There’s a good chance you’ve been targeted by these guys on Bookface. Quip has dumped a ton into advertising, and I think their list includes anyone with a mouth. Think Dollar Shave Club for your toothbrush. But the brush is a little Star Trek-y in that it has smart features. It’s electric (boogie woogie woggie) it vibrates when you should swap sections of your mouth, and it’s pretty.

Yup. Just called a toothbrush pretty.

They’re selling a boatload and the reviews are (mostly) positive. I like the tone and honest approach they take—but some of their copy reads a little generic. “We design and deliver refreshing tips and tools that simplify perfect oral health!” for instance.

I kept tone of voice in mind and didn’t go overboard with the sales-y BS you see on a lot of these sites. That’s not their style. Or mine.

Here are 101 about Quip :

1 Step up your everyday brushing routine
2 Upgrade your relationship with brushing
3 The “I’ve never felt my teeth so clean” toothbrush & paste
4 Make brushing genuinely enjoyable
5 Are expensive toothbrushes leaving a bad taste in your mouth?
6 Brush better than any old bristle stick can get you
7 Ever whispered “I love you” to your toothbrush before?
8 The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth
9 Like you just stepped out of the dentist chair
10 It may not be your fault that your current brush isn’t really working
11 Hey, smart mouth! Nice teeth.
12 The Casper mattress of toothbrushes
13 You, a dentist’s dream
14 For anyone who wants a cleaner brush
15 Clean with a brush NASA would build
16 Say “I do” to a new way of brushing
17 For people that need to brush better but don’t know how
18 (Psst. You’re using your toothbrush wrong.)
19 The electric toothbrush that doesn’t need a charger
20 The toothbrush from the future
21 The brush that makes dentist appointments less drill-y
22 Get squeaky clean teeth
23 Need a reminder to brush your teeth?
24 The toothbrush your guests will notice
25 A night & day difference from your old tooth brushing routine
26 Turn your mailman into a tooth fairy
27 Don’t brush another tooth until you try Quip
28 The idiot’s guide to brushing correctly
29 Where people with smart mouths meet their match
30 When’s the last time you bought a new toothbrush?
31 Like an iPhone you can brush your teeth with
32 Your brush with destiny
33 Get consistent with your brushing
34 You’re tired in the morning. And you still can’t mess up brushing with a Quip
35 The electric toothbrush quiet enough not to wake the house
36 The grass is greener when your teeth are cleaner
37 You’ll notice just how much your old brush was missing
38 So, how long has your dentist been telling you need to brush better?
39 Ever been complimented by your dentist before?
40 It’s not just better looking. It’s better cleaning
41 The toothbrush that vibrates in your mouth
42 The next time your dentist asks if you’ve been brushing well, you’ll proudly say yes.
43 It’s not that you have a bad brush. You’re just using it wrong
44 Are you crushing you brushing?
45 No more gross outs when you think about how old your toothbrush is
46 When’s the last time you loved your toothbrush?
47 Keeping up with your dental routine just got easier
48 You won’t need to worry about replacing your brush anymore
49 So, how old is the brush in your mouth right now?
50 A new brush delivered every 3 months. By the tooth fairy.
51 Crush it while you brush it
52 The easiest way to brush better
53 The only thing better than our brush is our customer service
54 The smarter way to brush your teeth
55 You’re not still using that free toothbrush from the dentist, are you?
56 Get a toothbrush that looks as good as it feels
57 Hey, smart mouth! Meet your new best friend
58 Like having a dentist tapping you on the shoulder with brushing reminders
59 Where smart mouths become geniuses
60 The toothbrush that gives the one your dentist  gave you an inferiority complex
61 The foolproof mouth cleaner
62 Did you ever think you’d be bragging about a toothbrush?
63 The toothbrush for people who hate brushing
64 Suddenly, brushing twice a day doesn’t seem like enough
65 Like an iPhone for your mouth
66 The savvy toothbrush for smart mouths
67 Stop lying to yourself that you’ll brush better tomorrow- and get a quip
68 Tooth love & happiness
69 The only toothbrush you’d want to snapchat
70 Don’t brush off your cleaning
71 The tooth is out there
72 The smart brush that turns your mouth into a genius
73 The tooth fairy now ships via USPS
74 The electric toothbrush that doesn’t require charging cords by the sink
75 Satisfy your entire mouth
76 If you’re not having fun while brushing your teeth, you’re doing it wrong
77 The closest thing you can get to a brushing app
78 The toothbrush that does everything but floss for you
79 The electric toothbrush for people who don’t want an electric toothbrush
80 For smart mouths who want a better way to brush
81 Better coverage than any brush in the league
82 Feels as good in your hand as it does in your mouth
83 The monthly brush for healthy mouths
84 The toothbrush that’ll surprise you
85 Clean design. Cleaner mouth
86 Where smart mouths raise their brushing IQ
87 Upgrading your brushing, one tooth a time
88 Brush better, twice a day
89 Stop brushing poorly
90 who knew brushing could feel this good?
91 Get a new, clean brush every 3 months
92 It’s going to change the way you feel about brushing
93 Have your teeth cleaned by a robot finger
94 Did you ever think you’d be this excited about a toothbrush?
95 If you don’t get one now, your teeth will hate you later
96 The subscription based brush for better cleaning
97 Brush & get replacements like clockwork
98 The electric toothbrush that replenishes itself every 3 months
99 You’ll never want to miss a brushing again
100 Your dentist is going to notice the change
101 The toothbrush you’ll look forward to using


Overall: Not bad. Pretty clear & concise. There are some usable lines here. I think between what they have and my copy, you’d wind up with a pretty solid page.

Lessons: I was able to attack this one from a few angles. Dentists, your everyday routine, feeling clean, and forgiveness for not brushing correctly all these years.

  • I like the Smart Mouth line, and whipped up a lot with that. Maybe too many, but they all seem to work
  • I didn’t want to go too technical, because nobody really cares, and I think the NASA line did a nice job of painting the picture
  • I’m getting retargeting ads like mad now
  • Lots of good themes in the reviews. I was surprised by how often people talked about “the relationship with their brush” but that sounded fake when I tried it
  • “The tooth is out there” (#71)is terrible, but it made me laugh.

Timing: Doh! I forgot to count. 2 sessions. Safe to say it was probably an hour.

Anybody have one of these? Let me know in the comments. I’m curious about it now..