So, yesterday I wrote headlines for Doug Paton’s post about storytelling & a bear. Today I’m writing for Hillary Weiss. She’s all kindsa content cray-cray and cranks her tone up to 11. She’s a brand voice superstah & has a distinct style you can see from across the internet.

I dig that about her.

I reached out to her about 2 recent pieces on Medium—one on voice, and one on pricing—and asked to create some headlines. Both were tough because Hillary’s style is way different than mine, and I had to get all up in her head space. But it was fun. Definitely not easy.

Before you scroll down, give her article a read: The real (and only) way to find your writing style. Add a few claps, then come back and read the lines below. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see this guy.

Also, if you’re into blogging, Hillary is launching a 5-day Blog Party Challenge and you should totally crash. It runs from Sept. 18-22, it’s free, and it might just change your life…

…Or at least your blog.

Here are 113 lines about Hillary Weiss’s writing style.  (Bold lines chosen by her)

1 Why $100 words aren’t worth the paper they’re written on (and 6 other style tips)
2 How writing dumber makes you sound smarter
3 Your writing style is hiding right behind your nose
4 There’s only one expert on your brand voice
5 Everything I’ve learned by not learning about writing style
6 How a decade of writing for myself taught me to write for everyone else
7 Why after 10 years of writing, I can get away with USING ALL CAPS
8 How long does it take to find your writing voice? (7 tips that took me 10 years to learn)
9 It takes a lot of work to make writing with style look easy
10 The ultimate guide to finding your writing style
11 Every entrepreneur I talk to wants to learn how to do this better
12 When faking your writing style actually is your writing style
13 Crossing mediums: Learning to write by watching TV
14 You shouldn’t write to appeal to everyone, but who should you write for?
15 How to put more you on the page
16 What I learned by accidentally forgetting to develop my own style
17 Writing styles: Buying off the rack vs. custom fit
18 Writing like you talk is hard to figure out. So I did it for you.
19 Why write like me when you can write like you?
20 You can spend 10 years finding your writing voice… or you can read these 7 tips
21 Would your writing voice be strong enough to turn Blake Shelton’s chair around?
22 7 tips to help you master your writing style
23 How to write like me (but also like you)
24 Styling, trimming & writing to impress: When did copy become so Hollywood?
25 Is it more important to wirte your style or yourself?
26 You already have a writing voice. You’re just using it wrong.
27 Everything I’ve learned from never reading a book about writing style
28 Just because it took me 10 years to find my writing style, doesn’t mean you can’t do it now
29 How not trying to sound like a writer makes you a better writer
30 How you can write with style almost instantly (and why it took me 10 years to learn)
31 A simple to way write with style that only took me 10 years to figure out
32 How to smush your writing style together
33 Here’s why it’s a bad idea to try to write like me (and why you should write like you)
34 How much effort should you put into your writing  style? Here’s what 10 years have taught me.
35 Here’s a quick way to sound like you when you write
36 This isn’t my writing style—it’s just how I write: 7 tips for sounding more like you
37 7 style tips that took me 10 years to learn
38 How to build a brand voice you can be proud of
39 Writing style wearing exactly 15 pieces of flair
40 My accidental discovery of writing with a voice
41 How to write with a style that fits like your favorite shoes
42 See how easily you can write with personal style
43 Write like me (without putting in 10 years of research)
44 Stop judging your own work, judger
45 Get a better writing style without a decade of mistakes
46 How to DIY your writing style
47 All the best writers try to emulate this person when they post
48 Writing like you talk is harder than it seems. Here’s my trick
49 HERE’S WHY I CAN WRITE IN ALL CAPS (and you can’t)
50 The ugly truth about writing pretty
51 Why not sounding like a business might actually be a better choice for your brand
52 If you can’t write like you, then who should you write like?
53 Here’s the writing style you developed when you weren’t looking
54 Who else wants to write like me?
55 Why writing with 15 pieces of flair may be better than 37
56 Trying to write smart might be giving off a different impression than you think
57 What 10 years of writing taught me about style
58 How to reverse engineer your favorite book to your writing style (and 6 other tips)
59 If you took your name off the page, would people still know you wrote it?
60 It took me 10 years to find my path to writing with style. Here’s your shortcut to catch up.
61 It took me 10 years to learn to these 6 bullet points about writing
62 Who should you really be trying to sound like when you write?
63 You’ve been building your writing style your whole life. You just never knew it.
64 How to create a writing voice that sounds like you
65 How to hodgepodge a writing style and craft your own
66 Whose voice does your writing style sound like? (If your answer isn’t you, you’re doing it wrong)
67 I talked to entrepreneurs about their business, but all they wanted to do was ask me about this
68 Don’t try to write without watching TV (and 6 other style tips)
69 Finding a writing style that fits you like a tailored suit
70 How to sound like you’re writing with your favorite pen
71 Do you need a writing stylist, or can you DIY our voice?
72 How to cram all the characters in your head into your hodgepodge of a writing style
73 How to write with style when you have none
74 My 10-year deep dive into writing style, summed up in 7 bullets
75 How much you should you edit out of your writing?
76 Turns out, your audience likes reading the same things as you
77 How I developed a writing style over 10 years by accident
78 7 writing tips that took me 10 years to perfect (as much as anyone can)
79 Is it better to sound smart, or sound like you?
80 The too-busy-to-learn writer’s guide to developing a personal style
81 7 tips (and 10 years of practice) to find your perfect writing voice
82 So, how much do you really have to write before you develop your style?
83 Stop thinking your audience is different than you—and write the way you want to
84 Here’s how to sound better when you write
85 Never buy a writing style off the rack
86 How much you should you put on the page?
87 Custom fitting your writing style like a wedding dress
88 How to write words that sound like people
89 What posting IN ALL CAPS taught me about my writing style
90 Who should you really write for? You or your audience?
91 Why you sound like X when you’re trying to sound like Y
92 How to make your writing sound like you
93 The DIY guide for writing style
94 How you can learn to write better by watching TV
95 How I stumbled into my writing style after only 28 years of practice
96 Writing like your audience may be dangerous if it doesn’t sound like you
97 Writing with style: It ain’t as easy it looks
98 How not to sound like everyone else on the internet
99 Get a writing style without losing you
100 What 10 years of writing for myself taught me about writing for other people
101 How I learned to write with style by accident
102 You’re not still trying to sound super smart when you write, are you?
103 What all the books about writing style I’ve never read have taught me
104 How to become a more stylized writer by not really trying
105 How to make your writing sound like jeans & a t-shirt
106 How much do you need to write before you start to develop your voice
107 How much of other people’s style can you put into your own voice?
108 The style guide for writing with personality
109 How I accidentally learned to write with style
110 The fastest way to write like you’ve been doing it all your life
111 Why your brand voice and your voice are two very different things
112 Your words sound funny. Did you do that on purpose?
113 My writing style was an accident—just like me


Overall: Whew! I don’t know if it was the challenge of writing to match her style, or the subject matter, but it took a tremendous effort to knock this out. I’m happy with the end results—and Hillary was too. Even if it took twice as long as usual.

Note, the italicized lines missed the mark. But the last one was really just for fun.

Lessons: Like yesterday, it was a tough to stay within the confines of the content. I think I did a better job today though.

  • There were a lot of good lines here. Just about any of them could work. The bold ones were Hillary’s favorites
  • I had to strike a balance between her voice and mine, with hers taking the lead
  • I kept wanting to explore new themes, like fashion, but that’s not part of the article. So I had to reel it in.
  • This is a great piece. It doesn’t need a new headline. This was just for fun
  • …which might make me a masochist

Time: Nearly 2 hours! Longest. Time. Ever.

And remember, if you need big, unmistakable brand voice content, give Hillary a shot. She’s fluent in awesome.

Let me know what you think—add your comment below and share your favorites.

And take a look at Day 70, which is another post about Hillary’s content. Cuz she’s got a ton of it.