Take Me Cooking

This was a fun collaboration. Annie Bacher contacted me about headlines for a new site she’s working on. Take Me Cooking is Airbnb for cooking classes. As you travel, you select a host to teach you how to cook authentic regional recipes, right in their home. They have some backstage restaurant opportunities too

I’m not much of a cook, but I can absolutely see a market for this.

The idea here was to provide lines for headers, cross-heads or taglines. I primarily focused on the guest experience, but there are also a few lines for hosts.

It took a little bit of research, which I’ll talk about below, but for now, here are 100 lines for Take Me Cooking:

Note – I normally randomize the order, but I kept these as written so you can see how it played out

1 Helping travelers get a taste of the local flavor
2 For travelers who want a little more local flavor
3 For foodies tired of tourist traps
4 Local food for experience seekers
5 The in-home cooking experience for travelers
6 Local recipes for travelers hungry for an experience
7 Satisfying appetites of travelers hungry for local flavor
8 Where travelers find the flavors they’ve been seeking
9 Local cooking while traveling
10 Where travelers satisfy their hunger for local flavor
11 Taste the local flavor, cooked in someone’s home
12 Become a local chef
13 Discover local flavors without a restaurant
14 In-home cooking that teaches you the local secrets
15 Cook hand-in-hand with a local
16 Because tourist traps are for other people
17 Stop eating like a local, and start cooking like one
18 Like Airbnb, but for dinner
19 Make your reservations to cook with a host
20 Satisfy your appetite for local experiences, one bite at a time
21 Because food is at the heart of your travels
22 How to eat like you live there
23 Bite into local cooking
24 Creating a taste of the good love for traveling foodies
25 For foodie travelers who want to experience something more
26 Get a taste of local cuisine–from the inside
27 Ever wonder how those cultural dishes were made?
28 Take a bite of local flavor–that you cook with us
29 Cooking up local flavor over a cultural flame
30 Serving up local flavor, one dish at a time
31 Helping travelers eat like a guest
32 Share the flavors of Grandma’s secret recipe with a traveler across the globe
33 Discover the secrets of local recipes, passed to your host through generations
34 Exotic for you–local for your host
35 For foodies who wish they could cook their own exotic meal when they travel
36 For travelers who want to bring exotic dishes back with them
37 Ever wish you knew how to cook a dish you tasted when you traveled?
38 The secret recipe for in-home exotic dining experiences when you travel
39 In-home exotic dining, prepared by your host
40 Break bread in a foreign land
41 Connecting curious travelers with in-home dining experiences
42 Savor the experience of local cuisine in  someone’s home
43 Learn the secret of local cuisine from your very own chef
44 The Airbnb of local cuisine
45 Local dining experiences, cooked by your host
46 Don’t eat where the tourists eat.
47 Where local meals are prepared just for you–in your host’s home
48 Be our guest
49 The in-home dining meal worth traveling for
50 Local dinners for travelers
51 Eat like a local–with a local
52 Step-by-step family recipes cooked by a local
53 Cook with a local. Eat like a local.
54 Learn to cook with a local
55 Learn to cook like a local–with a local
56 Learn the secrets of local dishes, from a local host
57 Your over-the-shoulder cooking class with a local host
58 Your local cooking experience–cooked in-home
59 Foreign cooking classes taught by a local
60 Local dishes, prepared and served by your host
61 Explore new flavors & break bread with new friends in foreign lands
62 Break away from the tourist traps, and step into the kitchen of a local chef
63 Become a part of a local chef’s family, even if just for one meal
64 Go behind the scones with local home chefs in your destination
65 Enjoy a local meal, prepared by your new old friend
66 The alternative to tourist traps, are home cooked meals, prepared by locals
67 Connect with local culture, and dine behind the scenes with a host
68 The local meal with new friends & ancient recipes
69 Connect with a local cook & enjoy dinner at their home
70 The behind-the-scenes, dine-in experience for true local flavor
71 The highlight of your trip will be the meal you cook with a local
72 Get hands-on in the kitchen of a local cook
73 A backstage pass to home-cooked meals, anywhere you travel
74 Eat like you just reunited with long-lost family, who happen to be great cooks
75 Discover ancient family recipes, and experience their local touch
76 Uncover ancient family recipes & prepare them in the kitchen of your host
77 Connect with keepers of age-old family recipes, and trade secrets in their kitchens
78 Step into the kitchen with local cooks, and discover the ingredients of local flavor
79 Private dinners prepared by locals, for authentic travel experiences
80 Cook with local hosts in their homes
81 Open the doors to local kitchens & authentic dining experiences
82 A delicious way to learn how to cook (and eat) local cuisine
83 Your backstage pass to a great taste of local life
84 Learn cooking, culture & secret family dishes, behind the scenes of the kitchen
85 Be a part of a meal that means something
86 Local food, authentic company
87 Learn culture through food, behind the scenes in your host’s kitchen
88 Learn the ingredients to local customs
89 Unlock ancient family secrets from the kitchens of local hosts
90 For travelers seeking the cultural ingredients behind the local kitchen
91 Cook hand-in-hand with a host, behind the scenes of their kitchen
92 Home-cooked family secrets, prepared by your host
93 Home-cooked meals, anywhere you travel
94 You’re invited to a family dinner across the world
95 Prepare a local dish, seasoned with centuries of local tradition
96 Hands-on home-cooked meals, seasoned with local flavors
97 Local meals, flavored with tradition
98 Assist in the tradition of ancient family recipes
99 Learn the curious nature of local traditional dishes
100 When you cook with a local family, you become local family


Overall: These are good! More importantly, Annie liked them. She said they opened up some new ideas and painted a vivid picture of the experience. I’ll take that as a win.

Lessons: This required a dive into unfamiliar waters. I sifted through reviews of competitor sites (a different experience, but similar enough that I could get a feel for what’s important to the user), and got information to put myself into the scene.

  • This piece was much more immersive. I had to transport myself into the experience.
  • I imagined the smell, touch and taste of the ingredients to bring it to life
  • It was motivating to work with a partner. I wanted to nail it for her—and I think I did.

The Process: This took a few extra steps. After a little back-and forth with Annie, here’s how we began

  • Annie provided background information and links for me to explore
  • I researched the sites and wrote 60 lines for her to review
  • She identified her favorites and nixed whatever missed the mark
  • I searched for key themes among her top lines and homed in on those
  • 25 new lines based on her feedback were sent up for review
  • With her feedback, I tinkered 15 more lines & pieced some themes together

This worked out well and helped steer me in the right direction. Sometimes I can start going down the rabbit hole…

Time: The actual writing was done over the course of one day. Sorry I don’t have a time count.

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