CozyTap is building a better mouse by eliminating it altogether. The “Next Generation Computer Interface” is “elevating human-computer interaction to a new, more efficient and more comfortable level.” And when I first read that and saw this picture, I thought they were selling a big yellow pillow you sit on while you type.

Turns out, they’ve used motion capture technology to turn your fingers into a mouse.

Now that’s cool.

Once you get past the jargon, you’ll see CozyTap lets you move your cursor through simple finger movements. You don’t have to reach for a mouse, slide your hands down to the trackpad, or fumble with a scroll wheel.

…I wish they had just said that up front.

Here, CozyTap. I fixed it for you:

1 Virtual Reality just met its mouse
2Don’t click one more uncomfortable click before you try a CozyTap
3Show me anyone who uses a laptop, and I’ll show you someone who can learn to use a better mouse in minutes
4New mouse improves your UX on every single computer function
5There hasn’t been a mouse this important to technology since Mickey
6The secret to a better mouse lies in your hands
7You’re not still scrolling with a mouse, are you?
8Now you can snap your fingers (or make any other hand gesture) to open a program
9If David Copperfield designed a mouse, it would be this
10You may not know CozyTap yet, but you’re going to want one the next time you open your laptop
11Can your mouse make an emoji?
12You’ll love how easy this mouse makes it to swipe right
13You use your keyboard shortcuts for functions. Now use finger shortcuts for your mouse.
14Where jazz hands lead to clicks, scrolls & comfort
15New keyboard shortcut allows you to use your fingers as your mouse
16Before you find yourself struggling for elbow room, I want you to have this for your laptop
17How to use your mouse without taking your hands away from the home keys
18Turns out the best way to control your mouse, is not to use one at all
19Now you can do everything your mouse can do—without a mouse
20Would you believe I had a sore wrist from my mouse yesterday?
21The invisible, untouchable, ambidextrous mouse
22Trackpads are so 2016
23Most mice require you to move your hands away from the home keys. Not only does Cozytap keep you centered, it’s also touchless.
24The untouchable mouse for better clicks
25Move your mouse without the burden of buttons
26An easy way to make laptop mice better
27Your smartphone is a genius compared to your mouse. So we decided to change that.
28If using a mouse aggravates arthritis, you’re going to want to see this
29Sometimes there’s just no room for a mouse. But there’s still room for improvement
30I’d like to give this to my fellow laptop user—before your next assignment
31What would it be like if you could use motion capture technology to move your mouse?
32Who else wants a mouse based in virtual reality?
33An easier way to move your mouse
34Everything you ever knew about using a mouse is about to change
35Announcing a new mouse for keyboards & a better UX
36New mouse makes maneuvering faster than taking your hands off the home keys
37Laptops have been becoming better for years. Now the mouse finally caught up.
38Now you can point and click, without the click
39The mouse for more efficient laptop use
40All the benefits of an ergonomic mouse, without having to carry an ergonomic mouse
41Ever wonder if there was a better way to move your cursor than a mouse pad? Turns out, there is.
42The gesture-guided mouse worthy of the praise hands emoji
43You’ve upgraded everything about your computer–except your mouse
44What would happen if motion capture video could be used to improve your mouse?
45Does it seem silly it took someone this long to come up with such a simple idea for a mouse?
46The webcam mouse that watches your hands
47Attention Linux users: This latest keyboard shortcut has nothing to do with the keys
48Your laptop mouse finally caught up to all the innovation
49Move your mouse with a magician’s flare
50Apple isn’t the only company improving your laptop UX
51Leave it to Hungarians to build a better mouse
52Now you can move your mouse as easy as you can snap your fingers
53If you’ve got room to touch the keys, you’ve got room to use a better mouse
54New mouse weighs zero pounds and takes up no space in your carry-on
55To all the laptop users who struggle to find a little elbow room
56Say goodbye to crowded table space. We just gave you some elbow room
57Tired of unfriendly mouse pads?
58Virtual keyboards may not exist yet. But your new virtual mouse works perfectly
59The mouse for people who click in shorthand
60The difference between your old and new mouse, is that your new one is your fingers
61It’s not that your mouse is uncomfortable, it’s just so far away
62This is what happens when VR meets a mouse
63Scroll wheels are old school.
64Does your touchpad frustrate you more than a pop-up ad?
65Using a track pad is settling for mediocrity
66Using a mouse on an airplane just got a whole lot easier
67How to use your mouse—without using your mouse
68Don’t invest one more cent in ergonomic desk ware until you try CozyTap
69Which developer has the mouse? And which has the CozyTap
70Move your mouse like magic
71Bringing all the advantages of touchscreen devices to your mouse
72Double-click without a sound
73Now you can use your fingers to say a command—and your arrow will follow.
74Meet the mouse that revolutionized 2017 computing
75To the laptop user who will settle for nothing less than complete innovation in technology
76Changes your camera into a fully-customizable mouse with this tiny mirror
77Did this Hungarian start-up just build a better mouse?
78When using a mouse is this much fun, who knows what it’ll inspire you to do?
79Did virtual reality technology finally catch up to your mouse?
80Now you don’t have to worry about mouse batteries dying midway through a project
81What would become of your laptop if you eliminated your track pad?
82The invisible mouse for people who love the latest toys
83You didn’t even know your mouse needed fixing—but you’re going to love this one
84Mouse interaction has finally met its match
85Now there’s an even easier way to move your cursor
86We made your mouse more comfortable by eliminating it altogether
87When desk space is at a premium, Cozytap is at its best
88We didn’t build a better mousetrap. We built a better mouse.
89What’s the best way to use a mouse? It might be get rid of it altogether
90When elbowroom is a luxury you can’t afford, Cozytap is something you can’t live without
91Now there’s a keyboard shortcut for all your mouse movements
92Is your new mouse twice as smart as the old one?
93If arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome makes using your mouse difficult, this may bring you tears of joy
94If you’re already tired of laptop mice, don’t read this. It’ll make your feelings stronger
95Your new mouse doesn’t need buttons
96You’ve always known there was a better mouse out there. Well, here it is.
97The mouse-free mouse
98How much faster would you work if you didn’t have to keep reaching for your old mouse
99Who else wants a better track pad?
100How to develop custom hand gestures, faster clicks & all-around better mouse


Overall: It needs a bit of fine-tuning, but there’s a good foundation here. With a little extra work, these could be dialed-in to meet several different markets.

Lessons: Since it’s still in funding, there wasn’t much to go off. No reviews, but there were a few interesting comments from Linux users who seemed interested in the possibility of shortcuts.

  • They’re 195% funded, so there’s clearly interest here. I hope they’re able to cut the jargon before they launch.
  • I’ll note that the company is based in Hungary. I’ve noticed tech pages from Europe tend to be more formal and data-based in their writing. While I haven’t studied conversion of international audiences, I am curious if this is done intentionally.
  • I spent a lot of time making weird finger movements while writing this

Time: 55 minutes over 2 sessions

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