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Some lists are more fun to write than others. This was a fun one. I’m going to assume, since you’re here, you know about The Hemingway Editor. It’s that fancy online editor you drop your copy into, and it tells you how to make it better. Bye bye passive sentences. So long academic words. Adios run-on sentences. I use it for client work and you should too. Though, I will add, nothing beats a good human editor. And if you’re ever in the need for one, I’ve got a very grumpy grammarian I can refer you to. In the meantime, here are 100 headlines about The Hemingway Editor.

1Get to your final draft—faster
2The on-line editor your readers want you to use (also, your high school English teacher)
3Write tighter than your jeans from high school
4See your words without their weakness
5Instant grammar and style reviews, so you can cut the garbage
6It’s almost unfair to good writers…
7Who else wants clearer copy?
8You’re smart. But is your writing?
9Catch your grammar & spelling mistakes, and avoid a pubic relations nightmare.
10There are 171,476 words in the English language. We’ll tell you which ones not to use.
11The difference between clear writing and concise writing is Hemingway
12Clarify your writing
13How to write better (even if you don’t know what that entails)
14This is how Ernest would have written, if it weren’t for all the booze
15Improve your writing in 2 steps: 1) copy 2) paste
16It’s annoying when your friends correct your grammar. But it’s helpful when we do it.
17Twitter rules don’t apply in the real world. Here’s everything you forgot about grammar.
18Some people think big words make them look smart. We prove the contrary
19Grammar & spelling errors can be foreseen across the internet—and prevented
20Clear writing is easy to read. Now it’s easier to create.
21Everyone’s got a keyboard. But only a few know how to work magic with it.
22We help you write at a 6th grade reading level— just like the pros
23Polish your writing to be more powerful
24Show us any paper, book, blog or article—and we’ll show you how to make it more readable
25Write for yourself. Edit for others.
26There are 171,476 words in the English language. We make sure you use them correctly.
27Before you publish, it’s best to double-check
28Learn to write right
2990-proof reading
30Write clear, easier
31Grammar tools for any writing
32A new grammar app for writers seeking clearer copy
33Distraction-free writing. Error-free proofing.
34All you do is write—then we’ll show you how to make it cleaner
35I’d like to give this to every writer… before they hit publish
36All you need to do is write. We’ll make it better.
37Learn the right way to write
38Think your writing is smart? Maybe it’s too smart.
39You get your message down. We’ll worry about the editing.
40You write at night, when your editor is asleep. But we’re not.
41We catch the writing mistakes Word doesn’t
42Distraction-free writing for better outcomes
43Think you write clean? Let’s find out.
44We’re like your designated driver for editing, during times you write drunk
45Learn to write like Ernest, only without all the drinking.
46Write like you mean it. Edit like they read it.
47The simplest way to keep your writing earnest
48Would you believe I’m terrible at typing?
49You may not know what a passive voice is… But we make sure you don’t use it before you publish
50Lessons and algorithms from the great, applied to your proofing
51For anyone who doesn’t know what an adverb is, but is pretty sure they don’t want any in their writing
52Helping bad writers become good, and good writers get great
53Good writing isn’t poetry. It’s clear.
54Write drunk, edit sober. Or use us and edit drunk too.
55If your best friend corrected your grammar the way we do, you’d hate him. But with us, it’s OK
56Trim your writing for better reading
57Never make simple grammar mistakes again
58Even Ernest would’ve been a better writer if he had us
59You just lost your excuse for sloppy writing
60We actively judge your grammar—and you’ll thank us for it.
61The editing tool for better, clearer, bolder writing
62Out of 171,476 words in the English language, are you sure you’re using them all correctly?
63We only suggest and highlight text to improve. What you do after is up to you.
64Write your message, then let Hemingway take over.
65How to tighten your text so there’s no room for improvement
66Like Ernest is looking over your shoulder. Only without the whiskey breath.
67Impartial grammar reviews that make you look good
68You can still write poorly. But now your audience will never know.
69There’s a fine line between editing & being a grammar troll. We found it.
70Cut the fancy stuff. Here’s how to write the way people want.
71Just because your idea is complex, doesn’t mean your sentence should be
72Edit. Because grammar trolls are not known for kindness.
73Who else wants to sound better on paper?
74Are you sure you caught the unobvious writing errors?
75When it comes to editing, you’re entitled to our opinion
76You focus on your writing. We’ll focus on your problem areas.
77Add power to your words by eliminating the bland
78Are you using twice as many words as necessary?
79Slice through clutter and find out if you really need that oxford comma
80Where writing becomes clearer
81Regardless of how you think it should read, we tell you how to write it
82To the very good writer who would like be great
83Not everyone is a good writer. But we can all be better.
84Although our editing algorithms are highly sophisticated and straight from the future, we promise not to take over the world with well-speaking robots
85Where you become a better writer (for your audience’s sake)
86You can pay an editor hundreds of dollars to review your work. Or you could use our free software.
87Which writer used Hemingway? And witch used spellcheck?
88If Hemingway wrote with this, he’d be even more legendary
89Write beautifully
90Write the way your audience wants you to—with the Hemingway App
91Earnest reviews of your spelling and grammar
92What would happen to your writing if it suddenly became bolder?
93Had you known what passive sentences looked like, they would not have been written this way by you.
94The “thank dog you caught that!” editing tool
95Get a copy critique without showing your work to anyone
96Highlight your grammar mistakes before someone else does
97Content review from a robotic grammar troll
98Write without the grammar, tense & spelling mistakes
99Worried spell check didn’t catch everything? That’s a rational fear. 
100Everyone needs a good editor on their side. And here it is.

Overall: Guys, I think I nailed this one. Maybe Ernie would be proud. It’ll be up there on my favorites list. I had fun with it and there were so many themes to explore. This list only scratched the surface. Maybe I’ll dig a little deeper when I get the chance, just for funsies.

Lessons: Nothing beats pulling from personal experience. I could whip up lists about writing tools all day.

  • I started to go down the rabbit hole of Hemingway and his drinking, but pulled out because that’s not for everyone.
  • Can’t help but feel there’s a good “100 proof/proof reading” pun in there
  • Most of these came straight from my brain but I did refer to the Direct Response lines a few times. I’m starting to strike a more even balance between my tone & the lines
  • There weren’t many reviews for the editor, but I did find 2 articles to use for inspiration

Time: 1:20. A tiny bit longer than average, but worth the extra effort

So, what’s your favorite? Short & sweet how ol’ Ernie liked? Or was it one with more personality? That’s what comment sections are made for, silly.