I really want to buy this.

The Smart Duvet is a blanket powered by air. This means it can warm and cool you all night, and there’s an app you can use to pre-heat the bed before you get in…

Did I mention it can also make itself?

Holy sheet.

I don’t often use exclamation points, but this is a game changer!

See, my wife and I are on opposite ends of the sleep spectrum. She sleeps with a big, heavy blanket—and I’m usually under a top sheet with one leg kicked out. We’ve also got a Sleep Number bed because she sleeps soft and I prefer a rock. Add 2 kids popping in throughout the night, plus 2 dogs who like to use my face as a pillow, and you can see how sleep is difficult to come by for me.

Count me in for The Smart Duvet:

1In the time it takes to tap a button, your bed is already made
2Snuggle into the perfect blanket
3The coolest blanket you’ve ever seen (Or the hottest. Your choice)
4The cheater’s guide for making the bed each morning
5Sleep as cool as a cucumber
6There’s nothing like getting into a nice warm bed each night
7Bad news for people who don’t love sleep
8Better sleep is just a smart blanket away
9She sleeps hot. You sleep cool. And this is the perfect bed for both of you
10Why pay to cool the whole house, when you can just cool your bed?
11Yet another reason to never get out of bed
12Keep your bed one temperature, and her side another
13If you’ve ever been hot or cold at night, this is the blanket for you
14Sleep is calling. Good thing the app is on your phone.
15Sleep just got even better
16Spend a night in shining armor
17Climate control for you bed
18A nice cool breeze to help you sleep
19The self-making bed for lazy people
20Tired of making the bed each morning? There’s an app for that.
21Count your nice, warm, app-controlled sheep
22Why would you ever choose a dumb duvet, when you can have a smart one?
23The “We don’t fight over sleep temperature anymore” blanket
24Dual-zone heating and air, for your bed
25The bed that makes, bakes & wakes itself
26You’re not still making the bed the old way, are you?
27You’re just a few degrees away from the best sleep ever
28The covers that have you covered
29Time to heat things up in the bedroom
30Tired of sleeping with one leg over the covers?
31Tired of feeling like you sleep in a different climate zone than your spouse?
32Improving the comfort of your sleep, one degree at a time
33A temperature controlled blanket that makes itself? I must be dreaming.
34Preheat your bed on cold nights
35She likes to sleep hot. He likes to sleep cold. This blanket makes both of them happy
36Make your bed the perfect temperature. For each of you.
37If Tesla made a blanket, it would be this
38Guys, you may not even know what a duvet is, but this one can save your relationship
39The blanket you’ll be bragging to your friends about
40Even if you don’t know what a duvet is, you’re going to want a smart one
41Sleep snug as a bug in a temperature-controlled rug
42You could say working on this blanket has been our “dream job”
43Redefining a good night’s sleep
44Your car has 2 air zones. Now your bed does to.
45Holy sheet! This blanket is the coolest!
46Find the sweat / sweet spot
47Doesn’t matter how hot or cold your house gets. Your bed is always perfect
48You can warm up your car before you get in it. Why not your bed?
49You’ll never get tired of how perfect this blanket is
50This is the self-making bed you’ve been dreaming about
51Get a blanket as cool as the other side of the pillow–all night long
52Get a blanket smarter than your thermostat
53Discover how good the perfect blanket can feel
54Keep your cool when things start heating up in bed
55Forget to make your bed? Call it.
56Like a sleep number bed for your covers
57This is what it would feel like to have a Nest thermostat on your bed
58Did this self-making bed just made all your dreams come true?
59The only thing missing now, is a smarter pillow
60Get a bed that makes it self
61The blanket with its own thermostat
62Does sleeping at 2 different temperatures make your relationship a nightmare?
63Step out of your clothes, and into a pre-heated bed
64Where you lose your cool and find your warmth
65The coolest thing about sleeping is setting the perfect temperature for each of you
66The blanket that heats things up in the bedroom
67Never get up to change the thermostat after bedtime again
68Get that warm & fuzzy feeling every time you climb into bed
69Sleep is always a smart idea. But this blanket is pure genius
70No more getting sweaty in the bedroom
71Sleeping at the perfect temperature? Cool. A bed that makes it self? Cooler.
72The blanket that keeps things perfect for both of you
73Sleeping just got a whole lot cooler
74Designed by men & woman, and approved by both
75Now couples don’t have to sleep with 2 separate blankets anymore
76This is one smart blanket you’ll love from night one
77Still your bed, still your blankets–just smarter
78Now there is no wrong side of the bed
79For when you like to sleep on the sun, but your spouse likes the dark side of the moon
80Who knew sleep could be even more wonderful
81Make your bed the perfect temperature. Then keep it that way
82Find the perfect sleep temperature (without having to keep one leg outside the covers)
83For when you like it hot, but she likes it cool
84This evening calls for perfect temperatures, all night long
85Now there’s an app that makes your bed
86Tired of compromising on blankets with your spouse?
87Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool.
88Like a thermostat just for your bed
89The blanket for better sleep
90Make your bed room temperature. Always.
91We can’t decide which part we like more. The perfect temperature, or watching the bed make itself
92Sleep like a log (on a cool summer night)
93Where good sleep happens fast
94This bed rocks (you to sleep)
95No more fighting over sleep temperature… Or who makes the bed
96The perfect sleep temperature, all night long
97The coolest thing about sleeping
98The “This blanket feels perfect” duvet
99The bed that makes itself
100Install the nap app
101Like having a heated seat and air conditioning for your bed
102Pre-heat your bed
103Who knew your blanket could have an app?


Overall: Nailed it. I can’t remember the last time I thought so many lines were usable. And I whipped up 90 (!) without touching the template. So close to doing it all! But I was seriously drained by the end, my friend.

Lessons: This is still in testing so there weren’t any reviews to go on. I was able to view a few videos, but most of this was imagination. Luckily it was a pain I feel every night so I didn’t need much help.

  • I’m not going to pretend like we make our bed every morning, so that benefit played second fiddle to the heating. But it’d be nice to have fo’ sho.
  • I should note that I believe this site was written overseas. There may be some regional nuances that wouldn’t work.

Time: Sorry! I forgot. But most of these were done in one session. Probably a little longer than usual because of digging around for research.

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OK, now go to sleep.