I was in an elevator this morning that had a TV in it. There was a news blurb about bathtubs. So today I’m writing about bathtubs.

Ok, not exactly tubs, but toys. And wouldn’t you know it, I found one that was on Shark Tank. Seriously—has anything not been on that show?!

SoapSox are a stuffed animal you can wash with. They’ve got a good backstory, look fun and toddlers seem to get a kick out them. I can get behind that.

My kids are a bit older now, so I hopped in the wayback machine and took a trip to the days of soapy toddler butts, and constantly-naked kids running around the house.  Gahhh! So cute! I mean, they still do it now, but at 6 & 7 it’s getting awkward. Especially when people are over.

I definitely would have bought one of these though.

Here are 101 lines about SoapSox:

1Like a sock puppet for the bath
2Who knew a washcloth shaped like a whale could make bath time fun?
3Get a giggle that’ll light up the whole bath tub
4Way more fun than washcloths
5The washcloth puppet that takes bath time from mean to clean
6Now your toddler can bring his favorite stuffed animal in the bath
7Helping toddlers love bath time
8Fussy toddler in the bath? Maybe he just wants to play…
9The happy toddler, clean toddler bath toy
10Can your toddler’s favorite stuffed animal do this?
11It’s the puppet you bring in the bath
12The bath toy your toddler won’t realize is a sponge
13Ever washed your toddler with a dragon before?
14The baby shower gift for the bathtub
15The cuddly sponge your child wants to bathe with
16When these terrycloth animals join the bath, toddlers get clean
17The rubber ducky just met his match
18The washable hand puppet for cleaning your toddlers
19The terrycloth companion to rubber ducks
20Turns out, washcloths aren’t the best way to wash a toddler
21This must how they bathed on Noah’s arc
22Meet the washcloth puppet your kid will want to sleep with
23The functional bath toy your toddler will adore
24Careful. There’s a hippo in your bathtub
25Let your toddler pick a character for bath time
26The clever bath sponge your baby will love
27And you thought your toddler liked rubber duckies
28No more fights about baths
29You’ll love washing them. They’ll love playing with it.
30The bathtub toy your toddler will love even out of the water
31Got a dirty kid who hates baths?
32From the bath tub, to the washing machine, to bed time
33Make your toddler love bath time
34For parents tired of fighting about bath time
35Meet your toddler’s new favorite bath toy
36The bathtub toy that cleans as you feed it
37Watch it clean as it “eats” your child
38Clean your toddler nice & quick with a bath sponge shaped like Moby Dick
39Toddler bath time just got adorable
40Does your toddler love dragons? Now he can bathe with one.
41It cleans as your toddler hugs it
42The only screaming at bath time will be from laughter
43Who says you can’t have fun with a sponge?
44Baths are more fun when you can bring your favorite stuffed animal with you
45Your toddler will wash himself without even knowing it
46Animal washcloths for toddlers who hate baths
47Now you can tell your toddler his stuffed animal needs a bath
48Warning: Bath tub giggles are contagious
49Your toddler’s new favorite stuffed animal doubles as a sponge
50Machine washable, kid washable, bath toy
51Toddlers get dirty. Soapbox gets them clean.
52Tired of fighting over bath time? Here’s your answer.
53Make bath time adorable
54The bathtub toy with a purpose
55Plush toy washcloths for toddlers
56The stuffed animal who gets you clean
57Get your toddler giggling in the tub
58Here’s how happy toddlers bathe
59The bathtub toy your toddler will look forward to playing with
60Who says sponges have to be boring?
61It’s OK with spoil your toddler with a special bath sponge
62Is it animal tickles or washing? You decide.
63The terrycloth animals for bath time
64Your kid will have a whale of a time in the bath
65The washable toy that turns bath time into the open seas
66The stuffy toy your kids will love in the bath and out
67The terrycloth animal that’s helping toddlers love bath time
68Why use a washcloth when you can use a hippo?
69Mom, you’re going to wish these came in adult sizes too
70Making bath time more fun, one wash toy at a time
71Toddler bath buds full of suds
72Ever want a sponge bath from Minnie Mouse?
73The great little bath toy that works as a sponge
74Guaranteed baby giggles
75Build a menagerie of washcloths
76The playtime bath toy for toddlers
77Let your toddler choose what animal he wants to wash him
78Wash your toddler as they wash their favorite toy
79When’s the last time your toddler asked you to give them a bath?
80The cuddly toy you can wash with
81Bring your zoo into the bathtub
82Here’s the bath toy your toddler wishes you knew about
83Washcloth animals make bath time a blast
84Take toddler baths from crying to giggles
85The washcloth animal your toddlers will love
86Now your toddler can bring his stuffed friends into the bath with him
87It’s more fun to wash with a teddy bear
88You’re not still bathing your toddler with a washcloth, are you?
89The sooner you buy SoapSox, the quicker your toddler will love bath time
90The bathtub toy you’ll look forward to playing with
91Nothing’s cuter than seeing your toddler wash himself with a stuffed animal
92The stuffed animal designed for bath time
93The plush sponge for toddlers
94What your toddler thinks is playing is actually cleaning
95The bath tub wash toy your baby will laugh at
96The sleepable, washable, cleanable animal
97How I learned to make my toddler love bath time
98The stuffed animal for bath time
99Toddlers love bath time when they can bring in their toys
100Wash your toddler like a zoo keeper
101The animal wash toy your toddler will love


Overall: Meh. I never hit a stride with this one. The lines are a bit generic. No spark. I need to get my groove back.

Lessons:  Generic lines are boring?

  • The reviews were lackadaisical. Mostly just “Cute!” said over and over. Which if fine—I’m not discounting the product—but it wasn’t very inspirational.

Time: 1:35 over 2 sessions. So my failure isn’t due to lack of effort.