The Zendesk logo. Let's make things better in customer service.

Even if you don’t know the name, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with Zendesk. They’re a customer service platform that runs chats and automation for lots & lots o’ big companies across the world. They do live call support too.

They’re constantly updating their site, but Zendesk always has a casual vibe. They were very fun a few years back, but they’ve become more “professional” over the years. It happens. And I’m guessing user testing paved that direction as well. So, while you might need to dig for it, there’s still some personality buried in there…

Here are 102 lines about Zendesk Customer Service Solutions:

1Straightforward ticketing. Solid performance.
2We can handle a lot of customer tickets at once. Can you?
3You stick to what you’re good at. We’ll handle the customer service aspect.
4Sometimes you have a customer service issue. Sometimes you have a product issue. Find out which.
5Like a conveyer belt that delivers all of customer issues to exactly the right department
6If you handled every customer directly, you’d never have time to sell.
7If you think you have a customer service issue, you probably do
8Do you have a customer service problem? Not anymore.
9You’re the brand. You’re the voice. We just do the talking.
10Helping big & small companies get a handle on customer service
11The customer service software for people who don’t want to handle customer service
12Our customer service software makes your job significantly easier
13Helping any type of company get  better customer service
14The customer service software for companies that do anything else
15The easiest way to identify if you have a customer service issue—or just a few loud customers
16How many hours a day do you spend handling customer service? Now imagine getting those back.
17The 1:1 attention each of your customers deserve, even when you can’t get to them yourself
18Not sure how to handle customer service issues? We are.
19Get rid of shitty customer service experiences
20Nobody likes having to contact customer service. But we make it as enjoyable as possible
21Your customer will never know they’re not talking directly to you.
22Big customer support for small companies (and giant ones too)
23You’ll sleep easy knowing your customers are being taken care
24We work really hard to make customer service look this easy
25The frontlines of your customer service army
26You can either handle every customer yourself, or you can sleep. The choice is yours.
27Get to know your customers better
28We handle the customers so you can focus on your service
29The easiest way to track, respond to, and solve any customer issue
30Some customers you just can’t make happy. But we never stop trying.
31For companies tired of losing clients over their own customer service restraints
32All the tools to build a friendlier CS experience
33Making customer service better, one ticket at a time
34The set-it-and-forget-it customer service solution
35The customer service platform you can’t possibly outgrow
36We’re really good at talking to customers
37Faster response times = happier customers
38We put all the answers your customer needs, exactly where they already go
39Customers like you better when you listen. We do it for you.
40Miles ahead of your customer
41What worked when you were small isn’t working anymore
42We’re your customer experts, so you can focus on what you need to
43When your customers become happy, our job is done (until the next one comes)
44Don’t just put a band-aid on your CS pain. Cure it.
45Where troubled customers become customers for life
46For companies who want better customer service, now
47Get the customer service solution used by the big guys
48Some days, you won’t even know there was a problem until you find out we’ve fixed it
49We’re the ear your customers talk to
50The chatbot that doesn’t sound like a chatbot
51Too many customers to keep track of?
52Everything you need to increase your customer’s happiness
53Analyze you customer service metrics for easy identification of repeat complaints
54You didn’t design your business to handle customer service. But we did.
55Connect with customers in any channel (then manage them all from one dashboard)
56Your tickets are people, and we never forget that.
57We make customers happy
58No customer service solution is perfect. But we’re pretty darn close.
59Customers whose problems get solved become loyal. So let’s do more of that.
60Where companies make customers happy
61Our business is handling your business’s customer service
62We’re pretty smart about fixing your customer service
63Most customer service platforms aren’t intuitive. Ours is.
64The customer service platform you’ll never outgrow
65We work as hard for your customers as you do
66We like angry customers
67Your customers want answers fast. We give it to them.
68Did you ever think you’d be calling customer service easy?
69We’ve talked to A LOT of angry people over the years, and we know exactly how to make them happy
70People don’t know they’re not talking to you. That’s the whole point.
71Slide the answer right through to your troubled customer
72Customer service solutions way better than what you’ve got now
73You don’t have to respond to every customer. Because we already did.
74Customer ticketing automation is going to make your life a lot easier
75The touchpoint for all consumer communication
76Customers complain. But to us, not  to you.
77We’re already scaled to be as big as you need us to be
78You didn’t get into the business to handle customer service. We did.
79Get Zappos level customer support
80Your customers deserve great service. We give it to them. Even when you’re asleep.
81You’ll be set up for better customer service in about 1 hour
82Customers sometimes complain. Luckily, we’re experts at handling them.
83Improving the CS stream, one issue at a time
84Ticketing solutions as robust as the wine you’ve been drinking while trying to handle all this on your own
85Other companies treat tickets as problems. We treat them as people.
86Find out if you really have a customer service issue
87Set yourself up for customer service success
88We’re your customer service team
89All the information you need to fix the problems, without the time spent gathering it
90Has your road to better customer service been a little bumpy?
91Like a receptionist for your customer service department
92Stop pretending like your customer service solution is working
93We’re accountable for every customer interaction—and we don’t take that lightly
94Angry customers make us happy
95Your customer service priorities are our customer service priorities
96The only thing you’ve got to lose is fewer customers
97Connect with customers in the channels they prefer
98Not only is our customer service software great, we’re also really fun to work with.
99Customers making it hard to work? We’ll handle them for you.
100The key to solving all your customer service problems
101Your customers have a lot to say. We listen and handle it for you.
102Whether you want to talk to your customers directly, or you want us to, we make it happen


Overall: Not bad, but I wish I had their old site for inspiration. It took a more formal turn than I was hoping for—which isn’t bad, but lacks personality. I seem to be struggling with finding a strong customer voice lately.

Lessons: I think having more exact data and user scenarios could really help nail this one. Examples of how much time they save you, right down to the minute, and how many tickets they’re able to handle—these are the things that can make a good line great.

  • The reviews helped me drill down the message, but didn’t offer a lot of killer inspiration.
  • The buyer of this product is probably more corporate than I’m used to (hence the current iteration of their site)

Time: 2 sessions, 55 minutes total.

Looking for lines for your own project? Shoot me a note! (I promise they’ll be better than this post…)