in your life
56 We’ll hold your hand through the first dance, until you’re ready to hold hers
57 Dance into your new beginning with confidence
58 You’re going to look good on that dance floor
59 Dance your first dance like everyone is watching
60 You don’t need to move to like Fred Astaire. But you don’t want to look like an ox.
61 Send me any couple nervous about their first dance, and I’ll show you hundreds of happy couples who started their lives in the same way
62 When the music plays, you’ll be ready
63 When you start your first dance on the right foot—the rest of the wedding will be cake.
64 In 4 practice sessions, we’ll have you feeling confident for your first dance
65 Learn the moves to look good for your first dance (and maybe a few others too)
66 The “Wow, I didn’t know he could dance like that” first dance lesson
67 People know you’re terrified you’re stepping onto that dance floor. But when they see you take you first steps…
68 Knowing the chicken dance only gets you so far. Here are the other wedding essentials you need.
69 Learn the basic moves for your first dance & all the wedding staples
70 First dance lessons for adult beginners
71 Don’t let a lack of talent get in the way of dancing your perfect dance
72 Dancing may terrify you right now. But come your big day, you’ll be smooth as silk
73 How to not look like a schlub for your first dance
74 All the confidence you need to dance into your wedding on beat
75 Dance the way you want to look for your first dance as husband & wife
76 Twirl, whirl & dip toward you new future
77 Even if you have two left feet, we’ll show you which one to lead with
78 It only takes 3 hours to get your ready for your first dance
79 For couples who want their first dance to look fabulous
80 Dancing couples off to their life together, one step at a time
81 Dance lessons for your first steps as husband & wife
82 Don’t worry. We’ll take it easy on you. And you’re not the worst dancer on the planet
83 A dance that starts on the right foot is a marriage that starts on the right foot
84 You’re not looking to be the next King of the Dancefloor, but you want to look good for your first dance as a husband
85 There’s a lot riding on your upcoming first dance. We’ll make sure you get it perfect.
86 Make your first dance fabulous
87 Wedding dance lessons for the happy couple-to-be
88 Everyone’s going to be watching. Let’s step up your game.
89 With all the wedding planning you’re doing, don’t overlook the first dance
90 By the time it comes to your first dance, you’ll know exactly what steps to take
91 We know you’re not comfortable dancing. But you will be.
92 Teaching couples who don’t dance how, to dance
93 Leave your wedding party with a first dance they’ll never forget (in a good way)
94 Where soon-to-be-married couples learn the steps to nail their first dance
95 Everything you need to learn about your wedding dance
96 How to develop smoother moves, fancy feet, and  sense of rhythm that’s always on beat
97 You’re supposed to be nervous for your first dance. But once we’re through, you’ll know what to do.
98 The dance instructor for couples with 4 left feet
99 Out of all the wedding planning you’ll do, these dance lessons will be the most meaningful
100 You’ve got your song. She’s got her dress. Now let’s get you ready to dance.


Overall: I like this list. It felt personal and dialed in to my specific pain. Of course, I’m too close to say if this would work for all men, but I’d be really curious to hear your feedback.

Lessons: Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor, but reading this puts me back in the shoes of a nervous groom-to-be with 2 left feet. The funny thing is, I struggled super hard with this one. Just goes to show you that a little pain goes a long way.

Time: 3 sessions over 1:20