Man, I’m still kind of stunned over how well yesterday’s lines turned out. If it’s cool with you guys, I’m going to practice a little more with these new Best Direct Response Headlines and revisit an old list.

My last 5-hour Energy post fell a little short of expectations. Let’s see what building off a stronger base might do…

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Here’s 5-hour Energy pt. 2:

1Most office coffee tastes like mud by mid-afternoon. But that’s when you need it most.
2Give me the any job in the world, and I’ll show you to how to do it more productive
3How to kick start mornings, power through afternoons, and still sleep at night
4What would you do with 5 more productive hours every day?
5To the parents who wish they could keep with their kids
6If you’ve already been caught napping at your desk, don’t read this. It’ll make you feel foolish.
75 powerful hours to a more productive day
8The difference between 5-hour and the knockoffs is 5-hour actually works
9Who else wants a more productive day?
10Don’t drink another cup of coffee, until you’ve had 2 ounces of 5-hour
11How 2 ounces of energy can keep you going for 5-whole hours
12We always have 14 different flavors, 2 strengths and a decaf version of our energy shot
13The difference between 5-hour and coffee, is that 5-hour tastes good at any temperature
14What would become of your mornings, if you suddenly weren’t sluggish
15For the woman who won’t settle for less quality time being awake throughout the day
16New energy shots give you the energy to run 29 hours a day
17Announcing a new way for adults to be more productive for 5-hours each day
18To the men and women who want to keep up their children
19What’s the best way to feel good all day? The power source may surprise you
20To the modern day warrior who wants more power every day
21No-name energy shots might never kick in. Ours start working the moment you drink it.
22An easy way to make your day more productive
23The premium gasoline of energy shots
24Is it cheating to feel this good all day?
25Days are better when you’re not tired
26The same energy as the bigger cans, but without all the sugar and extra chemicals
27How to increase your energy without changing a single thing about you
28Energy drinks can be as big as 24 oz. Ours is only 2
29To the active adults who don’t have time to be tired
30Tired is for the competition
31Now you don’t have to go through the motions of being awake
32Announcing a new catalyst for adults seeking an escape from tired
33Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your pick-me-up hot or cold
34The little bottle of energy that’s ready whenever you are
35To the hardworking adult who wants nothing less than to be more productive each day
36Almost everyone can use a more productive 5-hours. Here’s how to make it happen
37Most energy drinks takes a while to kick in. Ours starts working the moment you swallow.
38You may not feel sleepy now… But why wait until it’s too late?
392 powerful ounces are the reason why energy levels are soaring
40How to turn 2 oz. of energy into an afternoon of productivity
41I’ve got 300 minutes of go-time with 5-hour Energy
42For everyday people who want to achieve more
43Turn yourself up to 11
44You may not be tired now, but I want you to drink this before it’s too late
45In just a few minutes, you’ll have more energy than you knew possible
46You’re not having another cup of coffee, are you?
47You’ll never miss feeling tired
48Make tired for other people
49Would you believe I used to slough through afternoons?
50How to develop an internal battery that will last for more hours, run clean, and never crash at the end
51Now 2 ounces of energy pack the same wallop as 16 of the other guy’s
52I’d like to give this to my fellow man… while he’s still awake to enjoy it
53Now 24-hours will seem like more than enough time
54Helping tired people perk up
55Almost everyone hits a wall at 2:30. Here’s how to blast right through it.
56You can be twice as productive at 2:30 than you were yesterday
57Which athlete took the 5-hour? And which stuck with Gatorade?
58All the energy you can handle—but never more
59Is it really fair that being alert can be this easy?
60Kiss tired goodbye
61I’d like to give a bottle to any tired mom…before they fall asleep on duty
62The 2 oz. energy shot that has fewer calories than a diet coke
63How to turn your energy levels onto a higher gear
64What’s the best way to stay alert? The answer may be smaller than your think
65Like Red Bull, without the skateboards
66You’ve never had it before, but I want you to see what not being tired feels like
67A more productive day for hard-working adults
68Who else wants to get through their day without an afternoon nap
69Helping you get more out of your day, 5-hours at a time
70You, at your best, all the time
71Life is better when you’re awake
72You’re twice as productive as normal with 5-hour
73Would you believe I used to feel tired?
74The difference between Red Bull & 5-hour is all the sugar
75We sell the same amount of energy as a 16 oz. can, with 100% less sugar
76We’re always available at every gas station, convenience store and grocery store nearby
77Now! More energy without the sugar crash
78A new energy drink that gives you a cleaner burn without the crash
79Sugary energy drinks come in 16 oz. cans and cause you to crash. Ours comes in a 2 oz. bottle and doesn’t.
80If you’ve been fighting tired all day, it’s time to change your pick-me-up
81Don’t struggle through one more cup of burnt coffee until you try this energy shot
82Tired strikes at the same time every day. Here’s how to prevent it.
83Afternoons without the hump, if you’re a smart shopper
84Which co-worker had the 5-hour? And which had plain ol’ coffee?
85An easy way to get more energy
86Coffee gives you a quick start. But your day lasts longer than your cup.
87For a man who wants to feel like one million bucks, for only $2.99
88How to increase your stamina for daily wear-and-tear, without a single cup of coffee
89Your low energy levels can be predicted—and prevented
90Get a little more out of your day
91When sleep seems far away, 5-hour makes it all OK
92If you’ve already sloughed through your day, don’t read this. It’ll make you sad…
93Give me any job at any hour of the day, and I’ll show you how I can be energetic while I work it
94How to start mornings fast, make afternoons strong, and not feel tired until bedtime
95What would your life be like if you had 5 more hours of energy?
96Kicks tired to the curb!
97I’m 2 ounces heavier & 5-hours better
98Strop dragging through the day—and lift yourself up
99Imagine your mornings if tired weren’t a factor
100Life is better without a snooze button
101All the power you need, at whatever temperature you’ve got ready


Overall: They’re good, but I’m not as blown away as yesterday. I’d say some lines are really strong. Several others read a bit too much like a cheesy ad. Which is kind of 5-hour’s thing, so maybe…

Lessons: The lines I like best are the ones that built off the original template, but had my own spin on it. So I need to keep doing that. It’ll take a little more tinkering to get these into my system.

  • A little clickbait-y at times—which is the challenge now that the great lines have been so commercialized
  • I know this might not be as much fun to read as the others, but it’s all part of the growth process
  • I wish I could share the list I’m working from with you, but it was part of a paid course. Otherwise I totally would.

Time: 45 minutes. These were quick since I was working directly from the template.