This one’s for the ladeeez,

Err, I guess, more for the guys to get the ladeez. So, yeah, for the guys.

NuPhero is pheromones in a can. It’s got all kinds of science behind it that shows certain scents can boost confidence, which makes females notice. Like Axe Bodyspray, but y’know, not douchey.

They’re going through crowdfunding now, and it looks legit. This is for real and they’re serious about it. But they do have a light-hearted tone which I appreciate. As of today, they’re at 35% of their goal, and I hope they make it. This could help a lot of men.

When they do, they’ll have 104 lines ready for them:

1All it takes to make wallflower bloom is one little spray
2Ladies love a man who smells confident
3Smell can have an impact on a woman’s body. And you’re going to like what this one does to her.
4How do pheromones work? Spray yourself and find out.
5Bring out your animal attraction
6Animals use pheromones to attract each other. Now you can too.
7A little spray to make her day
8Just because dating can be awkward doesn’t mean you need to be
9When you get the girl, you’ll have science to thank.
10There’s confidence, and there’s awkward. NuPhero helps you choose confidence.
11You don’t have a confidence problem. You have a pheromone problem.
12Your mojo is only a spray away
13When you smell this interesting, women will notice
14Even the birds and the bees follow their nose
15Turns out the secret to being to better looking was in you all along
16You’ve always had confidence deep inside you. This just brings it out.
17Who says science isn’t sexy?
18There’s a lot of science behind the laws of attraction–and we just put it all in a bottle
19Made in Utah, where guys know how to get a lot of girls
20Who knew the secret to sexiness came in a bottle? (Other than whiskey distillers, we mean)
21Just a little spray to elevate your mood
22For men tired of not having the guts to say hi to her
23Where the good guys finally get the girl
24Body odor in a can (the good kind)
25Confidence now comes in an aerosol spray
26We just made confidence in a lab. Want to try it?
27The aerosol spray that makes you more attractive
28The scent of love is in the air
29The confidence booster for men
30She thinks your spray bottle is sexy
31Wait until she gets a whiff of this
32It’s not about what you think smells good. It’s about what she thinks smells good.
33Smells good enough to turn on girls in a lab
34This must be what George Clooney smells like all the time
35For men who wish they had the confidence they practice in the mirror
36All the confidence you need to say hello, in a spray bottle
37Take your confidence level to the penthouse
38All the sudden, you look a lot more confident
39Confidence is sexy–and this spray boosts confidences
40The aftershave spray she wants you to wear
41The smell doesn’t attract women. You do.
42Tap into the science of attraction
43Finally get the confidence to say hello
44The confidence booster for men who need a little help with women
45The confidence booster for hesitant men
46We’re bringing sexy back. Literally.
47We’ve isolated the key ingredient to feeling confident, and we bottled it for you
48The sexy spray for boosting your confidence
49Helping the good guys get the girls they deserve, a little bit faster
50When you smell confident, the ladies know
51The aerosol spray that makes you feel confident
52Tap into nature’s own love potion
53When we sprayed this, the girls thought our lab coats looked sexy
54We wanted to see how much impact smell can have on a woman’s brain. The answer got us a girlfriend.
55Spray your way from wallflower to the corsage around her wrist
56Shy by nature? Now you can be confident by science
57He who hesitates, aerates
58Is that a spray bottle in your pocket, or is she just happy to see you?
59Just one sniff and she won’t stop thinking about you
60You’re about to break the laws of attraction
61Confidence doesn’t wash off
62Maybe your lack of confidence isn’t your fault after all
63The spray that gives you guts to say hi
64You’ll be sexier because of science.
65Crank you sex appeal to 11
66The spray that brings out your confidence (that’s not tequila)
67We just wrote the new laws of attraction
68The sexy guy she’s been looking for is about to be right under her nose
69This aftershave is a game changer
70The little spritz that gives her fits
71Mojo in a bottle
72Can pheromones really make you more attractive? Try it and find out.
73Shy around girls? Take a whiff of this.
74Spray the smell of confidence–and reap the rewards
75It’ll make you smell like you’ve got 6-pack abs
76Like a breath spray bottle, but it makes the whole idea of you smell good
77The spray that makes a woman come to her scents-es
78Just a little spray to get you noticed. The rest is all you.
79Made by nerds, who know a thing or 2 about being shy around girls
80Sexiness just got synthetic
81We just cracked the code behind confidence & magnetism
82Emboldening apprehensive gentlemen, one spritz at a time
83Now you’ll know what it’s like to smell confident
84Play your cards right and your confidence isn’t the only thing that’ll rise
85If you struggle with confidence, spray this
86Made by scientists who have been studying sexy for years
87Nerds just changed the dating game
88You can’t spell pheromone without hero–and that’s all you, buddy
89We weren’t good at getting girls. But we were really good at science
90Spray a little confidence on your shirt
91We didn’t say pheromones attract women. Science did.
92The confidence booster will help you get a foot in the door with women
93There’s data behind the reason she thinks you smell so good
94Consider it a starter kit for the chemistry between you and her
95This spray makes you sexy. Science says so.
96Put a little of what’s in you, right in their nose hole
97Science just made you sexier. You’re welcome.
98The pheromones are in you. This brings it out.
99The only thing you need to feel sexy in confidence–and this spray gives it to you
100It doesn’t change who you are–but it makes you more noticeable
101The jury is in. And the laws of attraction have been overruled
102We put the hero in pheromone
103Science just fixed your confidence issues for you
104Spray yourself to grow a pair …of lovebirds


Overall: Good! I really enjoyed this one. As a bit of a wallflower myself, I was able to tap into my own pain. I may have gone a little more playful than their brand voice, but that’s OK for now.

Some get borderline creepy. Please know that’s not my intent. I’m not condoning anything bad. #NothingButLove

Lessons: There were so many themes to pull from that the lines came easy. And though it’s a little self-mocking, the lines were written with intended respect. Any fun poked was meant  toward the writer, not the reader.

Time: 52 minutes, 1 session.

Tomorrow, we’re going to try something different. Stay tuned…

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