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Time to balance out the animal posts. CitiKitty was all about cats, but today has gone to the dogs. And I’m a dog guy.

Rather than go product, I went service. Dog training.

It’s not about any one place in particular. Just a dog-training-in-general post. I knew I’d be able to relate to this one a lot more. I was right.

Here are 104 lines about behavior schools for doggos.

1 Train your dog to behave better than your kids
2 Now your dog won’t attack the neighbors unless you want him to
3 Dog leashes? Not for you.
4 Make your dog smarter than you
5 We’ve trained dogs even more difficult than yours
6 Helping you get the dog you’ve always wanted
7 Train your dog to only pounce on people you want him too
8 Make your dog turn heads at the dog park
9 Have the best behaved dog at the park
10 Trust your dog home alone
11 Train your best friends to act the way you want them so
12 You’ll see a difference in your dog, fast
13 The only thing you have to lose is muddy paw prints on your pants
14 Live the off-leash life
15 Be proud of how well-behaved your dog is
16 Even if your dog is dumb, he can be well-behaved
17 Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks obviously tried our course
18 Teaching old new tricks
19 Making happy pups obedient
20 The Master class for man’s best friend
21 Make your dog a good dog
22 Any dog can be a good dog
23 You’ll love your dog even more when it’s trained
24 Turning good dogs into great dogs
25 Don’t settle for having a “good” dog
26 Now you’ll be just as excited to see your dog as he is to see you
27 If you had a tail, you’d be wagging it too
28 If you think your dog is untrainable, you’re wrong
29 Your dog isn’t untrainable. He was just taught wrong.
30 We have 8 years of training. So, 56 dog years.
31 Our staff has been trained by the best dogs in the business
32 Making better dogs, one pooch at a time
33 You’ll get in the last woof every time
34 Make the mailman un-hate you
35 It’s time to lose the Beware Of Dog sign
36 Training puppers and doggos to be the perfect companion
37 Make your four-footed friend more reliable
38 Your dog will lick you with pride
39 Have a pup that makes you proud
40 Trust your dog around your kids
41 The proud puppy maker
42 Strengthen the bond between man and dog
43 Unleash your well-behaved-dog-edness
44 Train your dog to respond with pride, not fear
45 Make your training a paws-on experience
46 When your dogs feel good, it’s pawsitive reinforcement
47 Make ’em wag their tales with pride
48 Having a well trained isn’t such a far “fetched” idea
49 Train your dog, and yourself, to get better behavior
50 Does your dog prevent you from having people over?
51 Tired of pulling dogs?
52 Get a dog who walks beside you, even off-leash
53 Make your dog behave like a British gentleman
54 Get a dog better behaved than you
55 Ever see those dogs who carry their own leashes?
56 Now only will you have the cutest dog, but you’ll have the best behaved
57 Good behavior isn’t a trick
58 Is your dog’s behavior trying to tell you something?
59 Helping good owners make great dogs
60 For dog owners tired of apologizing for their pets behavior
61 For dog owners to embarrassed to go back to the park
62 Dog training for happy-but-bad pups
63 No more “bad dog”
64 The dog training system for owners who sometimes regret owning a dog
65 The good dog system for bad dogs
66 Where bad dogs turn good
67 The “Oh, your dog is so good!” training system
68 Where distressed dog owners find their cure
69 Where you lose your bad dog and find your good one
70 Walk your dog without pulling
71 Ever feel like Marmaduke is dragging you down the street?
72 Tired of teeth marks on your butt?
73 The cost of the class is cheaper than replacing a chewed up table leg
74 Think about your dog’s action that drove you here. Now click the “register” button.
75 If you’re here, you already know you need help training your dog.
76 Like having a well-behaved protector at your side
77 Good dogs, Heel!
78 “Heel” yourself of bad dog problems
79 Obedient dogs training with kindness
80 Here’s why your dog wants you to train him:
81 The good news for owners of bad dogs
82 Change your dog from a handful to helpful
83 Is your new dog a disaster?
84 It feels good when people aren’t afraid of you dog
85 Next time a child asks if they can pet your dog, you’ll be able to say “yes”
86 Make your dog a lover, not a fighter
87 Good dogs get hugs
88 Find the smart inside your dog
89 All dogs are capable of being good. They just need it brought out.
90 It takes more than just sit and stay to make a good dog
91 Good dogs make happy masters
92 Get the control you’re lacking over your dog
93 Stop fooling yourself that this is just puppy energy, and get the training help you need
94 Good news for people who thought they’d never be able to go back to the dog park
95 Become the person at the dog park with the good dog
96 Lose the fear of what happens if you drop the leash
97 Trained dogs make loyal companions
98 A trained dog is a good dog
99 You won’t have to apologize to people about your dog anymore
100 No more knocked over trash cans
101 Don’t be afraid to leave food on the counter anymore
102 The best time to train your dog is now
103 Training your dog is the responsible thing to do
104 Can you trust your dog?

Overall: Really good! I don’t want to pat myself on the back too hard, but these lines spoke to the benefits more than what I saw on the 7 or 8 pages I used for inspiration.

I normally mix up the lines before reviewing, but to show you more, like yesterday, I’m going to leave these as is. You’ll see that my favorite lines were the ones in the beginning. That doesn’t always happen, but maybe you’ll see where and how inspiration struck.

Lessons: The lines came 2 Fast 2 Furious today. I knocked out 60 before hitting the template, and it was all in less than 30 minutes.

  • I used a few formulas to rev the engine on the back half, but after a few, I was back to using my big, dog-lovin’ brain.
  • I pulled a lot from experience. Some lines were inspired by trips to the dog park.
  • The lines about “dumb dogs” aren’t meant to be offensive. Probably wouldn’t be best to use those for most businesses, but as a dog owner, you know when you have a dumb dog. (They’re the most lovable!)
  • A few good lines came late in the list. So always keep digging—even if you think you’ve already found the one.
  • My favorite lines felt more tactile. They pointed to real life scenarios.
  • I love writing about things I know. (Duh.)

Time: 58 minutes  over 2 sessions

Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments!



photo credit: Lolas K9 School