WonderDads was the second brand I wrote about for this challenge. They’re a subscription service for family activities, and as I mentioned on day 2, their branding comes up short. It’s a great idea—but there’s room to play up the super hero theme. At least, in my opinion.

Now, their site has gone through a significant change since my first post. But to me, it’s still a little flat. Not to mention, their new tagline “Be an even better & funner dad” bothers me on so many grammatical levels…






Stop it.

My first list didn’t meet my expectations—and I always planned on giving it another shot. So here it is.

Here are 100 (more) lines about WonderDads:

1Your origin story for being The Best Dad Ever begins here
2Plan better memories for your kids
3Unleash the power of Dad
4When boredom strikes, WonderDads will be there
5The difference between dads and Wonder dads is just a little guidance
6Take your Dadness to whole new heights
7We still love Mom. But it’s time for Dad to shine.
8When your kids see what you’re up to, they’re going to want to put down their phones
9It’s time to take your super powers to higher levels than opening pickle jar
10Kids grow up fast. Here’s how to make every minute of your time together memorable
11Unlock the power of your ultimate Dadness
12Your step-by-step instructions for earning that “dad of the year” mug
13Kids grow up fast. And yours is ready to get into a little trouble with you
14Live up the hype of that “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug they gave you
15Being a better Dad also makes you a better husband
16Mom’s deserve the credit they get. Maybe you need to step up your game?
17Turning dads into the go-to parent (sorry moms)
18Turn your weekends into a comic book adventure
19It’s time for you and your sidekick to find a little trouble
20Even if you’re busy, there’s always a way to make time with your children. And here it is.
21Become more interesting than the phone your kid can’t put down
22Make time with your kids more fun
23Flash the dad signal. There’s fun to be had.
24Because there’s more to you than spaghetti nights & bad jokes
25Dads… please use your super powers for good
26Raise your little superhero to become the legend of the block
27Just because your jokes stink, doesn’t mean you can’t be a great dad
28Move over moms–there’s a new hero in town
29WonderDads have more fun
30Almost everyone wants to be a better father. Here’s what we did to make it happen
31Your monthly guide for being the coolest Dad in town
32WonderDads raise Wonderkids
33Dads! Time to step up your parenting game to Mom level
34Begin your origin story now
35Grab your sidekick. It’s family time.
36Saving kids from boredom, one dad at time
37Sorry dads—just because you’re a superhero doesn’t mean you can wear your underwear on the outside
38If you’re here, It’s time to step up your Dad Game.
39This is how you get more smiles
40Your playbook for better time with your children
41All it takes to become a better dad, is a little wonder
42Tired of your kid only wanting to hang out with Mom?
43Make every minute you spend with your family more fun—for everyone
44Grab a cape. It’s time to step up your Dad game
45Is it cheating to get all the weekly dad ideas sent you on Sunday?
46Don’t worry Mom—you’re still #1… for now
47Looking for an excuse to build your manly lair? WonderDads need their hideout!
48You’re only a few dad jokes away from achieving legendary status
49Be the dad other kids wish were theirs
50Here’s how to make the next few years even better than the last.
51Sorry Moms, your time of being the favorite parent is numbered
52Grab your sidekick and prepare for action
53To all the dads who want a little more fun (and a little more trouble)
54To the dad who will settle for nothing less than having his child be an actual super hero
55Your playbook for winning the Dad game (no, not “pull my finger”)
56Ever wonder what it takes to be a better dad?
57Pick your power. Choose a dad cave, and build a stronger bond
58You want to spend more time with your children. But doing what?
59Even if Mom runs the house, you can still pretend for a while
60Make being a dad as fun as you thought it was going to be
61Terrible jokes aren’t your only super power anymore…
62You’ve already got your sidekick. Now here’s your plan of action.
63Be better than the jokes you tell
64It’s time to put away the phones, and build some bonds
65Grab your cape. It’s time be a  better dad.
66How to develop a happier kid, better attitude and closer bond with your kids
67So much fun, Mom won’t even be mad the about mess
68You know you should be spending more time with your children. But you don’t know what to do. Here’s your answer.
69Every hero needs a sidekick. Yours just happens to your kid.
70Easy ways to have fun with your family (and make moms a little jealous)
71Faster than a witty dad joke…
72How to develop a stronger bond, bigger smiles & more fun times with your lil’ sidekick
73How to improve family bonding without movies or tablets
74Ideas, activities & all sorts of trouble to get into with your kids
75You don’t really have to wear your cape under your clothes—but you might want to anyway
76It’s never too late to start being a better dad
77Everything you need to have more fun with your family–starting now
78Dads: Here’s how raise your kids so they’ll love you even during those angsty teen years
79It’s time to show moms what we’ve got
80Make your kids as obsessed with you as they are with TV
81What’s your best chance at a great weekend? We’ve got 52 of them to choose from
82Your superhero guidebook for being a better dad
83Get groan-worthy jokes sent to you every day, and weekend plans your kids actually enjoy
84Ideas, activities & weekend plans for you and your trusty sidekicks
85Up until now, kids thought your super powers were opening jars, killing bugs & getting things off the high shelf
86Now there’s a new way for dads to be even cooler
87To all the Dads who want to become the hero their kids think they already are
88Every superhero needs a backstory. Yours begins here.
89Every superhero has a mentor. WonderDads is yours
90Where kids empower you & terrible jokes are your kryptonite
91You’ve got your sidekick. You’ve got your belt. Now all you need is a little fun
92Make more of your time with your kids—and you’ll all be happier this weekend
93Dads—we just planned your weekend fun list for the entire year
94No Moms Allowed
95Zap yourself with the WonderDad-enator and prepare for better bonding
96Discover the best parts about being a Dad
97Weekly activities that’ll make your kids want to put down their phones and play with you
98Powered by dad jokes & fueled by skittles—your kid will be the new champion of the block
99You’re capable of being an amazing dad all by yourself. Sometimes you just forget.
100Time to get into a little trouble with your kids


Overall: Good, but I still don’t love it. I think I’m holding back due to their somewhat conservative brand tone.  There’s a lot more room for fun—and to add some self-mocking attitude to it.

Lessons: It’s interesting that I played with the pain points a little more. Playing second fiddle to mom, losing the attention battle against smartphones, and wanting to make parenthood as fun as you thought it would be. I think all 3 of these could work very well.

  • I purposely didn’t re-read my old post so as not to be influenced by it. Yet, looking at it now, a few of my favorite lines were repeated
  • It looks like they’re starting to ask their audience what they’d like to see. I’d love to do market research on this. I think it would really eye-opening
  • I wish I hadn’t held back and really went for it, branding aside. That would’ve been fun.

Time: Oops…. Forgot to check.

Have any good lines that I missed? Pop ‘em in the comments. Or shoot me a note. I’d love to hear them.

OK, back to the Legion of Writing…