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OK, so before anyone gets on me about how these sites are all a bunch of swindlers and you can’t really register a star, yes. You are right. That’s why I’m not going to link you to any of them. That being said, stars still make nice gifts.

Also, I like writing about weird things.

Here are 100 lines about adopting a star:

1Give a gift from the heavens
2For young lovers who are planning on eternity
3The perfect commemoration for star-crossed lovers
4Adopting a star is forever
5For the person who lights up your sky
6Be a part of what the world sees every night
7Make someone a star
8Because some people belong among the stars
9Better than a star on the walk of fame
10Own a piece of forever
11The night becomes even more beautiful when you own a piece of it
12Put a star in your hands
13When someone gives you the world, you give them the sky
14Give a gift that lasts for centuries
15Seal your place among the stars
16Look up at your very own star every night
17Even when you can’t see it, you know it’s there
18See yourself when the night comes
19The “big bang” for you buck
20A gift as eternal as your love
21She’s already hung the moon. Now you’ll hang the stars around it. 
22Starlight, star bright, buy someone a star tonight
23You’d give them the whole universe if you could
24Excuse me while I kiss the sky
25A beautiful way to commemorate a loved one
26When the sun sets, your star shines
27Send your loved one something she can cherish forever
28Put your loved ones among the stars
29Nothing says I love you like a big, flaming, ball of gas
30When you wish upon your star, all your dreams come true
31Make a wish upon your very own star
32Stars are forever
33Give your star its forever home
34The gift for people who want more than the world
35When you wish upon your star…
36Look at the stars knowing one of them is yours
37For the person with their head in the clouds
38Now you can wish upon your very own star
39Helping romantics find the perfect gift
40See yourself among the stars
41Your future is written in the stars
42You can’t take the sky from me
43For the special someone with star quality
44For the person who belongs among the stars
45Buy a start and make them the happiest person in the galaxy
46The thoughtful gift, sent from heaven above
47Sprinkle some star dust for luck
48From the sky to your room
49Because they deserve the whole universe
50Commemorate a moment with a piece of eternity
51You’ve got a star on your hands
52Buy a star, the plan your visit for someday
53See the night, starring you
54Own a piece of the constellations
55Your unique star for your unique friend
56Buy a piece of forever
57The gift they’ll cherish forever
58Each night, when your star arrives, you’ll remember this moment
59Stars that shine as bright as the person you’re giving it to
60Where your friendship finds eternity
61Write your love in the sky
62Give the gift no one else on Earth can give
63Celebrate something that will last 1,000 lifetimes
64The one gift you can’t find anywhere on Earth
65Straight from the heavens
66Kid, you’re gonna be a star
67Make the heavens your own
68Know someone with stars in their eyes?
69Own something the sailors steer by
70Wish upon someone every night
71The best gift in the galaxy
72Find your heavenly body tonight
73For pie in the sky dreamers
74See your future written in the stars
75It’s like owning the sunset
76You’ll be over the moon with your star
77You’ve got stardust in your eyes
78Certifiably yours
79Give someone a small slice of heaven
80The registry for a little slice of heaven
81Own a piece of the night
82Be the star of tonight
83Be the star in your own sky
84Make yourself a star
85Have your star by tomorrow evening
86You’ll be sleeping under your very own star
87Who will you give the sky to?
88Put yourself over the moon
89For friends who know forever
90The smile when you give this to someone will be as bright as the star itself
91The most romantic gesture in the sky
92Put a memory that will last forever in your sky
93A lovely tribute for a special someone
94Own a little piece of heaven
95See yourself twinkle
96Skywriting that lasts forever
97How to tell someone you love them forever
98The secret to owning your piece of the sky
99You belong with the stars
100The gift that offers nightly reminders


Overall: Good, but not great. This was a lot harder than I expected. With as many of star sites as there are, I anticipated more reviews. No such luck. The ones I did find were all very transactional. No Bueno.

Lessons: I thought this would offer a ton of creative freedom. Maybe it does. But I never found a hook that I loved.

  • This one may be a little too fluffy for my style.
  • The sites were all very sales based. Not a lot of copy. Just “click to purchase” modules
  • I tried using song lyrics for the first time. Didn’t turn out great… Also, plagiarism.

Tomorrow I’m going to try symbolic animal adoption to see how this will influence it. Stay tuned…

Time: 2 sessions, 55 minutes