I found Dreem on BetaList. It’s a smart headband that tracks your sleep activity—but more importantly, it reacts to it. It uses sound and impulse vibrations to orchestrate your brain to faster, deeper more restful sleep.

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Their current headline: “Dawn into a new era of sleep”

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Best I can tell, it comes from France and is in development now. It’ll be shipping in a few months. At $399 USD, it’s pricey. But if it works, it’s well worth it.

The downside to writing about it pre-release is there are no reviews. But as someone whose brain likes to over-analyze every. little. thing. I’ve. ever. done as I’m falling asleep, I think I can tap into the pain…

Here are 101 lines for Dreem:

1Pajamas for your brain
2Monitoring sleep habits won’t help you. Doing something in response will.
3An easy way to fall asleep fast
4Dreem is designed for people who don’t sleep well. If that’s not you, we’re jealous.
5If falling asleep fast has become a nightmare, try Dreem
6Dreem conducts a perfect lullaby to put you asleep fast, deep, and anytime you wake up when you’re not supposed to
7We can’t give you more sleep. But we can give you deeper sleep.
8Science found a faster way to deeper sleep
9You use technology every minute of the day. And now you can use it all night.
10If you slept well last night, you may not need Dreem. But if you didn’t…
11Almost 1/3 of the U.S. population has trouble sleeping. Here’s how to make that problem go away
12After 3 years of testing, we’re finally ready to introduce you to the best sleep you’ve ever had
13The only thing that will make you fall asleep faster than Dreem, is listening to the 3 years of research we put into it
14Better sleep means a better day
15Now there’s a safe way to use science to help you sleep
16Dreem is on a quest to help the world sleep better. And we just succeeded.
17Dreem helps you sleep better. Then tells you how to make tomorrow night even better
18Stop waking up like you hardly slept, and sleep a deep, restful sleep
19Finally get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of
20Would you believe these people had insomnia?
21If you’ve ever wanted deep sleep more regularly, this might be the answer
22We just made sleep better
23For people who can sleep, but not as well as they’d like
24You’ll sleep 32% deeper, and 33% faster. Science says so.
25You like white noise. Your partner doesn’t. Dreem is the answer.
26Dreem fixes your brain to help you sleep
27There are many reasons you may have trouble falling asleep. Dreem takes them all away.
28If you have trouble sleeping, I’d like you to try this—before you struggle through another day with heavy eyelids
29Technology can put you to sleep 30% faster, 32% deeper
30A gentle and calming answer to soothe your mind back to sleep
31Dreem quiets an active brain so you can sleep
32Sleep deep, sleep fast, and sleep happy
33Technology can help you sleep. Here’s how.
34What would your day be like if you had a good night’s sleep?
35The smart headband that helps you sleep
36You already know you need help sleeping
37Here’s how science reinvented sleep
38For the restless sleeper who wakes up an hour before their alarm every day
39If you’re tired during the day, we just found a way to make that go away
40There’s only one wearable sleep product that does 3 things for you: Fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed. And that’s Dreem.
41You can learn a lot about deep sleep. And we’ve been studying it for 3 years.
42How to sleep the way you’ve always dreamed
43What’s your best chance at getting  better sleep? France just built it for you.
44How to sleep deeper, faster, and more sound than ever before
45Dreem lays you down with soothing vibrations and sound without ear phones for the most peaceful night ever
46Attention tired adults: We fixed sleep for you. You’re welcome.
47Parisian neuroscience discovers pathway to better sleep. Technology now lulls you to bed faster, deeper than ever
48Dreem measure your brain activity—and calms it to a minimum to help you sleep
49If you’ve been dreaming about better, deeper, more restful sleep, read on…
50Falling asleep faster means more time in the most restful state. So let’s do that.
51You won’t sleep more. You’ll sleep better. And that can be life changing.
52Monitoring sleep is only the first step. Dreem guides you down the path to deeper rest
53There’s a lot of science behind the best night sleep you’ve ever had. And you’ll appreciate it in the morning.
5492% of the population has trouble falling asleep. The other 8% use Dreem.
55We designed Dreem because we couldn’t sleep well. Turns out, it can help other people too—like you
56A good night’s sleep now comes easier
57Essentially, we just created a smart pillow
58Not since you were lullabied as a baby have you slept this well
59Counting sheep has met its match
60Don’t waste one more minute arguing with the pillow and staring at ceiling
61There’s an algorithm for sleep—and we just cracked it
62Sleep this deep only happens in dreams–until now
63When your brain becomes restless and wakes you up with anxiety & nonsense, Dreem calms you back to sleep
64Fall asleep 33% faster. Then wake up nice & slow.
65Sleep the way your children sleep–and the way you haven’t since they’ve been born
66Announcing a new wearable technology that will make every  night of your life more restful
67How much is deeper, faster, better sleep worth to you?
68A headband that soothes your brain and to help you sleep? Yes, please!
69Dreem orchestrates your brain waves and soothes you into a deeper, sounder, more comfortable sleep
70Sleep the way you’ve been dreaming about
71Three biological problems that may be hindering your sleep quality
72When did you last wake up feeling great? Honestly.
73Everything you need for the best sleep ever now comes in a headband
74You’ll fall asleep 33% faster, and sleep 32% deeper—even if you wake up in the middle of the  night
75At last! Science discovers an algorithm for better sleep—and does something about it.
76The tired man’s tool for faster, deeper, more restful sleep
77Raise your hand if you’re tired
78On days you wake up at 6, but can stay in bed ’til 7, Dreem helps you fall back to sleep
79How to fall asleep fast and wake up less oaten at night
80Dreem doesn’t just track your sleep. It makes you sleep better.
81Dreem uses soothing sounds and vibrations to quiet your active brain so you can sleep
82Better nights mean better days
83Turn the lights out on bad sleep
84There’s a reason why you can’t fall asleep. And we eliminated it from your brain.
85Most sleep trackers tell you when you fall asleep, but don’t help you do it. We’re not most sleep trackers
86Even if you’ve tried sleep monitors before, we encourage you to try Dreem. Because it reacts in ways you’ve never experienced.
87Neural relaxation to help you sleep deep
88For all the men and women who believe better sleep is achievable
89Better sleep is your Dreem come true
90Tracking your sleep means nothing if it doesn’t help you rest. So that’s what we did.
91If you sleep great, there’s no need to read this. If not, the following could change your nights forever
92New wearable sleep technology promotes a deeper sleep 32% faster
93Announcing a new way to help you sleep deeper, faster, and with more lucid dreams than you’ve had your whole life
94Don’t just sleep. Sleep fast & sleep deep
95If you start waking up before you’re supposed to, Dreem puts you right back to sleep
96I’d like to give this to my fellow parent, who hasn’t had a good night’s rest since their children were born
97Before you go to sleep tonight, realize it could be easier tomorrow
98Trouble sleeping can be tracked, reduced, responded to—and prevented
99Count fewer sheep & fall asleep 32% faster
100Deeper sleep is now possible, 32% faster than last night
101If you’re happy with your sleep quality, don’t read this. This product isn’t for you.


Overall: Pretty good! I can’t say any are pure gold, but the themes could be developed with a little finesse. All depends on what medium and target is chosen. I think a quite few of these could catch an eye.

Lessons: This was a good area to play in because it combines tech with a very real pain for huge portion of the world. And I especially like that it doesn’t just monitor your sleep (You woke up 8 times last night. Great… Now what?) but it actually helps you sleep. Huge! So I was excited about that.

  • There are so many directions this could go. Fast sleep. Deep sleep. Better sleep… It would be a lot of fun to dive into consumer research here.
  • Their page gets a little science-y. While it’s great for credibility, I think they’re missing more consumer focused language. My headlines address that.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how their pages develop for an American audience
  • Don’t quote me on those stats. I haven’t done a lot of research here.

Time: 2 sessions, 55 minutes