all-purpose cleaner

I love this stuff. Apparently everybody else does too. Method Planet-Friendly Cleaning Products has done a fantastic job with branding. From the designer bottles to the cleaner, greener soap, these guys established themselves as a household name right out of the gate. They’ve got a great line of products, including this lavender-scented all-purpose cleaner that’s got 1,029 reviews on Amazon.

This little bottle turned out to be a fun playground. There are so many specific audience segments and unique targets for this one product (eco-conscious consumers, health-aware, allergen-avoidance, pregnant, fragrant-sensitive), that I could’ve written about this for days. But I stopped at 102. Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Here are your lines about Method All-Purpose Cleaner:

1It smells so good, you’ll be motivated to clean
2The perfect combination of power and fragrance
3Clean your house without feeling dirty about it
4The soap for eco-friendly families
5Doesn’t matter how dirty you are. We’re cleaner.
6The cleaner popular enough to have its own fan club
7Overpowers your spills. Not your nose.
8You’re gonna wonder why you took so long to switch
9No residue. No stickiness. No carbon footprint.
10We didn’t think there was much difference between cleaners either. Until we invented this.
11The glass cleaner you feel good about buying
12Does your everyday cleaner make you feel sick?
13Even that Greek guy who sprayed Windex on everything now uses Method
14Pass the white glove test and smell good while doing it
15Made from clean ingredients that don’t sound like they kill you
16Who knew you could fall in love with soap?
17Clean spills with a product less toxic than whatever you’ve spilled
18Cleans like crazy
19Buying Method feels natural because it is
20Get clean. Be Eco-Conscious
21Bye bye, grease and grime
22Smells like lavender. Not a lavender fragrance made from chemicals.
23Don’t just wipe that mess. Clean it.
24Which will you like better? The clean or the smell?
25The great-smelling, good-Earth cleaner
26Because some cleaners can make your house feel toxic to breathe
27World-famous, world-friendly
28Cleans the dirt off things you don’t want dirt on
29The Method to your madness
30For humans tired of cleaning with toxic chemicals
31The only thing better than its clean is the smell
32The only cleaning product you’ll want to tell your friends about
33Grab a bottle. That mess isn’t going to clean itself.
34Keeps every surface clean. Even the landfills.
35All the lavender. None of the elbow grease.
36Cleaner smells and streak-free living
37Does your current cleaner make the air unbreathable?
38Where green people get clean
39Nice fresh smells that won’t make pregnant women gag
40Does your dog want to go outside every time you spray your old cleaners?
41A faint, pleasant smell that lingers longer than whatever mess you’re cleaning
42Safe for your family. Good for the earth.
43Because kids stay dirty for a long, long time
44Environmentally friendly ingredients. Minimal elbow grease.
45Kills the spills. Not your nose.
46Clean without poisoning your family or pets
47Made from the Earth. Not a chemistry set.
48You’re not still cleaning with toxic chemicals, are you?
49Get a cleaner you’ll be proud to use
50Approved by Mother Earth
51Smells so nice, you can’t wait to clean again
52Melts dirt like butter
53Cleans the chemicals your old soap left behind
54Bye bye, bad chemicals
55The  great cleaner for a good world
56Until they make a cleaner that smells like whisky, this is the best you’ll get
57The beautiful bottle is just the beginning
58Whatever spill you’re cleaning, we’ve seen worse
59Get rid of the spills and the chemicals
60If you’ve got toddlers, you already know you need this
61Environmentally friendly beautiful bottles that also happen to clean really well
62Kitchen Diva approved
63The cleaner that doesn’t smell worse than whatever you’re wiping up
64Get clean without the cleaner smell
65Has your soap gone green?
66The soap that cleans the way Mother Nature intended
67The cleaner that won’t harm your family. Or you.
68Cleans great. Smells great.
69Clean your room. Save the planet.
70Rated #1 by Mother Earth (and America’s Test Kitchen)
71You’d think chemicals clean better than nature. But you’d be wrong
72Clean counters have never smelled so good
73Because dirty kids touch everything
74Buying Method is completely natural
75Smells so good, you’ll be cleaning even when you don’t have to
76Pet friendly cleaners that’s safe for the whole family
77For families tired of cleaning with chemicals
78All the clean, none of the toxins
79For hot messes. Cold ones too.
80Kills bacteria. Not the Earth
81Smells the best, cleans the best
82Feel good about buying new bottles made from your old bottles
83Cleaning the planet, one bathroom at a time
84Be clean. Be nice. B-Corp.
85The best cleaner for the world
86Ditch the chemicals, grab the good stuff
87See how good green can clean
88The mind-bogglingly good cleaner
89Do you know the truth about how well green can clean?
90The cleaner you’ve been waiting for your whole green life
91The cleaner that’s good for your family. Not harmful.
92Helping families clean naturally
93Rated 5-starts by Mother Nature
94You don’t need to be an expert to know this cleans and smells great
95Tough on dirt. Gentle on noses, lungs and trees
96Better on glass. Better on nature. Better on you.
97Get a great clean with just the right amount of smell
98Cleans the eww without leaving more good
99Made for kitchen cleaning divas
100The cleaner you’re not afraid for your family to inhale
101Made for sophisticated sniffers (and Mother Earth)
102If you think natural can’t clean, you’re wrong


Overall: Good! Now, Method does a great job on their own. I love their current taglines of “Clean Like A Mother” & “Fear No Mess” — which shows these guys know how to have fun. And there’s no need to change those up. My lines could be used for specific advertisements or audience targeting. And I think there’s a place for them, but Method, keep doing what you’re doing.

Lessons: The Amazon reviews were a gift that kept on giving. So many crazy, incredible and fun lines in there. They did the heavy lifting for me. This list doesn’t give me a sense of creative accomplishment. It was more editing than creating. 

  • As fun as review mining is, it’s definitely time-consuming. Especially when there are so many great lines.
  • The huge audience and multiple usage occasions were fun to play with, but very few products have this amount of reviews. It’s unlikely many of us will be have such a resource available.
  • The lines are specific, but play to multiple audience types (if that makes sense)
  • I started with an idea to tackle the brand, but quickly switched to a specific product
  • Though the reviews were great, I didn’t do much legwork here. I tried not to copy/paste and directly plagiarize anything, but several seemed perfect as is
  • If this were a paying client, I wouldn’t feel comfortable submitting this work as my own.

Time: Oops. Forgot to count, but probably close to 1:30. I got lost in reading reviews for a while.