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For the first time, I honestly thought I may not be able to finish a post. This one was a grind. Turns out, writing for events ain’t easy. Especially when I have so little information to work with, and so few usable reviews.

For today’s topic, I choose Food Truck Nights. Not any one in particular, and not for any specific trucks—because these are constantly changing. And as much as the ever-rotating menu is a great feature, having such unbound structure makes it difficult. It’s helpful to some confines.

Here are 100 lines about Food Truck Festivals:

1Where picky families find everything they want to eat
2Redefine dinner under the stars
3The outdoor party that satisfies every appetite
4No reservations required
5The hybrid between take-out and drive-thru
6Redefining drive-thru dinners
7Social and sociable dinner times
8The biggest dinner party in the city
9Different meals for the whole family, no cooking required
10Fantastic food, with no cooking or dishes
11We’re not sure if our driver is a trucker or a chef?
12The to-go meal that comes to you
13Where you never have to choose between dine-in and take-out
14Get the best parts of take-out and dine-in, all at once
15The family festival for foodies
16All your favorite foods under one great sky
17Like a family cookout, no cooking required
18Every food option your family could ask for
19Where you choose your food based on line length
20You won’t mind the wait when the weather is so great
21When you really want great food, but you’ve already put on your sweat pants
22All your favorite foods, driven right to your neighborhood
23Where the cook is also the mechanic
24Walk off the calories waiting in line
25Combine exercise and gluttony at the same time
26All the food under the sun, under the moon
27Get your grub on
28Family fun (and gluttony)
29Where you’d be more social if your mouth wasn’t full
30The “can’t talk, eating” social event of the year
31The only thing worse than eating ALL the food, is NOT eating all that food
32Your belly will be mad if you miss this
33Make your belly, and your friends, happy
34Is that the engine running, or your belly growling?
35Food. Food. Everywhere is food.
36You’ve never seen so much deliciousness in one place
37Is this much yum even legal?
38Where you get to taste a little bit of everything, all at once
39Been there. Ate that.
40All the food. None of the dishes.
41Try 14 different foods, 19 desserts, and 1 really big nap afterwards
42And you thought Thanksgiving was the best meal?
43And you thought you ate a lot on Thanksgiving!
44Warning: Wear loose-fitting pants
45Your pants are gonna feel tight. But it’s soooo worth it.
46All the trucks. All the food. All in your mouth.
47The “get in my belly” social event of the month
48We only do this once a month because your doctor would be mad if you ate like this all the time
49This is the event elastic waistbands were made for
50Gluttony never tasted so good.
51The may burn rubber, but not your dinner
52All your favorite meals on wheels
53Your new favorite food doesn’t come from a restaurant anymore
54Because all the best foods today come from a truck
55The new gourmet restaurant where you eat on a park bench
56Who says you can’t have tacos and gyros for dinner?
57Eat all the different foods for dinner
58Any type of food, all in your belly
59The best way to make your belly bigger
60If you’ve got a cheat day, you’re going to want to save it for this
61It’s the meal you mind cheating on your diet for
62Totally worth breaking your diet for
63This is what cheat days were made for
64Spin class can wait until tomorrow
65When you see your yoga instructor in line, try not to make eye contact
66Summer Fridays just got a whole new tradition
67The lines are long, but the tacos are delicious
68Believe it or not, we even have healthy options
69So many options. So many yums.
70All the deliciousness you can fit into 9 trucks
71The coolest environment for gourmet food
72Gourmet food on the go
73The most comfortable comfort food you’ve ever eaten
74Pack a blanket, grab your food, and enjoy some family time
75The reason the lines are so long is because it’s worth every second of waiting
76Helping picky eaters find meals they like
77For families tired of the same old thing for dinner
78For when your son wants tacos and your daughter wants sushi
79The food truck festival for families
80A smorgasbord of food for any craving you’ve got
81Worth every bit of full
82Every bite is worth every bit
83Where you combine every dish you love
84The “nom nom nom” event of the season
85Where picky eaters find happiness
86And you thought you ate a lot on Thanksgiving
87We won’t tell mom that you like our food better
88These meals put Thanksgiving to shame
89The best selection you’ve ever tasted
90Who says fancy food has to come from a kitchen?
91Stop thinking restaurants need 4 walls
92Classically trained chefs, with a CDL
93The ultimate drive-thru dine-in experience
94Foodies! Rev your engine
95The race is on for great food
96The best portable restaurant selection in town
97Who says restaurants can’t have wheels?
98The wheel deal restaurant meal
99Your diet can wait another day
100If there’s ever been a reason to cheat on your diet, it’s this


Overall: OK, but they’re not very specific. Turned out better than expected. This one was a struggle.

Lessons: It’s good to have a restraints to focus creativity. I wasn’t sure what the key audience was (families or individuals), what benefits to feature (food or festival), or if this should be targeted toward health or gluttony.

  • I spell “restaurant” wrong a lot.
  • As usual, my favorites leaned toward the silly—#65 being my favorite.
  • The templates weren’t as useful as you might think. I’ve grown accustomed to powering through lines from my head and didn’t want to give in at the first sign of struggle.
  • And would you believe that I actually forgot about the formulas until line 75? Doh!
  • I’m glad I challenged myself, but I don’t think writing events are in my wheelhouse.
  • I’ll try another event later to see how I do a second time. But not for a little while…

Time: One 30-minute session, followed by multiple quick hits as the lines & themes struck.

I’m glad this one is over.