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Spinning off yesterday’s Star Registry post, I wanted to test how much I can pull for a similar-yet-different list. So today, it’s about Owl Adoption.

Now, there are a few different agencies that do this. Essentially, you donate to a specific cause, and your contribution gives you a “symbolic adoption” of a bird. I could’ve chosen any animal, but my daughter “has” an owl, so I stuck with that.

Took about 60 lines for me to realize all the hooters jokes I could’ve/should’ve been making. I’m so disappointed in myself.

Anyway, here are 100 lines about Owl Adoption:

1 Now you can have a pet like no one else
2 If you real child turns their head around as much as your owl child, call for help
3 For owl lovers who want to do more
4 Adopt an owl, and become Mother Nature
5 Providing food and shelter to owls in need, one adoption at a time
6 Stop wishing you had an owl, and adopt one
7 Owl therapy is all the rage
8 The wisest way to choose a symbolic pet
9 Every owl needs family
10 Adopt the cat of birds
11 Lift your spirits with the gift of an owl
12 Don’t just love owls. Adopt one.
13 Owl lovers flock together
14 This owl needs a mom
15 Adopting an owl is always a hoot
16 Will you be this owl’s new mom?
17 You’re going to love watching your owl grow
18 Protect an owl with every adoption
19 Owls make your heart soar
20 Adopting owls is wise choice
21 Will you be spotted with your owl?
22 Helping owl lovers become a more connected with their passion
23 Whooo cares about owls? You do.
24 Make a difference in the recipient, and the owl’s life
25 Like adopting a really fluffy child, without the angsty teenage years
26 Adopt an owl and make you hooter jokes for days
27 Adopt an owl, and become birds of a feather
28 Take an owl under your wing
29 Adopting owls is a hoot
30 Symbolic gifts for friends who give a hoot
31 Your chance to own the symbol of wisdom
32 The “I just adopted an owl!” wildlife preserve
33 Give a hoot—and get a hoot.
34 They don’t make great pets, but they sure are great family
35 Discover the rewards of watching your owl grow
36 A wing and a prayer for a bird of prey
37 Give an owl and wing and a prayer
38 Haven’t you always to be an owl’s mommy?
39 Whooo will you adopt an owl for?
40 Get the owls that’s been missing from your life
41 Get the pet Harry Potter has
42 Adopt a whole family of owls. Become an owlcaholic.
43 Change an owl’s life today—and yours
44 When you give an owl a home, you give an owl a chance
45 Help save these miraculous creatures
46 Your gift isn’t just of the owl. It’s for the owl.
47 Every gift nurses a sick owl back to health
48 Adopting owls make you feel fantastic
49 The best way to get nice hooters.
50 Your symbolic adoption will change an owl’s world
51 If you have an animal lover in your life, this is perfect
52 Whooo says you can’t adopt an owl?
53 Protect an owl and the world it lives in
54 Adopt a piece of wildlife
55 We’ll treat your owl like it was our own
56 Nothing makes you more proud than seeing your owl grow up
57 Adopt your owl and visit it anytime
58 When you adopt good owls, you get nice hooters
59 Your symbolic adoption could save this owl’s life
60 Give an owl a chance
61 Like a child, only cleaner, flighty, and fluffy
62 When you give a hoot, you get a hoot
63 Owl always love my bird
64 As their environment changes, all owls need new homes
65 The gift that makes a difference
66 We won’t tell if it becomes your favorite child
67 Everyone needs a little owl time
68 Your favorite part of the adoption? Owl of it.
69 Make a difference to owls, and the world
70 How many other presents can rotate their heads like this?
71 Spread your wings, and adopt an owl today
72 Saving owls, one adoption at a time
73 The perfect gift for animal lovers
74 When you care about owls, you care for owls.
75 It’s wise to adopt your owl (and let us raise it for you)
76 Now all you need is a wand, a broom, and a scar
77 You’ll love your new family member
78 They’ll love your gift, owlways
79 Where good owls get a great home
80 Adopt an owl (Invitation to the Wizarding World not included)
81 Owls are magical creatures. Just ask Harry Potter
82 Adopt an owl without the dirty work
83 How to make a difference in an owl’s life (and yours)
84 The best way to support your favorite birds
85 Make a difference in an owl’s life (and yours)
86 Adopt an owl and watch it grow, year after year
87 The perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life
88 Your adoption makes owl the difference
89 Whooo says adopting owls is for the birds?
90 Your adoption means a world of difference
91 A new family member you’ll look forward to visiting on holidays
92 Honestly, they may be the best behaved member of your family
93 Become an owl’s mom today
94 Become an owl defender
95 We’ll take care of you owl, so it won’t ruffle your feathers
96 Adopting one feels good owl over
97 It’s the wise thing to do
98 Now you can test for yourself, how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
99 A gift that will make your heart soar
100 For owl lovers tired of admiring from afar


Overall: A little heavy on the puns, but not bad. Harder than I expected it to be—partly because there are so few reviews.

Lessons: Remember how images helped me with the Tattoo Removal post? Today it was memes. I never would’ve thought about the Harry Potter connection on my own. And they inspired some truly awful puns—which are my favorite kind.

  • Support your local animal shelters!
  • There were several Owl agencies to choose from. @TheOwlsTrust had my favorite page
  • 5% of all projects I do goes toward animal rescue. Good copy saves lives.
  • After 45 days, I finally figure out to paste the list into WordPress without losing the bold formatting. SMH.

As for the star registry connection, it really wasn’t there. Surprisingly, this felt completely different. I’m going to try this again tomorrow. With monkeys! I did pull from a few song lyrics though—and that I learned from the star post.

Time: 1:15 minutes in 1 session