I had fun with Hillary Weiss’s style post yesterday. So why not go for two?

(Because you’re a dummy who never knows when to stop, Justin. That’s how you got into this writing-100-headlines-for-100-days thing in the first place.)

The worst way to price anything ever (from someone who fell into the trap) is a great headline for an equally solid blog post. It tells the story of how Hillary under-priced her new service because she couldn’t afford it if it were higher, even though her ideal clients could. This is a super important lesson and I urge you to go read the piece right meow.

Look for this picture that will give you nightmares.








Add some claps, then come back and take a look-see at these 103 alternate lines I wrote for her:

1How fear sucks the zeroes off your paycheck
2The pricing risk that lurks in your launch strategy
3If you want to raise your rates, read this
4If you don’t think you’re worth more money, you’re not
5I didn’t realize how cheap I was until I noticed this
6Why what you can afford has nothing to do with your pricing strategy
7Even my biggest fans said this price was wrong (and why I should’ve listened)
8The dumbest pricing decision I ever made
9People get excited by your price (and why that’s terrible for you)
10You’d better work (and how to get paid what you’re worth)
11Why being cheap ain’t always a good business strategy
12Why fear is the biggest enemy of your bank account
13I’m not cheap. I’m scared.
14Price yourself like a knockoff, get clients who look for a knockoff
15Can’t decide to kick your low-value to the curb? Here’s the trick.
16How feeling too green prevented me from earning big bucks
17This launch mistake made me want to punch my underpriced face
18Cheap is a terrible idea. Here’s why.
19Hi. I’m a former coward who waited too long to raise her rates
20What you think you’re worth vs. what you’re actually worth
21Who else is underpriced AF?
22How to make what you’re worth (and stop eating ramen every night)
23Repeat after me: You are not your ideal client
24Why didn’t a veteran writer tell me this was a terrible idea?
25What your bank account won’t tell you about your ideal client’s
26The secret to increasing your rates
27Need some courage to ask for more money? Here it is
28Please start pricing what you’re worth
29You shouldn’t be able to afford yourself
30Why being cheap will never get you where you want to be
31The lies you need to tell yourself until you believe you’re worth it
32DAMMIT! Why didn’t anyone tell me I was too cheap?
33The insight that made my pricing go boom
34I was feeling good about my product launch…until they saw my price
35All you need to raise your rates, is a little confidence
36THIS is the person you should be pricing yourself for
37The moment I decided to test if I was a fraud
38Are your prices benefiting everyone but you?
39Why my best idea failed because my pricing was garbage
40Your bank account has nothing to do with your price point
41When people smiled and nodded at this business plan, I should’ve taken the hint
42I’ve had a lot of great business ideas. This wasn’t one of them.
43The pricing strategy that added an extra zero to my income
44I priced myself too low because I was afraid
45How to have nice things without writing more
46The worst best pricing idea ever
47You’re worth more than you think you are (unless you’re not)
48Why a lower pricing strategy is actually hurting your business
49Are you leaving a zero off your rates?
50You and your ideal client have far less in common than you think (and that’s OK)
51People are laughing at your price (but not for the reason you think)
52Every time I can afford myself, I raise my rates
53It’s moments like this that make want to punch Fiverr in the face
54A simple mantra to make more money
55“You get what you pay for” isn’t always true when you’re the copywriter
56Why didn’t someone tell me I was too cheap?
57Here’s why you can’t have nice things
58You’re not still basing your prices off what you can afford, are you?
59Why I wish “You get what you pay for” was true for my clients
60Hey coward, how much more money could you have made from your last gig?
61All you’ve got to do to make more money, is ask
62The evil truth about working cheap
63Here’s a quick tip to make more money
64How to make less money (just like I did for 2 years)
65How to lose cheap clients (and start buying better wine)
66If you price it, they will come
67Here’s what happened when I decided to raise my rates
68If you can afford yourself, you my be priced too low
69My clients got a lot more than they paid for—because I was afraid
70Why “fake it ’til you make it” is terrible advice
71It’s not that I was lying to myself about my value—I was just wrong
72How to attract customers who can afford what you’re worth
73This pricing strategy led to the demise of my surefire product launch
74Never listen to old Hillary when it comes to pricing
75Big time clients don’t fish in little ponds
76The pricing mistake that sucked my confidence dry
77After 2 years, I raised my rates. Here’s how my clients took it.
78Not sure if you should raise your rates? This will help.
79You can only write cheap for so long
80Why some of the best writers around will never make more money
81How pricing yourself like a knockoff Fendi bag is hurting your image
82Why didn’t someone give me this pricing tip sooner?
83Cheap is as cheap does
84The pitfall of pricing yourself too low
85Why it’s OK that you can’t afford yourself
86It doesn’t mean a damn thing if you couldn’t afford to hire yourself today
87It doesn’t matter what you can afford, it’s what you’re worth (and why didn’t someone tell me that earlier?!)
88The longer you write for cheap, the more people will expect from you
89How to get bigger clients (and eat less ramen)
90How to make more money (and why I didn’t)
91It’s time to realize your true value, Mr. Moneybags
92Hey scardey cat! Time to raise your rates.
93Dude, can we talk about your prices for a minute?
94Why pricing yourself low is a sign of being scared
95How to go from cheap to… not cheap
96How to price what you’re worth
97How to face your fears (and make more money)
98Here’s your chutzpah. Now go make money.
99The dumbest thing I ever did for my wallet
100Why your rates have nothing to with your talent—and everything to do with guts
101You are not your client—and other things I wish I knew earlier
102How the best idea I ever had for my business tanked
103Can’t afford yourself? Good. You’re doing it right.

Overall: Hillary really liked them! She selected and bolded her Top 3, which I think are a good fit. I’m too close to judge, but concerned some feel too obvious for her style. Personally, I still like her original line best of all.

What do you think?

Lessons: First and foremost, the most important lesson is the one in the blog. As for this list, I thought it might be easier than yesterday since I’ve already been in her head. But that wasn’t the case. It would take weeks of channeling my inner-Hillary to match her. And I’m afraid I’d start writing in all-caps if I did that.

  • I tried holding myself to a higher standard because I like her original line so much
  • It’s tough to write in someone else’s style when she’s had so long to develop it—maybe I should’ve focused more on trying it my way
  • As with the others, I kept wanting to stray to ideas not in the article—which would be bad.
  • The image of the drowning hand still creeps me out

Mad props to the content writers out there. Between trying for Doug, Hillary and one tomorrow for Alaura Weaver, I’ve gained new respect for this art.


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