I had a good fun with yesterday’s post for The Hemingway Editor. So let’s keep the writing theme going.

There’s an art to writing resumes. I used to know it, but now everything’s based on keywords and formatting for automatic submission. A good writing service can take you far, and the investment can pay off. So I wrote some headlines for them.

Now, if someone can take care of their photos…

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Here are 104 headlines about Resume Writing Services:

1 You may not know what HR professional are looking for… But we want to tell you before you apply
2 A good resume gets in you the door. A great one gets you a job.
3 A flat resume won’t get you in the door.
4 Over 100 people have applied for the same job you want. But we’ll make you stand out
5 You want a new job. We know how to position you for one.
6 If all you’re receiving is an automated response from HR, you need a better resume
7 Now your own resume will the best you’ve ever seen
8 If you’d like to be making 25% higher salary—or more—you need to know how to position yourself
9 Helping you get a more professional resume so you can get a better job
10 How to get a better resume & cover letter in 3 days–guaranteed
11 Only 2% of applicants get interviews. That’s bad news for the 98% that aren’t here with you
12 A great resume is only the first step. But it’s the most important one.
13 If you think cover letters don’t count, you’re sorely mistaken
14 Never guess if your resume stacks up the competition again
15 If you want to land an interview within 60 days, you’re going to want to call us
16 Get a resume that gets you noticed
17 For job seekers who want to make an impression on the first try
18 If you’ve already applied for your dream job, please don’t read this… It may be too late.
19 We make you look as good on paper as you do in real life
20 90% of resumes read exactly the same. And sameness never pays off.
21 An easy way to get a perfect resume
22 Even if you’ve got a good resume, it needs to be optimized. But if you’re not getting a response to your applications, you already know that.
23 There will be over 100 applicants for the  job you want. Here’s how to put yourself in consideration.
24 You can write your own resume and pray, or you can trust us to get it right for you
25 You need a resume that puts you in the good pile. We know how to write that.
26 There’s an art and a science to resume writing. And we practice both.
27 When your resume looks better, so do you
28 The resume writing service for guaranteed interviews
29 Changes in the job market can be predicted. And we know how to position you for tomorrow.
30 I’d like to teach these resume writing tips…before you apply for your next position.
31 Investing in your resume has the potential to pay you back exponentially
32 If your resume isn’t getting traction, you already know you need us
33 Attention job seekers: There’s hope for getting your interview
34 In 3 days, you’ll have a resume and cover letter guaranteed to get you an interview within 2 months
35 You’ve got the experience. You’re just positioning it wrong
36 Before you submit your resume, are you sure you’ve positioned yourself to stand out?
37 You can write your own resume and guess and what the  HR team wants. Or you can trust the experts
38 Not only will we write your resume, we’ll teach you how to ace the interview you’ll land within 60 days
39 If you think all you need is a strong resume these days, take a seat. We’re glad you’re here.
40 You need a resume that stands out. And that’s exactly what we’ll do for you.
41 There will be over 100 applicants for every job you see. We’ll put your resume in the right pile.
42 Your resume is different than everyone else’s. And that’s because it’s better.
43 Get a resume that puts you in position for the job you’re afraid to apply to
44 Do you want a resume the hiring department pins their corkboard as a Best In Class example?
45 Your next job offer comes faster with us
46 Warning: Only read this if you want to start a new job fast
47 You need a resume that will get you recognized. So that’s exactly what you’ll get.
48 Stop applying for jobs—and start landing interviews
49 The difference between resume writers is we know resumes and your industry
50 We put your best foot forward–and guarantee it’ll get in the door
51 Getting an interview is tough… for everyone else.
52 Make your competition for the job less of a threat
53 If you’re here, you already know you help with your resume.
54 When you write your resume from a template, you risk sounding like everyone else.
55 When you know how to position yourself like we do, you’re guaranteed to rise to  the top
56 Putting your resume together is only the first step—but we prepare you for the whole journey
57 Looking for a new job can bring you to tears. We make it easier.
58 Who else wants a better job?
59 Each job you see will have 100 applicants. Only 2% will be selected to interview. We put you in the good pile.
60 Job interviews are guaranteed when you use our service
61 Tired of rejection letters? Get a resume that gives you more than automated response from HR computers.
62 What would your life be like if you were working in a better job?
63 You came here because you know you need a better resume. Don’t worry. You’ll leave here with one.
64 If your application process consists of crossing your fingers, you’re in the right place
65 How to write a golden resume, silver-tongued cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile that stands out among the competition
66 To the applicant who settle for nothing less than an interview within 60 days
67 The difference between a good resume and an effective one is only a matter of 5 words
68 You don’t care about the awards our resume writing has won. You care about the job you’re going to get. And we do too. (That’s how  we got the awards)
69 Almost everyone thinks they know how to position themselves. But we’ve spoken to over 10,000 companies who want to hire you. And most people are wrong.
70 How to get a better resume without sacrificing applications for testing
71 Even if you’re a good writer, cover letters are resumes are a unique skill. And we’ve learned it by writing thousands
72 For the jobseeker who’s looking to land a new position within 45 days
73 What’s your best chance to land a job within 60 days? We’ll write the answer in your resume
74 Get a resume that puts you in the good pile.
75 We guarantee an interview within 60 days
76 Attention job seekers: if your new resume doesn’t result in an interview within 30 days, we’ll refund your money, 100%
77 We’ll get you in the door.
78 Your experience can take you twice as far as you think—if you position yourself right
79 Only 2% of applicants will receive more than an automated response from a company. We’ll put you in that group.
80 Announcing a new resume service for job seekers expecting a change within 60 days
81 You’re going to love the way your resume looks. So will the hiring department
82 There are likely more than 100 applicants you’re competing with. We’ll make you stand out.
83 New resume service guarantees an interview within 60 day, or it’s free
84 Within 3 days, you’ll have a resume ready to confidently apply for that job you’re too afraid of today
85 If you’ve got experience, we’ll show it
86 There are at least 3 essential elements you need to prepare for an interview. Are you sure you have them?
87 In 5 days, you’ll be ready to apply for a better position
88 98% of applicants for the job you want won’t get an interview. But you won’t need to worry about that.
89 Don’t spend another frustrating minute tinkering with your resume—until you let us take a look at it
90 You’ve got good experience. You’re just showing it wrong
91 A good resume is only the first step. We’ll walk you down the entire path.
92 How to make yourself look stronger than the completion—even if you’re not
93 We know resumes–and we know HR. Do you?
94 You may even surprise yourself with how professional you seem
95 If you’ve been scared to apply for that job you really want, we’ll have you ready in 3 days
96 We write resumes that get you interviews, guaranteed
97 The difference between you and the other applicants, is you’re prepared with a strong resume
98 Which applicant spent weeks on their resume? And which used our service and landed an interview?
99 Only 2% of your competition for the job will land interviews. So now you’ll have a lot to worry about.
100 You might think all resume templates are the same. But this mistake could you interviews and offers worth thousands
101 The average job posting receives 136 applications. We’ll put yours on top.
102 The difference between resume writing services can cost you thousands of dollars
103 Our resumes get more than your foot in the door.
104 Half of the resume writing services out there don’t have enough experience to help you. But do you know which half?


Overall: Good. Not great, but definitely not bad. There are some good themes here that could work for a variety of landing pages and ads.

Lessons: The direct response lines were among my favorite. I think because they play on the pain points more.

  • I also liked the credibility of the stats and guarantees. I pulled these from various sites and the google machine, and they seem to be legit
  • So much easier to write about writing!
  • There are way too many stock photos on these site. Yecch.

Time: 1 session, 58 minutes.

I don’t write resumes, but I do write damn good emails & landing pages. If you need those, gimme a shout.