Image result for copywriter club This one is a late addition to the mix. The Copywriter Club is looking for a new tagline for their Facebook group. Now, the big challenge here is, dozens of people have already posted some great lines. So I had to tinker outside a crowded sandbox. Luckily, there are a lot of themes. The group of 3,000+ writers is tight. There’s phenomenal talent in there and the big-hearted community vibe is to be commended. I can’t think of another group this supportive. If you want to learn about writing or offer advice, (and you’re not a troll), you should definitely check it out. Oh, and there are some big personalities in there. Wickedly funny, snarky, motherly… You name it, they’ve got it. It’s one big, dysfunctional family. The list is somewhat repetitive as I worked through variations of each line. Favorites in bold. Here are 114 lines about The Copywriter Club:

1 You just lost your excuse for not knowing how to write
2 Where misfit copywriters share their secrets
3 Writing support you can bank on
4 Where writers share secrets, client struggles, and way too much personal information
5 Learn what makes writers tick—and what ticks writers off 
6 Link to like-minded writers & find out what’s working for them
7 How to get bigger clients and write better copy
8 For writers who want to know what to do next
9 You’ve finally found your tribe
10 Come for the advice—stay for the banter
11 Meet the people behind the words
12 All the write moves
13 Advice from writers who know how it’s done
14 For writers who want to know the secret
15 There are no stupid questions (but plenty of ridiculous conversations)
16 All the secrets (and a whole lot of fun)
17 Helping up & coming writers connect with the best
18 Helping writers excel, one sentence at a time
19 Working our way around the writer’s block
20 There’s a lot of knowledge buried between the ridiculousness
21 Where we write like Ogilvy & drink like Hemingway
22 Advice, guidance & secrets from everyone in the industry
23 Link to writers & find out what’s working for them
24 Where pure genius meets sheer ridiculous
25 None of us are wearing pants
26 Everything you ever wanted to know about how others write
27 The secret chat room for writers who want answers
28 Ever wonder if your copy is good?
29 For people who care about oxford commas
30 Putting money where your words are
31 All the answers you need, from the writers who can help
32 You’ve heard the podcast, now meet the writers
33 As informative as it is entertaining
34 Put your words into action
35 Where good writers learn from better writers
36 Who knew writers could be this interesting?
37 Your traveling companions on the road to success
38 Dissecting the art behind the science
39 The network for writing, pricing & business advice
40 For anyone who wants to know more about writing
41 Perfecting the art behind copy science
42 Everything you need to become a better writer
43 Chipping away at the writer’s block
44 Meet the writers behind the podcast
45 All of the talent, none of the ego
46 You’re not afraid of opinionated people, are you?
47 3,000 writers. One common goal. Zero ego.
48 Where good writers find greatness
49 For people who care way too much grammar
50 Conversation, community & support you can take to the bank
51 Dig into to writing greatness
52 Get guidance, feedback and input on all your work
53 And you thought your ideas were crazy?
54 Empowering the action behind your words
55 All the advice you need to build a better business
56 Get a grip on your copy business
57 Learn the from the best
58 The hive-mind of writer knowledge
59 Baby steps toward greatness
60 Your safe space for venting about clients
61 Where all your new writing buddies hang out
62 Just writer’s talking about everything
63 We’ve got a way with words
64 Where words are worth 1,000 memes
65 Plant your flag and come on in
66 Connect to writers who can guide your career
67 The place where writers learn and teach
68 Where the smartest bunch of misfits on the planet talk about everything
69 Create the secret password
70 For people who have been around the writer’s block
71 Write like you’ve always wanted to
72 Your online community for everything copy
73 All the advice, answers and distractions you need to get the job done
74 Procrastination just got a lot more interesting
75 A highly-trained, super-friendly, great-big-bunch of writing misfits
76 As ridiculous as it is helpful
77 Advice, feedback & ridiculous stories about clients.
78 All the writer-y things
79 All the feedback you need to improve
80 Everything you wanted to know about copy but were afraid to ask
81 Your sounding board for better copy, bigger clients & all kinds of ridiculousness
82 Direct access to successful writers and all their advice
83 Fully swipe-able knowledge
84 Pretty much everything you wanted to know about copy & writers
85 Leave your ego at the door
86 Because you want to write right, right?
87 Career guidance & advice from writers who want to help 
88 Surround yourself with a bunch of people who rarely leave the house
89 Where words are as strong as sticks and stones
90 Come geek out on copy with us
91 Where punctuation matters
92 Client advice, copy critiques, and a whole lot of personality
93 Advice, stories & ridiculous banter from all your favorite writers
94 No egos allowed
95 Ever wonder if you have what it takes to succeed? Find it here.
96 Learn to write gooder n’ stuff
97 The most accepting bunch of grammar trolls you’ll ever find
98 The friendliest bunch of writer misfits of the planet
99 Your access to the A-list podcast stars
100 All the answers that stand between you and success
101 Pictures are overrated
102 Your safe place for asking questions
103 The friendliest bunch of word slingers on the web
104 The ultimate swipe file for your writing business
105 Where good writers get better
106 Find everything you need to make your writing business better
107 The spirit of creative collaboration
108 Grab your questions and come on in
109 All you need to know to stop feeling like an impostor
110 Get the F out there
111 Where writers gather and help you grow
112 Embracing the quirkiness of the best writers on the planet
113 Just a bunch of word slingers
114 Writing tips, support and way too much personal information about each other
115 Where you’re free to share, teach, ask, and gripe about all things writing
116 Where words make money

Overall: Not bad. I liked a quite a few of these. It was difficult not to tread any on the already-contributed ideas, and there may be a few contenders in here. Under normal circumstances, I’d do a lot more editing. But no excuses. Lessons: There was a very cool moment when I realized I could refer to a previous post and tweak some of the lines. This is the first time I’ve been able to repurpose a list, and essentially swipe my own copy. That’s going to be huge for future projects.

  • The previous post about Bild came in handy here. As well as my tagline post for Amy Lipner 
  • Made it about 65 lines before touching the formulas. I didn’t use them much at all. Just needed a few to keep the flow going.
  • I tried to have fun with this one. Rum helped.
  • I wish I had more time away from this one to view it with fresh eyes and strengthen it. I say that with all of them though.

Time: 1:20 minutes in 1 straight session Need some help with lines? Let’s talk