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I’m not a runner, but even I think this race is cool.

The Anything Is Possible 5K takes place at 1:50 AM on the night daylight savings time ends. And the reason anyone would run at this ungodly hour is this: the clock resets mid-race. So you finish before you begin.

…Then you drink beer and eat pancakes.

When I worked with 5-hour Energy, we sponsored the AIP and it was my favorite race of the year. I even ran it twice. And the atmosphere is unlike any other 5K you’ll find. Especially the part where tyou run through a big, blinking “time warp.”

Finishing with a negative time is pretty sweet. Plus, you get pajama pants rather than another ol’ t-shirt to put in your drawer.

It started here in Atlanta but I believe they’ve branched out to other markets. Check out the site if you want to run.

If you recall, I struggled with the last event list I did for a Food Truck Festival. So if I’m going to try again, I may as well make it a fun one.

Here are 100 lines about the Anything Is Possible 5K

1An easy way to turn your personal running record into a negative time
2Would you believe it! I never ran a 5K before and still set a record
3I just beat my personal 5K best by an hour, and finished before I began
4Race through a time warp and finish before you begin
5You’re not going to spend your extra hour sleeping, are you?
6Don’t register for another 5K until you see the experience this race offers
7An easy way to make 5k’s more fun, is to add a little time travel
8Turn a negative into a positive—and run through time in reverse
9What would become of your personal record if you ran during a time change?
10Come for the pancakes. Stay for the time travel.
11The biggest daylight saving party in Atlanta just happens to have a 5K in front of it
12Don’t just beat the clock. Pound it into submission until it gives you an hour back
13How to travel through time (and run your best race time ever)
14There’s only one race per year that let’s you run backward through time—and this is it
15Lace up your shoes and blow through daylight savings like a champ
16Once you race through a time warp, running will never be the same
17Don’t run another 5K until you learn the secret to traveling through time, backward
18Remember when Superman made the world spin backwards? Now you can run & reverse time too
19Run on daylight savings, and have an extra to celebrate when you’re done
20When’s the last time you finished a race before you began?
21Race against the clock—and win
22Most 5K’s give you a shirt and a banana. But this isn’t most 5K’s.
23You’ve probably heard about this race from your friends—and now it’s time to join the party
24Now! You can learn to run fast enough to reverse time
25The lazy runner’s race for setting a personal best (no matter how slow you run)
26Run into daylight savings
27The party of the year just happens to have a 5K before it
28Who else wants to run through time with me?
29Run through time
30Discover the secret to running through time (and celebrate with pancakes & beer)
31How to run through time without a DeLorean
32The only 5K you’ll be telling your friends about for years
33How many other runners can say they finished a race with a negative time
34At 2:00 AM, you’ll have an opportunity to race through time
35How to finish a race before you begin
36To the 5K runner who wants to try something new
37The only 5k that lets you travel through time
38Discover the hidden benefit of running at 2 AM on this November day (and get free pancakes)
39How to make daylight savings time something to look forward to each year
40While the world sleeps around you, you’ll be running through time, backward
41You’ll run fast enough to finish before you start (and have a great story to tell)
42We only ask you to run at 2 AM once a year—and we wouldn’t do it if it weren’t fun
43See if you can be the fastest time traveler in your age bracket
44It’s not so much a 5K as it a chance to run through time and party with 200 friends
45Run the race that can only happen once per year
46Race through time without needing a DeLorean
47Announcing a new 5K for casual runners who want an excuse to party past midnight
48If you’ve been training for this 5K, you can ease up. You’re going to finish before you begin
49Most 5K’s give you a shirt. Ours gives you pajamas and a chance to time travel
50Run through time with 200 other nutjobs crazy enough to run at 2 AM
51If you were thinking of sleeping through the time change, you’re going to want to see this
52You get one hour back on daylight savings. Here’s how to make it unforgettable.
53Set your new PR by running in reverse
54I can show you how to run through time
55You may not believe me, but running at 1:50 AM in November will be unforgettable for a good reason
56The party starts before the race begins (which is an hour after your run it)
57We’re positive you’ll run a negative time
58You can only run through time once a year—and this is it.
59Flip the tables on daylight savings—and run against the clock
60We only recommend running at 2AM one day per year. And it’s coming up fast
61Even if you’re not a runner, you have to admit this race is pretty cool
62The annual 5K burns more time off your personal best than you could ever imagine
63Almost everyone has a theory about time travel. This is your change to test it.
64So, a time traveler enters a 5K…
65Is it fooling nature to reverse time while running?
66The daylight savings party (with a race taking place beforehand)
67Helping runners break through time zones (and kick back the clock an hour)
68The “I just ran through a time warp & finished before I began!” 5K
69The 5k for people who don’t love running, but love to party
70The best part about running through time? An extra hour to party
71It’s like you’re running at 88 MPH
72How to kick off daylight savings with pancakes, beer & 2 sore legs
73What’s your best chance to travel through time? The answer might be this 5K
74How to enjoy a 5K, grab a beer, and kick daylight savings time in the ass
75Almost everyone has a running goal. Here’s how to obliterate it by an hour
76You can run other 5K’s, but only ours will let you travel through time
77I’m not a runner, but even I look forward to this race every year
78The once-a-year 5K that’s as fun as it is ridiculous
79We don’t ordinarily recommend running at 2AM—but on this day, we do
80Before you waste away your extra hour in November, read this:
81Free pancakes! (at 2 AM in November after a 5K race at a mall)
82This is the 5K Einstein would have run to test his time theory
83Prepare for the coolest race in the world
84To all the runners who want to experience the coolest 5K imaginable
85To the casual runner who wants to finish a race with a story to tell
86Most 5k’s give you a shirt and sore calves. Ours give you pancakes, a party & a chance to travel through time
87There aren’t many reasons to run at 2:00 AM. But this is one of them.
88Anything is possible when you can run through time
89You’ll never look at 5K’s quite the same after this
90How to run through time (and set your personal best at 2 AM)
91You weren’t planning on sleeping your extra hour away, were you?
92Get your hour back—and make every second of it a party
93You get an hour back in November. May as well set some personal records with it.
94Support the troops while running through a time warp
95Your favorite 5K is back—and we brought the time travel
96Sleeping is overrated
97So you want to be a time traveler?
98At the stroke of 2 AM, you’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had running
99There’s only one race in America that lets you finish before you begin–and this is it
100Not only will your running time be negative, but we also have pancakes!


Overall: Decent. Not great but better than the Food Truck festival. I think a few of these could work well on Facebook ads.

Lessons: I’m still not great at capturing mood and excitement in the lines. I’ll have to keep practicing.

  • My favorite lines were the first I wrote—but several of the better ones (before I scrambled the list so I can judge it easier) came at the end. It pays to power through.
  • Spellcheck keeps flagging me for “nutjobs” – but it’s just much more fun to write it that way

Time: 1 session, 50 minutes