OK, back to brass tacks today. No more playing it safe with the new lines. Let’s see how I can do with incorporating them into the project in a less hey-Justin-how-about-you-stop-just-putting-new-words-over-the-old-ones kind of way.

I found Onistly on Betalist. It’s a peer review site designed to help professionals develop. No HR department. No pressure. No stock answers. Just honest feedback, provided anonymously. They’ve got a good voice on the page and it’s an interesting idea. Good thing I’m perfect so I’ll never have to test it…

* cricket cricket *

Fun logo though.


Anywho, let’s see how I can incorporate a few of the new direct response lines into the list.

Here are 100 lines about Onistly:

1Get the feedback you’ve really been curious about
2When you know what people think about you, you know how they’d like you to change
3So you think you’re ready to lead? Here’s how others feel about that.
4Peer reviews for open, honest discussions with yourself
5Anonymous peer reviews, from anyone in your life
6Where people who want to lead find out if they’re ready
7An easy way to gather development feedback
8Where good leaders find what they need to become great
9When you know where to grow, you know how to lead
10All the feedback you need to grow
11You think you’re ready to lead. This will help you confirm it.
12Curious what others think about you?
13Here’s where others think you excel. Now you decide what to do with it
14The peer review site for people who want to everyone really thinks
15Find out if you’ve got any weaknesses you don’t know about
16When you find out where you need to grow, you can create your plan
17This is what people really think of you
18Reach your potential, according to others
19Do others think you have what it takes to lead? Your review will let you know.
20Find the truth about how others feel about you
21Have you hit your professional stride yet? Get unbiased reviews to identify the truth
22Peer reviews help you grow. Here’s one to take anytime—even If your job doesn’t offer them
23Find out exactly what other’s think of your skills
24Find out what you need to do to grow the confidence of your peers
25These are your strengths, according to your peers
26It only takes 3 anonymous reviews to know what you need to work on
27Let you colleagues guide you toward better
28How to identify what skills to develop (according to your colleagues)
29Onisty is the best policy
30Find out everything you need to do to get better, according to your colleagues
31Everyone has opinions about you—and here they are
32Not sure what areas you need to develop? Find out with Onistly
33The peer feedback you’ve been looking for
34Ever wonder what people say about you behind your back?
35When you know what’s holding you back, you know how to move forward
36Almost everyone has the potential to lead. Find out if you’ve hit yours
37Want to be sure you’re as great as you think you are?
38The truth about how highly others regard you may surprise you. Want to see it?
39Find out if your peers think you’ve got what it takes to lead
40Everything you need to discover about how to develop your professional self
41Get peer feedback outside traditional business restraints
42Who else want to know what their peers think about their accomplishments?
43Got weaknesses?
44Are you ready to lead? This will help you find out.
45Anonymous peer reviews to make you a better person
46Helping people like you discover their full potential—and reach it
47Track your peer feedback throughout your career, no matter job you’re in
48Leadership can be predicted. Find out what others think about your shot.
49Lead yourself toward becoming a better leader
50Helping you reach your full potential, according to others
51Get the feedback that helps you grow
52Now that you know what your peers think, how you grow is up to you
53Want to grow, but don’t know what to prioritize? Onistly will show you.
54There’s a good chance you’re stronger than you think. Here’s what others say:
55When your peers are honest, you know where to improve
56Evaluations from others, so you can evaluate yourself
57We’ll tell you where to grow—the rest is up to you
58Want to know how to improve at work? Find out what your peers have to say.
59The difference in peer reviews is their freedom to say anything
60The peer review site HR doesn’t know about
61The anonymous peer survey HR doesn’t know about
62Wondering if you hit your full potential? Let your peers tell you the truth
63Don’t read one more self-help book until you take your review
64Have you hit your full potential? Or do people think you’re coasting?
65Now that you know where to improve, it’s easy to make adjustments
66The peer review site without pressure from HR
67Because you know you can get better, you’re just not sure what to work on
68All the peer feedback you need to develop yourself as a leader
69Create an action plan to become a better leader
70Find out if you’re ready to lead—according to your peers
71Build your confidence and find areas to grow—with unrestricted peer reviews
72The difference in our peer review, is that without HR, people are more honest
73Do others have the same opinion about you, as you?
74When peer feedback is this easy to get, you have no excuse to not grow
75When it’s not controlled by your job, peer feedback is more honest
76Stop wondering if you’ve got what it takes—and find out for sure
77Even if you don’t think you’re ready to take on the world—your friends might
78Find out how you’re doing in life—according to others
79How to develop your professional skills, your leadership traits and a personality that others admire
80When HR isn’t involved, your reviews become more honest
81To the leader who will settle for nothing less than 100% honesty about his work
82Concerned about how others percieve you? Onistly tells the truth
83Grow your personal development whenever you’re ready
84I’d like to tell you what your peers think about your work… So you know to grow
85Your strenghts and weaknesses according to others
86After just 3 reviews, you’ll have enough information to develop a growth plan
87Become a better person
88It’s clear you’ve been growing as a person—but are you sure you’re hitting the right areas?
89Here’s what people really think of you.
90Where leaders find out if they’re ready
91Find out if people agree with all the things you say are your strengths
92Your chance to confirm your strenghts is here
93Who else wants a peer review without HR involved?
94Use your peer feedback to create your own development plan
95The easisest way to find out if you’re ready for the next step
96Are you underestimating your full potential?
97100% honest reviews, and nothing less
98We’ve all got something to improve on. Onistly helps you identify it.
99Guide yourself to becoming a better leader
100You know you’re growing as a leader. But how much further do you have to go?


Overall: Not bad. Especially considering I rushed through these a bit. I’ve got a playdate with my kids in 30 minutes.

Lessons: Even though my eye is on the clock, I didn’t copy directly from the template. Most came from my big dumb brain. And I’m already weeding more of the new lines out from the pile. Stay tuned to see which stick.

  • I think I’m still playing it safe with my old list because, well,  that’s what I’m used to
  • I’m hesitant to use the direct response template too much because they’re a bit market-y. That’s not my style.
  • I’ll find a happy medium soon. Still have 25 to go!

Time: 58 minutes, 1 session