Alright, so yesterday we did a simple copy/paste edit for custom dress shirts. The results were mediocre at best. Even that might be a generous statement. Today, we’re going to do it right. We’re writing 100 headlines for Proper Cloth Custom Shirts and we’re putting forth as much effort as we normally do.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

(I have no idea why I’m saving “we.” It’s still just me. But I love that you’re here too.)

Here are 103 lines about Proper Cloth Dress Shirts:

1 Picky taste with a limited-choice fit?
2 An unparalleled fit for unique bodies
3 Get an immaculate fit
4 The perfect shirt for you–no matter your size
5 Custom fit for you, but also for your partner
6 You’re going to look better than usual
7 Dress for the part you want
8 Tired of wearing shirts that only fit half your body?
9 The only thing better quality than our shirts, is our customer service
10 It takes a lot of work to make your shirt perfect. Luckily, we’re not afraid to do it.
11 When it comes to sizing, we understand the numbers
12 Shirts designed for you–and only you
13 Wear an oxford that makes you look smart
14 Start with one. The rest of your closet can wait.
15 Custom fits for not off-the-rack bodies
16 You don’t need to be fit to look good
17 You, upgraded
18 Baggy isn’t sexy
19 Every shirt will be your new favorite shirt
20 Good looking shirts that fit your perfect
21 When your body doesn’t conform to standard sizes, our shirts conform to you
22 The best way to feel good is to look good
23 Button up your style
24 You’re not still trying to look good off the rack are you?
25 The online shirt maker that understands your body is different
26 Your experience will be as buttoned down as your shirt
27 Tailored shirts, without a trip to the tailor
28 Don’t hide a poor-fitting shirt behind a jacket
29 Custom fit shirts for any type of body
30 If you have a hard time getting shirts to fit, we’ll fit the shirt to you
31 When you look like a gentleman, you act like a gentleman
32 Don’t think you can pull off a shirt like this? Think again.
33 Is it worth getting a tailored fit? Ask your mate.
34 You’ll never want to go back to loose and baggy again
35 Upgrade your look, top to bottom
36 For when you want a custom fit, but don’t want to leave the couch
37 We’re not sure why you’ve never had a shirt that fit this well either
38 Not just great shirts–great customer service
39 Consistent quality for your style upgrade
40 Custom shirts for men who look better with custom fits
41 We’ll make you look like a modern gentleman. The way you act is up to you.
42 The online custom tailor for great-fitting shirts
43 We keep our cuts close to the vest
44 The shirt that makes you look the way you want to  look
45 These clothes make you look good
46 Bring out your inner confidence
47 Custom shirts for oddball bodies
48 Shirts measured so perfectly, there’s no room for improvement
49 This is going to be the best fitting shirt you’ve ever owned.
50 Doesn’t matter how you look naked, you’ll clean up well in our shirt
51 Custom fits from the comfort of your home
52 Build your perfect shirt
53 The confidence of our tailors is included in your shirt
54 Off the rack will never feel like this
55 Want a better shirt?
56 Designer fit for not-designer bodies
57 Custom fit for GQ looks
58 Look the way the ladies want
59 You’ve felt so good about looking good
60 You’re going to look forward to formal occasions
61 The perfect fit for imperfect bodies
62 Get a shirt that turns heads
63 Get a shirt that feels like you
64 For men who want to look their best
65 Who knew you could love a shirt this much
66 The best way to look good in pictures is to look good in real life
67 Take your look from pauper to prince
68 The perfect size for in-between sizes
69 We’ll take care of you from the neck down
70 Get everything you need to look good. The rest is up to you.
71 Just because you look good, doesn’t mean you can’t behave badly
72 No matter what size you are, we’ll tailor a perfect fit
73 All the essentials for looking your best
74 Best in class custom shirts
75 When you look good, you feel good
76 For people who have regular bodies that can’t seem to find great-fitting shirts
77 Looking this good gives you an excuse to act bad
78 We think custom shirts go way beyond choosing a color
79 Helping people who can’t buy off the rack, get the perfect shirt
80 Dress like a gentleman (even if you’re not)
81 Weird proportions? We can fit that.
82 Thick neck, big torso, wide arms? We’ve got a shirt for you
83 Change your look, change your life
84 Even if you’ve never found a shirt that’s fit you right, we guarantee our cut
85 We make wearing a suit and tie fun
86 Shirts that conform to your body – not the other way around
87 If you’ve got a body, we’ve got a shirt that fits it
88 Take your look from off-the-rack to back-in-black
89 Fitting shirts perfectly, one button at a time
90 When they compliment the shirt, they’re complimenting you
91 Where the average Joe meets the cover of GQ
92 It’s half how you feel, half how you look
93 People are going to notice how good you look
94 You’re going to notice how poorly made off-the-rack fit
95 Nothing fits you as well as sexy
96 Look your best, all the time
97 The best fit for oddball bodies
98 Custom shirts with a custom fit
99 Discover a style you never knew you could pull off
100 Dapper shirts for oddball bodies
101 The only downside is never wanting to go back to off-the-rack
102 The shirt that makes you feel like the cover of GQ
103 Our shirts are as quality as  service


Overall: Much better than yesterday. But I do have to say, it helped a great deal to have those lines already in my brain. I felt ready to go.

Lessons: Yesterday’s list was a good catalyst for the creativity. It makes me happy to know I’m putting all of this work in to the project. These can pay off in the future.

  • The reviews were helpful in identifying themes, but less impactful for great lines than I was hoping.
  • “Oddball bodies” was taken from a review. That’s not intended as an insult—but I thought it summed it up nicely

Time: 2 sessions, 1:15