It’s time to order some business cards for myself. So why not use the whole 100 lines thing, right? It’ll also give me a head start on a recap post or maybe a guest blog somewhere.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. So without further ado, here are 100 lines about The Headline Project.

1I wrote 100 headlines for 100 days to become excellent at messaging. And it worked.
2There are still some writers out there who can craft a better headline than me. But not many.
3My interest in headlines is to obliterate clickbait and prove there’s a better way
4In 100 days, I learned how to write headlines to nail your messaging fast
5I wrote a mountain of 10,000 headlines, then climbed my way to the top.
6I want to get your message perfect. So I wrote 10,000 as practice.
7If you use a poor headline, it doesn’t matter how hard you labor over your copy because your copy will not be read. – John Caples
8It takes a special kind of stupid to voluntarily write 100 headlines a day for 100 days. Hi, I’m Justin.
9Need a great headline? I wrote 10,000 of them you can use.
10Headlines. Oy.
11If you’re spending less time on your headline than on your content, you’re doing it wrong
12Nobody thought I’d have to stamina to write 100 headlines a day for 100 days. They were wrong.
13I wrote 10,000 headlines just for fun. Now I’m really good at it.
14How I learned to master headlines by writing 10,421 of them
15You need a message to grab the distracted visitor. A hook to pull them close. That’s where I come in.
16It’s just me, my keyboard, and 100 headlines a day for 100 days
17Need messaging? Give me an hour.
18They said it would be difficult to write 100 headlines for 100 days. And they were right. But I did it anyway.
19I wrote 100 headlines a day just for fun. Now imagine what I can do when you pay me.
20They laughed when I sat down to write 10,000 headlines, but when started to type!
21Where great headlines are the result of practice—not guessing
22For brands with personality that need a stronger message
23I despise clickbait. So I wrote 10,000 headlines to prove you don’t need it.
24What’s your best chance at getting a great headline? Hire the guy who wrote 10,000 of them.
25After writing over 10,000 headlines as practice, I assure you, I can find yours now
26I wanted to master messaging. So I wrote 100 headlines for 100 days. And it worked.
27Getting your message dialed in takes practice. So I got it all out of the way for you.
28A great headline is hard to write. So I practiced with 100 per day
29I spent more time writing headlines for fun than most writers would ever imagine. Which means I’m really good at it now.
30Great headlines take practice. So that’s exactly what I did.
31Writing a great headline takes practice. Luckily, I’ve gotten all my hours in for you.
32I challenged myself to write 100 headlines a day for 100 days. I’m not sure I can call it winning, but I did it.
33I wrote 100 headlines a day for 3 months just for fun. Did you?
34They say 10,000 hours makes you an expert on a topic. I tested the theory with writing headlines. It worked.
35To get a great headline, you need to dig deep. And if writing over 10,000 lines in 3 months (for practice) doesn’t show you I’ll do that, I don’t know what will.
36If writing 100 headlines for 100 days was easy, I wouldn’t have done it.
37Most writers treat headlines as a fleeting thought. But I’m not most writers.
38You don’t know me. But you may know my headlines.
39In order to master messaging, I wrote 10,000 headlines in 100 days. It worked.
40Great messages make it easy for readers to read
41There’s always room to learn. But after writing 10,000 headlines, I’ve got a pretty solid foundation.
42I wanted to master headlines. So I wrote 10,000 in 100 days. It worked.
43Helping brands and services get the headlines they need to attract  the right people
44You need a message that grabs people’s eyeballs.
45I wrote 10,000 headlines for fun. And now I’m really f*cking good at it.
46I practiced writing headlines for 100 days. Now I’m really good at it.
47You only get better at headlines by practicing. So I wrote 10,000 of them.
48Great headlines come after you’ve written 30. Magnificent ones come after 90.
49Headlines, messaging and taglines for your homepage & campaigns
50Headlines, taglines & messaging 100 different ways for 100 days
51I wrote more headlines in 3 months than most writers will in their entire career. Just for practice.
52What good is all the painstaking work on copy if the headline isn’t right? If the headline doesn’t stop people, the copy might as well be written in Greek. – John Caples
53Need someone who can capture your message? I’ve got over 10,000 we can browse through together.
54I wrote 100 headlines for 100 days because I wanted to get better—and it worked
55Finding the right message is insanely difficult. So I wrote 10,000 as practice.
56In about one hour, I can create 100 headlines, taglines & messages for your idea
57The list of 100 ideas to spark your creative team
58Writing 100 headlines for 100 days is not something I suggest. And you can trust me. I’ve done it.
59You don’t have a bad story. You’re just telling it wrong.
60Everything I learned about writing headlines, came from crafting over 10,000 of them
61Everyone has a few great lines in them. Here are 10,000 of mine.
62If you need a tagline, I’ve got 10,000 to inspire you
63I wrote 10,000 headlines as practice for getting yours right
64Most writers stop after writing 10-20 headlines. But I’m not most writers
65Show me any service or product, and I’ll show you 100 headlines for it.
66You need a message? I’ve got 10,000 for you.
6710,000 headlines for my fellow writers… swipe away
68Out of 10,000 headlines I’ve written, only a handful of them truly sucked
69I’ve written over 10,000 headlines in the 3 months. How many have you done?
70There’s never been a more important sentence than the first one on your page
71Almost everyone has the power to write 100 headlines for 100 days. But not many have the dedication.
72Learn with me as I bullseye messages & phrasing 10,000 different ways
73I dedicated 100 days to writing better headlines. And it worked.
74A writer told me it would take incredible stamina to write 100 headlines per day for 100 days. They were right. It did.
75Headlines, taglines & messaging 10,000 ways over 100 days
76You’ve got only one instant to capture your reader.
77You need a good message. I’ve written 10,000 of them.
78After writing over 10,000 headlines in 100 days, I’ve learned a thing or two about messaging.
79100 messages 100 ways in about an hour
80Writing the perfect headline is difficult. Trust me…
81Someone told me I can’t write 100 headlines for 100 companies. They were wrong.
82I’m who you turn to get better headlines and more engaging messages
83Remember that the reader’s attention is yours for only a single instant. They will not use up their valuable time trying to figure out what you mean. – John Caples
84You probably don’t know me, but I’ve written more headlines than most writers ever will
85If writing 10,000 headlines was easy, more people would do it.
86You’ve only spoken to one writer who’s written over 10,000 headlines for practice. And you’re holding his card right now.
87Practice never makes perfect when it comes to headlines. But it sure brings you ahead of the pack.
88Where you get the headlines that bring in visitors, and I don’t stop until it’s right
89“Copywriters aren’t born. They practice.”
90Nobody said writing 100 headlines per day for 100 days would be easy—because it wasn’t.
91The secret to a powerful headline can only be learned through practice. So I wrote 10,000.
92Writing 10,000 headlines in 100 days taught me something. And now I can apply it to your page.
93After writing 10,000 headlines, I assure you, I won’t stop until we get yours right
94There’s an art to writing a great headline—and I learned it by writing 10,000 of them 100 days
95So I could get your message perfect, I wrote 10,000 for practice.
96What’s your best shot at nailing your message on the first try? Hi, I’m Justin.
97The success of an entire advertising campaign may stand or fall on what is said in the headlines of the individual advertisements. – John Caples
98There’s an art to writing great headlines. And I learned it by doing.
99Would you believe I wrote 10,000 headlines? Just for fun?
100I’ve spent way more time writing headlines than most humans ever will. And I’m proud of that.

I think I’ve got enough to work with here. Let’s start mocking it up.

Lessons: I need to remember that the average person has no idea what a good headline means. The card has to strike a balance between being a strong message for a writer, and a strong message for my ideal client. Luckily, there are 2 sides to it.

Time: Super quick. About 45 minutes.