I wrote today’s post while watching my kids play at Jump TNT. I’m sitting on the bleachers and they’re bouncing, thumping and spinning all over trampolines and gym equipment straight from The Avengers.

There’s a group of teenagers a 12 feet to my left doing Capoeira exercises. I pulled a muscle in my head just watching them. And I’m pretty sure one kid did 47 jumping jacks while levitating. Upside down.  With a fidget spinner.

This is a training ground for superheroes, my friend.

Luckily, I’ve got my laptop with me. Because my super power is headlines. (<–Sorry.)

Here are 101 of them about Jump TNT:

1 This is how superheroes train
2 When you can jump 13′ high, there’s nothing that can stop you
3 We encourage you to jump higher. Then you do.
4 Take the fear out of flying higher
5 Train like a superhero
6 Flip, twist, and bounce to a new level of athleticism
7 When everything is soft, you’re not afraid to fall
8 Whoever told you to stay grounded was wrong
9 Watch the walls between you and athletic success come tumbling down
10 Remove the fear of falling–and train harder
11 Train to be a ninja, and bounce to new heights
12 The most fun you’ll ever have becoming a better athlete
13 When your current training regimen plateaus, it’s time to jump
14 Discipline in our gym = Discipline outside our gym
15 Trampoline training for anyone who ever wanted to fly
16 When you burn out on skills training, we’ll reignite your spark
17 When you can beat our obstacle course in the gym, you can beat obstacles in life
18 Mental and physical training for athletes
19 The superhero training ground that helps you fly
20 Watch your child jump to new heights
21 Our kids soar higher
22 Your train better when you think 3 feet off the ground
23 Caution: Ninjas at work
24 The trampoline park designed for athletes
25 Learn to move like water
26 Bounce your way to a better body
27 athletic training, with a twist
28 When our staff takes your child under our wing, they’ll soar to new heights
29 The next time you hit a wall, we’ll help you jump over it
30 Agility training for any sport
31 The trampoline park that makes you a better athlete
32 The agility training gym superheroes
33 Who says you need to keep your feet on your ground
34 Everything you believe about your physical limitations is about to change
35 If you kids have energy to burn, we’ve got the space
36 Better get your camera ready. Your kid is about to do some amazing things.
37 We’ll train you how to bounce beyond your own borders
38 Get trained by a professional to become a professional
39 Have you hit your training wall? We’ll teach you how to bounce over it.
40 Ever dream you can fly? We’ll train you how.
41 Train with more power
42 You’ll be amazed how high you can fly
43 Don’t let gravity hold you back from athletic greatness
44 Here’s why you should never listen to people who say you can’t
45 Fly as high as you can
46 Tumbling and trampoline training for all around athleticism
47 When you combine gymnastics with superhero capabilities, you become better at everything
48 Hone your athletic skills by having a little fun
49 How to make your child absolutely fearless
50 Want to be a better athlete? Let’s kick it up a notch.
51 The all-around training facility for athletes
52 Flip, bounce and tumble your way to the A-list
53 We encourage you to break your physical limits, and give you a safe place to land when you do
54 We treat your superhero like family
55 Train like a kangaroo
56 Teaching children to become better athletes (and better people)
57 Teaching children they can fly, one bounce a time
58 The foam pit and trampoline park for athletic development
59 Train like you live in The Matrix
60 All the elements of a ninja warrior, plus a lot more fun
61 Watch your kids bounce like silly putty
62 We train you how to bounce beyond the competition
63 When you’re not afraid to fall, you’re not afraid to fail
64 When we teach your athletes how to fly, nothing can hold them back.
65 Discover the true athleticism hiding within your kids
66 When your kids have energy to burn, it’s time to bounce
67 Bounce your way to athletic success
68 The most fun you can have while becoming a better athlete
69 Kick your training into a higher gear
70 For children who want to bounce like Tigger & fly like Owl
71 Turn yourself into a human fidget spinner
72 Put your body through a roller coaster with every jump
73 Training to beat yourself is the best way to
74 Ever want to train like a ninja warrior?
75 If you don’t think you can fly, you’re wrong
76 When’s the last time you smiled while training
77 Bounce up to your full athletic potential?
78 Wanted: Kids ready to soar
79 Falling hurts less when you’re on a rubber floor
80 Watch your child flip into athletic success
81 When you can fly, you can do anything
82 Guaranteed to tire your kids out, every session
83 Take the fear out of failing
84 The trampoline clinic for all-around athletic development
85 Who knew training to be brave could be this fun?
86 When you become good enough to beat yourself, you become good enough to win
87 Developing athletes, one bounce at a time
88 Move fast, bounce high
89 Gamify your athletic training
90 The fastest way to tire out active kids, is to let them jump
91 In between the bounces are valuable friendships & lessons
92 Exercise is more fun when it’s on a trampoline
93 If you can succeed in the air, you can succeed on the ground
94 Your boundaries are limitless
95 Never stop bouncing
96 It’s amazing what you can accomplish after you learn you can fly
97 When you bounce as high as can go, nothing will contain you
98 All the best athletes know how to bounce
99 This is what happens when you mix breakdancing, martial arts & gymnastic training
100 Jump into your full potential
101 Ever wonder what it would be like fly like a super hero?


Overall: OK, but not as powerful as I was hoping for. I wanted this to feel more energetic.

Lessons: I wish I could capture the feeling of watching these kids. It’s awe-inspiring.

  • If this were a list of headlines for a blog post rather than taglines for a website, I know I could nail it. Might be fun to write one for my personal blog one day.
  • The real challenge came when I looked at their website and tried to find a balance between writing for parents (the decision makers) and participants (kids ages 6-16).
  • I didn’t want to step on the lines they already have—which work for their audience
  • The reviews were mostly from parents raving about the coaching staff. Not as helpful as I hoped.
  • 79 lines without the template

Time: About 1:10 over 2 sessions.

Only 40 days to go! Let me know if you’d like to see your page on the list