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I came across the Spritz speed reading app a few years ago and it changed the game for me. Essentially, it’s a browser extension that shows website text one word a time, as fast as you want it to, so you can blow through long articles fast.

It’s a speed reading app for people who don’t know how to speed read. And it helps me breeze through all those browser tabs I’ve got open. So I’m a fan. Why not write some lines for them?

Here you go Spritz—102 headlines about you:

1 Speed reading isn’t a skill. It’s a Chrome extension.
2 Large text, no pages, just spritzing
3 Have a book you need to read fast?
4 All your content, faster
5 The digital speed reading extension for anything
6 Read more. Absorb more.
7 Make your news easy on the eyes
8 Long books are less intimidating on Spritz
9 You’re not still reading books like everyone else, are you?
10 Read the Kessle run in 12 parsecs
11 Sprint through your content, with spritz
12 When you need to read something, but your meeting starts in 4 minutes
13 Quick! Read to the end before people post spoilers!
14 Read with your brain. Not your eyes.
15 Read your way through everything, fast
16 Ever wonder how some CEO’s read those books so fast? Here’s the answer
17 Get to the best part of your book, faster
18 Move the words. Not your eyes.
19 Read any website faster
20 Think speed reading is a skill? Think again.
21 Helping reluctant readers find a better way
22 Most people read books the “normal” way. But not you.
23 All the reading, none of the effort
24 After all these years, we realized we’ve been reading wrong the whole time
25 Read like lightning
26 Start spritzing your content. Your brain (and your eyes) will thank you.
27 Spritz your way through books in no time flat
28 The fastest way to read things you don’t really want to read, but have to
29 There’s a ridiculous amount of content out there. Spritz helps you read it faster.
30 The secret to improved reading comprehension is the complete opposite of what you might think
31 The reading app that runs the 440 in 44 seconds
32 The Usain Bolt of reading apps
33 Now you can read War & Peace at 1,000 WPM
34 By the time you read this line, you could’ve been done with the whole article.
35 Psst. You’re reading wrong.
36 Blow through all those open browser tabs
37 Stop reading. Start spritzing
38 It’s the Tim Ferriss of reading apps.
39 Consume mass quantities (of content)
40 Read faster. Way faster.
41 Words laid out the way your brain wants them to be
42 eBooks just got a whole lot easier
43 The “wow, that was fast” eReader extension.
44 Reading is fun again
45 Watch your words fly by
46 Change your average reading speed from 300 to 1,000 words per minute
47 You may be at a loss for words, but we’ll never be
48 Breeze through your next book in no time
49 The fastest way to binge on written content
50 Reading in hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops, boy
51 Get through long articles fast
52 Now you can read to the end of the book before the spoilers get posted
53 Read to the end in no time
54 Think speed reading is exhausting? Not anymore.
55 Speed read without missing a beat
56 Not all copy has to be black & white
57 How to improve reading speed & comprehension
58 The future of books is Spritz
59 Now late night readers can go to bed earlier
60 Someone just put new sparkplugs in your eReader
61 Read smarter. Read faster. Read more.
62 Become a speed reader without learning how to speed read
63 The speed reading app for people who can’t speed read
64 Your brain moves fast. Spritz proves it.
65 For slow readers who want to read fast
66 For when you want to read just one more chapter, but it’s really late and you’ve got work in the morning
67 Read the internet like you live in the future
68 Must. Read. More.
69 Who know we’d be reading like this in the future
70 Read faster and faster every day
71 Makes long articles seem shorter
72 Read at a staggeringly high speed
73 Nobody read anymore. They spritz.
74 Tired of books being spoiled because you’re reading too slow?
75 The faster way to take in your reading
76 Did you know there’s been a better way to read this whole time?
77 Read at your very own speed–fast or slow
78 You’re not still moving your eyes to read, are you?
79 Read fast without all the speedy eye movements
80 If you thought reading was nerdy before, wait until you see what we just did to it
81 If you think you can’t speed read, you’re wrong
82 Reading right to left is so old school
83 Read at your own speed
84 Whoa. Did you see how fast he read that?
85 Spritz a little speed into your reading
86 Fly through books at light speed
87 This is how they read in science fiction
88 Helping slow readers read fast, and fast readers read like lightning
89 Like regular reading, only way better
90 The fastest way to improve reading comprehension
91 Read faster without sacrificing comprehension
92 The sci-fi way of reading
93 New technology makes reading easier
94 Read at the speed of booklight
95 Read the way Usain Bolt runs
96 All the words, full speed ahead
97 It’s easy on the eyes, but it’ll blow your mind
98 Plow through content like a robot
99 Fast reading that’s easy on the eyes
100 Read, full speed ahead
101 You don’t need skill to speed read. You just need Spritz.
102 Study in color


Overall: Whoa! I just wrote 87 lines before I opened the formulas. And the list is pretty good. Not my best, but I’ve got a few solid lines in the mix. If there’s one critique, it may be that some lines are too generic.

Lessons: It was a little restricted because this isn’t a post about what you’re reading. It’s how.

  • Pretty cool that I’m starting to pull so much out of my head.
  • Even if the lines might be a little weaker than using the template, it shows that I’m reaching a deeper level.
  • I’ve still got plenty of time left to dial it in.
  • There wasn’t much usable content in the reviews
  • Got kinda nerdy, but that’s OK. It felt on brand.

Time: 1 hour, 1 session