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I’m going to try something new today. Swiping my own swipes. I’m taking the lines I wrote for Thompson Sweat Proof T-Shirts and adapting them for Proper Cloth dress shirts. I’m literally taking the exact same list and editing each one, line by line, to see how they’ll work.

Now, Thompson T’s are undershirts. This is a high-end custom dress shirt. Other than putting both over your torso, these two items don’t have much in common. But maybe there’s something usable. And tomorrow I’ll create a separate 100 lines for them and we can compare. Those will be done my normal way.

I have no idea how this will go. But I’m interested to find out…

Here are 101 lines about custom dress shirts:

1 Raise your hand if you want to a better fitting shirt
2 Embarrassed by the fit of your shirts?
3 You can wear this outside in a Phoenix summer and still look cool
4 No more packing extra shirts in case one doesn’t fit
5 Cool enough to wear during a job interview in a heat factory
6 Ill fitting sleeves are the pits
7 The answer to class is in the shirt
8 Designed for a better fitting you
9 The longer you wait to buy one, the more you’ll be compromising your appearance
10 The shirt that makes a big difference
11 The new piece of your clothing you can’t live without
12 If your sleeves fit tight, raise your hands
13 Do you fall into the pitfall of off-the-rack awkwardness?
14 Tired of being known as the schlubby guy?
15 Helping your body stay comfortable all day
16 When your shirts feel right, you’ll want to hug everyone
17 Do you avoid off-the-rack because you’re sized differently?
18 Soft, smooth, and custom-fit
19 All day suave in one simple shirt
20 Tired of having to adjust your shirt midway through the day?
21 Bye bye ill-fitting shirts
22 The shirt for high-pressure fashion
23 Tired of packing shirts you hate but they’re all that fit?
24 Nobody needs to know you need custom shirts
25 Made for people whom ill-fitting shirts are “more than a nuisance”
26 The custom shirt for people who need it. I mean, really need it
27 Made in America (not a “sweatshop”)
28 Give yourself a better-fitting life
29 The “Never let ’em see you squirm” shirt
30 Raise your hand high
31 There’s an air of confidence around you, and it’s looks damn good
32 When’s the last time you were able to wear a  shirt without fear of ripping the seams?
33 You’ll still have an ill-fit body, but nobody will know
34 The wardrobe staple for heavy guys
35 Save your fashion sense, as well as your ego
36 The shirt you wear when you need to look good
37 How much is looking good worth to you?
38 Do you miss wearing certain shirts because they just don’t fit your back?
39 Confidence is sewn directly into the lining
40 You, only more stylish
41 Pull yourself out of a pit of despair
42 This shirt has your confidence (and your stocky build) covered
43 You can continue buying ill-fitting clothes, Or you can try our shirt.
44 The shirt that saves your fashion sense (and your dignity)
45 The timeless fit that boosts you confidence
46 For people who can’t buy off the rack and are tired of not having a favorite shirts
47 Discover the confidence you have in good clothes
48 Less tugging, more confidence
49 Now you can wear any color shirt you want
50 Wear dark colors without the embarrassment
51 Shirts sleeves too short? it’s the pits
52 It’s not about shirt, It’s about confidence (and the shirt)
53 Have we told you how confident you look today?
54 Your go-to shirt for big meetings and presentations
55 Where heavy dudes shop with confidence
56 The shirt that literally saves your confidence
57 Who’s the first person you’re going to hug?
58 Now you’ve got nothing be to embarrassed about
59 Take control over ill-fitting embarrassment
60 High 5 with confidence
61 Don’t let baggy shirts weigh you down
62 The fashion shirt for oddball bodies
63 Lacking confidence due to ill-fitting shirts? Not anymore.
64 When you’re stylish,  you’re confident
65 When’s the last time you wore dark blue in summer?
66 Now the only thing you have to embarrassed about is everything else
67 Show the world how stylish you are
68 Liberate yourself from ill-fitting clothes
69 Never be embarrassed by dumpy clothes again
70 Wear whatever color shirt you want. They’ll all look good.
71 When’s the last time you didn’t worry about how you look?
72 No more keeping your hands close to the vest
73 Stopping bad fashion, one ill-fitting shirt at a time
74 The dress shirt that boosts your confidence
75 Say so long to baggy shirts
76 The shirt that hides your long arms but not your confidence
77 Now you can wear nice shirts again
78 Made with extra confidence
79 Now you can feel normal, even when you hold your arms out
80 Like a regular dress shirt, only with a lot more confidence
81 Look cool while staying fashionable
82 Make yourself more confident without worrying about your wardrobe
83 Where people who sweat their body size have nothing to hide
84 They won’t ever see a single wrinkle
85 You’re going to start wanting to hug people a lot more often
86 You won’t even think about your old shirts anymore.
87 For big guys who wish they could wear nice shirts again
88 Keep your ego up
89 Nice-fitting shirts = more confidence
90 How many shirts have you ripped  through today? (the answer can be none)
91 Like wearing a layer of high-fashion confidence
92 Trapped in an ill-fitting pit of despair?
93 The best we can make is now your favorite shirt
94 The dress shirt that doesn’t make you hate your torso
95 Renew your friendship with outer shirts you’re afraid to wear
96 Cover the sweet spot for fashion
97 When the temperature rises, so will your confidence
98 Now you can wear that “not in my wildest dreams’ colored shirt
99 Free yourself from embarrassment
100 Stop being afraid to raise your hand
101 Sweet relief for your dress relief


Overall: Meh. The lines aren’t great. I really liked the Thompson post, but it didn’t carry over well. There are some decent lines here, but in general, they feel forced. Maybe I’m too close to it though?

Lessons: If I ever have to write about shirts, this could be a good starting point. It still needs a crap-ton of editing, but I might be able to pull some themes if I had to. Let’s compare it to tomorrow’s effort.

Time: 20 minutes. Nothing to it.

Tune in tomorrow to see how day 2 goes. Or sign up below to get the recap.