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I learned about Flippin’ Boss on Kickstarter. Cool product and I can see a need for it—but their campaign never picked up much steam. Essentially, it’s a grilling accessory that combines tongs, a spatula, and a pot holder. Kind of a spork for grilling. (Ooh, that’s a good one. Too late to add it now?). After writing these, I might buy one.

Their video plays a few angles: Burnt forearms, dropping meat between the bars & using multiple tools. So there were a few ways to play this, which made it easier to write. Though, I have to say, this wasn’t as much fun as I expected.

Here are 101 lines about Flippin’ Boss:

1Helping bbq masters grill without burns
2Think about how much you’ll have chasing your wife while wearing this
3If you can’t take the heat, get a Flippin’ Boss
4If you don’t get one before your next grill out, your forearms will hate you for it
5The only grilling tool you need.
6Protect the meat at the end of your hands
7Nobody likes a toasted knuckle sandwich
8Good grilling without a trip to the burn unit
9The secret to grilling safety they’ll be teaching for years
10The “Where have you been all my life?” BBQ glove
11Bye-bye burnt hands
12The grilling tool that makes you feel like a robot
13Grab, flip & grill like a professor
14Singed arm hair be gone
15Like Edward Scissorhands, only less cutting
16Grilling is no longer a threat to your hands
17Stop charring your fingers
18Its like a power tool for Bar-B-Queuing
19Rediscover grilling pleasure
20Tired of dropping your burgers between the bars?
21Makes Labor Day grilling seem like a lot less work
22How to keep your forearms unburnt
23Make flamin’ hot forearms a thing of the past
24The sooner you know about this, the better your arms will fare
25The tongs your arms have been waiting for
26Where you sear your meat but not your flesh
27Where Big Green Eggs don’t lead to hot red knuckles
28BBQ tong glove for grilling mastery
29Seems like something a smart woman would invent
30Get a grilling tool as great as the steaks you’re cooking
31The grilling glove your forearms have been waiting for
32Don’t just flip your burgers. Flip ’em like a boss.
33Grill your burgers, not your knuckles
34If spatulas, tongs and pot holders had a hybrid baby, it would be this
35Does your grill have a scorched earth mindset?
36Grillers! Show your arm hair
37Other than fire and food, it’s the only thing you need
38The rare grilling glove that doesn’t make your forearms well-done
39Who ordered the knuckle sandwich, well done?
40The BBQ tongs for grillers who hate forearm burns
41Handy hand tools for grilling
42Now you can eat burgers and still have hair on your knuckles
43For grill masters, by grill masters
44Become Edward Grillinghands
45How many great burgers have you dropped between the grill grates?
46Cook on Sunday. Have unsinged hands on Monday.
47The good news for grillers who hate bad burns
48The best flippin’ glove you’ve ever grilled with
49Does your grill make you fearful of arm burns?
50A tip for not burning your tips
51The hybrid grilling tool your meat has been dreaming about
52Where the only thing getting burnt are the brats
53The easy to cook, easy to clean, easy to love, flippin’ glove
54Flip, grill, grab, go
55Cook the brats. Not your arms.
56Don’t try cooking without a Flippin’ Boss
57Save your digits from 3rd degree burns
58For men tired of burnt forearms
59Grilling doesn’t have to be an adventure every time
60Fire protection you can feel
61Stop burning your arms on the flippin’ grill!
62The Mother Of Dragons oven mitt
63Scorch marks belong on meat. Not your hands.
64Where forearms stay furry
65Because nobody likes their forearms well done
66Make better burgers (without fear of burnt hands)
67The grilling accessory your hands will thank you for
68Your grill can reach over 600 degrees. That’s more than your hands can handle
69Takes the risk out of grilling burns
70No more mistaking burnt fingers for hot dogs
71Saving knuckles, one burger flip at a time
72The ugly truth about forearm burns
73No matter how much you grill, you never develop a tolerance to fire
74Grill without the burn unit on speed dial
75Less drops. Fewer burns. Better grilling.
765 fingers toward better grilling
77Flip without fear
78The latest in grilling innovation
79Ever wonder what would happen if you glued tongs to a pot holder?
80For grillers who like to keep their forearms rare
81Save the scorch marks for your burgers – not your skin
82Protect your arms without ruining your meet
83This makes grilling even more fun
84Flip your burgers without scorching your skin
85Sear your burger. Not your knuckles
86How to grill without the burns
87Cook your burgers to well done. Not your arms.
88Tired of burnt knuckles?
89Singe-less grilling is now a reality
90No recipe calls for burnt fingers
91For grill masters who take pride in their arm hair
92The BBQ gloves of the future
93Keep your hands medium rare
94You’re not still trying to flip steaks with tongs, are you?
95You can still hold your beer in the other hand
96Save your burgers and your fingers
97The smartest way to grill
98Like using a towel on your hand, only less “I’m on fire!”-ey
99Hot food. Cool hands. Cold beer.
100You don’t  need to risk your fingers to turn a burger anymore
101Grilling is better without the burnt knuckles


Overall: Well done. Ha! No, seriously, I think they came out OK. I didn’t have a ton of information to work with, so it got a bit repetitive, but there are some solid lines in the mix.

Lessons: I tried a few new formulas today. They sped things along, but I always feel like I’m cheating when I use them. Ultimately, they’ll make me stronger.

  • Using the templates, I knocked out 50 lines in 20 minutes. No challenge. No skill. Just Mad Libs style writing.
  • This could be a fun one to create a campaign for. There’s some room to play.
  • I hope this guy succeeds. He looks like he’s in it for the right reasons.
  • I feel like there’s more to play with “sear” and “scorch” – but I didn’t quite nail it
  • There’s a Game Of Thrones “unburnt” line in there somewhere…

Time: 50 minutes.

If anyone can nail that GOT or “scorched” line, please put it in the comments. I know it’s there.