1Up branding

Sheena Vandevanter is nerd. She’s also a content writer, podcast host & branding expert in the gaming space. And she’s got a knack for putting easter eggs and sci-fi touches in her work that click with the audience.

She’s awesome and we talk about Firefly a lot.

Currently, Sheena splits roles between 2 sites: 1UpBranding.com & SheenaVandevanter.com. 1-Up is going through an update to expand her niche. Because good copy and branding works for everyone, folks. And I (unpromptedly) told her I was going to write 100 lines for her.

So here are headlines, taglines and general themes Sheena can use for her page. And I’ll leave these in the order created so you can see how the process played out:. Now go forth and read, like a leaf on the wind.

1Copy with Mass Effect
2Add extra life to your copywriting game
3Nerd copy for word fanatics
4Press A to continue
5When content is king, your royally screwed with blah copy
6It’s a’me, Mario!
7Your cheat code for better copy
8Your copy just got an extra life
9Insert coin to continue
10Wizard-level copywriting with 352,000 Experience Points
11Let your copy work its magic (and I’ll add my spells)
12Your new copy awaits—but our princess is in another castle
13Content & Copy…with a touch of geek
14The nerds will inherit the Earth
15Being a grammar nerd has finally paid off
16Shiny copy that’ll take you to the ends of the ‘verse
17A little touch of nerd never hurt
18Nerd-friendly copy for all kinds of businesses
19Content with a touch of geek
20Customizable content programs & character development
21Shall we play a game?
22Let’s take your copy on a new adventure
23Content & Copy—created by the ultimate Dungeon Master
24Copy editing for non-native speakers, sciency-writers. Elves and orcs
25Content & Copy for a new high score
26Level up your content & copy
27Ready copy one
28To boldly go where no content has gone before
29These are the voyages of the starship content
30Branding & content to satisfy for your inner nerd
31Copy & content with a touch of geek
3216-bit branding & copy
33Content is King… but our princess is in another castle
34Imagine your copy bit by a radioactive spider
35All those years of being a Dungeon Master have finally paid off.  Meet your new story teller.
36Branding & content to make you’re a super hero
37Every story needs a hero
38Your console for better content
39Content & Copy with nerd-loving easter eggs
40Content, copy & branding for blogging noobs
41RPG Copy with an ROI
42Your business just got an extra life
43+10 copywriting, +10 logo
44All copy, set to stun
45C-3P0, do you copy?
46Dammit Jim, I’m a copywriter, not a doctor
47Is your copy givin’ it she’s got, captain?
48Does your copy need a new origin story?
49Every brand needs a good origin story. Are you telling yours?
50Copywriting with a cape
51Does your copy feel about as original as The Borg?
52Is your copy Neo? Or a boring Agent Smith?
53Is your copy strong enough to face the final boss?
54Does content, copy & branding make you want to rage-quit?
55Content & copy that let’s you choose your own adventure
56Copy with hit points
57Turn your copy on like Donkey Kong
58Does your copy need a strategy guide?
59Make your copy pwn your market
60Cheat codes to bring your copy to the next level
61Level up your copy to boss level
62Game on copywriting
63Glitch-free copywriting & strategy guides for better content
64Is your message harder to find than the easter eggs in World of Warcraft?
65New level unlocked: Copy master achieved
66Copy achievement unlocked: Level 30
67Copy with prestige level
68Press start to begin your copy adventure
69Your copy quest begins here
70Master copy seeking padawan
71Game over for bland content
72Respawn your copy
73Content & copy that levels up your business
74Content & copy ready for a challenge
75Copy is a game of skill—and I just set the high score
76Power pellets for your business copy
77Feel like you need to hit the reset button on your content strategy?
78Combining a passion for gaming with a knowledge of content
79Copy, content & cheat codes for a better business
80Copy, content & cheat codes that levels up your writing game
81Level up your content
82The warp tunnel for better content
83Copy that produces a new high score
84The top scores in the content game
85Is your content still playing pinball in a virtual world?
86Content & copy FTW
87Content, copy & cheat codes for business pwners
88Is your time of not taking content seriously is coming to a middle?
89Content & copy for business owners (and brown coats)
90Your multipass for better content
91Content is King–and I’m your cavalry
92Tell your origin story through better content
93What origin story is your content telling?
94High-scoring content, copy & cheat codes to level up your business
95Power up your content
96The gamer’s guide to better content
97Finishing moves for powerful content
98Content & branding to level up
99It’s time to reinvent your game
100Will fans line up for the midnight release of your new look?


Overall: These were fun to write! And they came out well. I should mention, I am not a gamer. So I had research a few themes and I apologize if I got anything really wrong. Blame Wikipedia.

Image result for 5th element meme

Lessons: I enjoyed the overall theme to this one. I knew we had to keep the lines general enough that most people would get them, and not too detailed so if you didn’t, the page would still make sense. I think we accomplished that for the most part.

  • There are a few lines that are too inside for the mass public. They were fun to write, but would never wind up on her final page.

Time: 3 separate sessions over the course of a day, each sent to Sheena for review and paring down.

Also, when you see some design and branding improvements on my site over the next few months, that’ll be Sheena’s doing.

Now go take that sky.