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OK, enough about me…

Loliware is a flavored, edible, organic drinking cup. Essentially, beverage ware you can eat. They tout themselves as being “biodegr(edible)”—which is pretty clever—and they’ve got a good brand story. I like that their heart is in the right place, and I’m happy I came across their site.

Tart Cherry

This is an interesting idea. Based on the reviews, it looks like they might still have a few shipping kinks to work out (high breakage rates), but their designs are really nice. I hope they do well.

If they need it, here are 101 lines for them:

1The cup that’s more interesting than your company
2You don’t toss this empty cup. You eat it.
3If you can’t eat your cup, I’ll eat my hat.
4Meet (and eat) your new favorite cup
5The good-flavor cup that doesn’t end up in your trash
6Who says you need to recycle to be green?
7Got the drinking munchies? Here’s the cure.
8The perfect accompaniment to any cold drink
9Solo cups? Not for you party.
10If you never thought you could eat a cup, you’d be wrong
11Good drinks don’t end at the cup
12Don’t sip another drink, until you’ve bitten into our cup
13Drinks taste better when you can eat the cup
14For party hosts who want something people will remember
15Bite into a better drink
16The cup so tasty, you don’t even need to fill it to enjoy.
17When’s the last time you ate a drink?
18The cup that turns heads
19Kick up the flavor in your next drink
20Bite into a better way to drink
21Bite into your new favorite cup
22Now an empty cup is a thing to celebrate
23Why choose between a snack or drink when you can have both?
24Eat, drink & be tasty
25At last, a biodegradable cup you can eat
26Does drinking make you hungry?
27Where you lose your Solo cup and find your flavor
28All the drink, none of the waste
29How to eat your cups
30Don’t flavor your drinks. Flavor your cups.
31You’ll get some strange looks when you start eating your cup, but once you try it…
32Why pay extra for flavored vodka, when you can enjoy the whole cup
33Where you lose your glass and find your snack
34Loliware: the cup Mother Nature would use.
35You can’t do this with an ordinary cup
36The cup that tastes as good as dessert
37For tree-huggers who likes to party
38Recycling is so 2016
39Take a bite of drinks
40You can compost your cup. Or you can eat it.
41Don’t flavor drinks. Drink your flavors.
42Why just drink your beverage when you can eat it?
43Eat your way through a better way to drink
44The best part of you drink isn’t what’s in the cup
45The cup so pretty, you’ll want to eat it
46Get a taste of this cup
47Why wash cups when you can eat them?
48Now all you need is an excuse to throw a party
49Like a taco shell for your favorite beverage
50The “my cup tastes delicious” drinking glass
51No more awkwardly standing around with an empty cup in your hands
52Sweeten up your party with edible cups
53Bite into your drink
54Make the most interesting guest at your party, the cups.
55The party cup they’ll be talking about for years
56Stop drinking your beverages. And start eating them.
57Drink from a cup you can eat
58Would you like your cup crunchy or soft?
59Don’t put your cup in the trash. Put it in your belly.
60Edible cups for health-conscious people with guests
61The sooner you start eating your cups, the cooler your life becomes
62For party hosts who don’t want to deal with the trash
63Combining food and drinks into 1 lovely cup
64Sick your chompers on your cup
65If they created a song about red Solo cups, they’ll write a symphony about these.
66Good for your drink. Good for your mouth. Good for the planet
67Stop throwing your cups away. Start eating them.
68You’ve never been so happy to finish a drink
69Chew your choice of cup
70You’re invited to a meet & eat party
71The lazy man’s way to clear the dishes
72Enjoy a cup of cups
73Edible cups for interesting parties
74Imagine the look on their face when you start eating your cup
75Wo cares what you’re drinking when you can eat the cup
76The cup you can eat for lunch
77The cup your guests will never forget
78The cuppa cuppa
79You don’t have to worry about dishes when you can eat them
80Your cup is never empty with Loliware
81The cup that runneth over with flavor
82Eating the cup is more fun than drinking your drink
83Alcohol just got even more fun
84Not sure where to put your empty cup? Eat it.
85The edible cup for eco-friendly parties
86Drinking just got better
87Who needs food when you can eat your cup?
88Helping party hosts spice up their event
89Cups that taste as good as they look
90The cup designed to wine & dine your beverage
91The cup you can eat
92Why clean dishes when you can eat them instead?
93Drink without waste
94Discover the new flavor of drinks with your edible cups
95Drink your snack
96Get people talking about your drinks (in a good way)
97Remember that time you ate your cup at a party?
98We were asked to create an eco-friendly party cup. Loliware is our answer
99Where earth-friendly meets tasty
100Changing the way you drink, one cup at a time
101The edible cup that’s good for your garden


Overall: Not as celebratory as I was hoping for, but not bad. Even though they were decent, the themes became repetitive. I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something .

Lessons: I liked the Solo Cup comparison because it picks a fight. I should try doing more of that in the second half of the project.

  • This is another post that skews more female than my usual topics. I still struggle with these
  • If they make a beer stein version of this, I’m all in for writing about it
  • The reviews left me hanging. There wasn’t much to pull from.
  • I had a lot going on today. That might have come out in the lines.

Time: 1:05 in 1 long session.

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OK, time to go celebrate the 50% mark. Maybe I’ll even eat the cup.