This one didn’t turn out quite as planned. I was trying to find sites that create custom action figures. Because that’s awesome. Duh. But the links came up short. More transactional and not very inspirational.I couldn’t find enough to write about. And that’s a problem when you’ve got to think up 100 lines.

So I found custom teddy bears…

This sounds fun, right? But even this became a challenge. What I clicked was more about creating a plush of your pet, or ordering bulk amounts of a dolls. Good if you’re a children’s book author. Not if you’re a parent who wants to wants Build-A-Bear on steroids.

(That wording is off, but  I’m gonna leave it because it’s funny).

Anyway, I didn’t find what I was looking for until I was on the final stretch. So the lines were swayed in the wrong direction and never hit the mark. It’s a shame because it could be a good list.

…Boy, I really sold this post, didn’t I?

Anyway, here are 100 headlines about custom plushes

1Just like your real best friend, only softer
2Like all your favorite characters, only fluffy
3From the minute you take your new custom plush out of the box, you’ll fall in love
4If you can draw it, we can turn it into a stuffed toy
5Everyone has a favorite stuffed animal. This one will be yours.
6haven’t you always wondered what you’d look like as a stuffed animal?
7Doesn’t matter if you know what the drawing is supposed to be. We do. And we’ll build it.
8Who says you can’t have a stuffed animal of anything you want?
9Make a new cuddly friend that looks exactly the way you want it to
10Build your new favorite stuffed animal
11Fluff and stuff your favorite animal into your new best toy
12Turn your favorite bedtime story into your new stuffed animal
13Turn any creation into your new favorite stuffed animal
14There’s only way one best way to bring your drawing to life–and that’s us
15handcrafted happiness
16Cuddly friends, designed exactly the way you want them to look
17You want a fat unicorn? We’ll make you a fat unicorn.
18If you’ve got a Pinocchio of an idea, we’ll be your Gepetto
19The “OMG, too cute!” custom stuffed animal designer
20Turn your favorite character into a toy
21Is it cheating to make a child love a book by giving them a stuffed animal of it?
22An easy way to bring your characters to life
23Who else wants a stuffed animal you can design?
24You’ve already dreamt up your perfect plush. Now let’s build it.
25We turn any idea into a toy
26If your kid can draw it, we can build it
27Just like you, only softer
28Unique stuffed animals created from your very own designs
29Clone your favorite character into a cuddly new friend
30The custom-crafted builder of all your favorite characters
31We don’t build plush toys. We build best friends.
32Build a hug for someone
33Build a dream come true
34You design a toy. We’ll build it.
35cuddle up to your own creation
36In two months, you’ll have a custom, cuddly, hand-crafted plush of whatever character you choose to create
37Some people get very attached to stuffed animals. When you get ours, you’ll understand why.
38Your homemade sock puppet has met its match
39We’ll create a plushie from any design—including you
40You create the plush. We just build it.
41Make a toy of your favorite character
42Where scribbles become stuffies
43Where you build your favorite character, and design your new best friend
44To all the parents whose children want a toy that doesn’t exist… We have news.
45You didn’t know it was possible, but now you can turn a drawing into a stuffed animal
46Get a stuffed animal that looks like you
47Just because there’s no toy of your favorite character, doesn’t mean you can’t have one
48It wasn’t possible to create a one-off custom plush of your favorite character…until now
49Build a custom plush of any character you can imagine
50To the parent who will settle for nothing less than the pure ecstasy on their child’s face
51Loveable, huggable, scrunchable stuffed animals, designed by you
52Turn your artwork into a stuffed animal
53Super soft plushies designed by you
54Clone any character into a new cuddly plush
55Build the plushie that’s in your brain
56We bring your drawings to life
57Stitch your favorite characters to life
58If you draw if, we’ll create it
59Turning drawings into huggable creations for 13 years
60Create a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal, exactly the way you want to
61We’ve hand-crafted over 2,000 custom plushies that’ve made people happy. You’re next.
62Because you can’t hug a computer screen
63How to turn your drawing into a loveable, huggable, squeezable plush
64Turn your drawing into a toy
65You’ve just found your child’s new favorite teddy bear
66Bring your best buddy to life
67Everyone’s got a stuffed animal. But how many people designed it themselves?
68Stitching creations to life, one drawing at a time
69Want to see your idea brought to life?
70To the parents who want to see a huge smile on their child’s face
71Just because you’ve never seen a toy of a character, doesn’t mean you can’t have one
72We build happiness here
73Like Build-a-bear without limitations
74New toy manufacturer turns any character into a stuffed animal
75You send a picture and we make it
76What’s your best chance at winning Parent of The Year?
77A custom plush of anything of you want
78Just like Gepetto, we bring your toys to life
79The next thing we build will be your new best friend
80You’re not still making stuffed animals from socks, are you?
81If you’ve already bought your child’s birthday present, don’t worry. You can think of another excuse to get this.
82If your little one can draw it, we can turn it into a stuffed animal
83Handcrafting smiles since 2004
84Want to see yourself as a stuffed animal?
85Design your new best friend
86The cuddle toy they’ll cherish forever
87Where great characters become your favorite toys
88Certain characters don’t have a toy. Until now.
89Give them a doll of you, for times when you can’t be with them
90Never settle for drawings again
91From paper to real, huggable, squeezable, lovable life
92Bring your favorite character to life
93Take this doll and stuff it
94Whatever it takes the capture the perfect face of your creation, we’ll do it
95How to create any monster, any animal, any character into your new favorite teddy bear
96The difference between stuffed animals, is ours look any way you want them to
97Cute & cuddly is kind of our thing
98Build a voodoo doll of yourself, only cute and adorable (and not at all witch-crafty)
99The plush toy builder for whatever you can think of
100What’s the best way to make your child love a picture book character even more? Bring it to life.


Overall: Swing & a miss. Uninspired. By the time I found what I was looking for, I was mentally checked out. Blah.

Lesson: For the life of me, I could not decide on a topic today. It messed me for an hour as I searched site-after-site for something. By the time I found it, I was tired, in the wrong mind frame, and not at all motivated to write.  No Bueno.

  • I think there could be something to the Pinocchio / Gepetto them…
  • This one might be worth trying again if I approach it with a new frame of mind

Time: 1:05—which is the same amount of time I spent hunting for a topic.