Every writer knows the hardest person to write for is yourself. Having someone to bounce ideas with is essential for nailing your copy—so when Amy Lipner, my friend and Copywriter Accelerator colleague, mentioned she was working on her site relaunch, I was happy to offer 100 lines for her.

A little background. Amy is a lawyer-turned-copywriter with a great big soft spot for good companies. We’re talking B-Corp, community-minded, give-back-to-those-around-you, all-around-do-gooders that make the world go ’round. She sent me a draft of her new copy, and I pulled ideas from there as well as our discussions over the last few weeks.

From there, I wrote 80 lines and sent them to her for review. She highlighted the ones she liked, X’d out the ones she didn’t, and I created another 20 based on her direction.

Normally, I scramble the lines when I’m done for fresh perspective, but today I’ll leave them as is so you can see how our process worked. A little behind-the-scenes action.

Here are 101 lines for Amy. Bold lines chosen by her:

1Copy for a better world
2Copy that’s not afraid to fight
3Copy that fights for your cause
4Mission-driven copy
5Powerful copy that drives people to act
6Do-Gooder Copywriting
7Copy that fights like you
8Damn powerful copy
9Copywriting that fights for the little guy
10Copy that backs up your action
11Good copy for good businesses
12Writing toward a better tomorrow
13Bleeding heart copy
14Altruistic copy for good businesses
15Make your words take a stand
16Words that fight as hard as you do
17Make your copy fight for what you believe
18Copy that backs your beliefs
19Hold your ground copywriting for altruistic businesses
20Passionate copy for businesses with a mission
21Copy that backs up your action
22Copy that drives your mission forward
23Writing the story of your mission
24How to write your mission with passion
25Copy that connects with your supporters
26Inspiring copy that connects & drives your mission
27Tell the story behind your mission
28F*ck weak goals. You go big.
29Turn your words into action
30The writer who believes in your cause as much as you do
31Copy that fights for your cause
32Powerful copy that emboldens the little guy
33Emboldened copy that fights
34Fighting words
35Impassioned copy for a bigger cause
36Copy that drives action
37Fundraising & mission-driven business copy
38Good copy, Good business, Good money
39Helping good businesses make money through words
40For mission-driven businesses with a voice for good
41For good businesses tired of being unheard
42The loud & proud copywriting megaphone for good businesses
43The ex-lawyer turned mission-driven copywriter
44The altruistic ex-lawyer copywriter
45Mission critical copy
46Where good copy makes people act
47Copy that makes the crowds walk with you
48Words that inspire the passionate crowds behind you
49Where little voices make big changes
50Copy for change
51Copy for better good business
52Words with purpose
53Altruistic words for damn important businesses
54Words that fought in a courtroom now support you
55The copywriting key to reaching your goal
56The right words for big change
57Well-crafted words for inspiring change
58Smart writing for altruistic businesses
59The business writer for inspiring change
60Inspire change with your words
61Words that help you change the world
62Get the messages you need to change the world
63The great writer for good business
64The ex-lawyer who found her passion helping people
65Your cause. Your business. Our copy.
66You’ve got a cause worth fighting for. Let’s tell the world.
67Altruistic copy for your big goals
68You want to change the world. Here are the words to do it.
69Where good businesses get great copy
70Where good businesses get the words they need to fight great
71Copy & marketing direction from an ex-lawyer turned do-gooder
72Grab a pen. The world isn’t going to change itself.
73All the copy you need to change the world
74Get the words to make the cause
75Mission-driven mission statements
76Where great copy incites change
77Words as powerful as your cause
78Slinging words for justice & good
79Copy that cares as much as you
80Cause-driven copy for good businesses
81The Robin Hood of Copywriters
82Bleeding heart copy that fights for your cause
83Helping causes convert
84Your source for bleeding heart copy
85A sister in arms for good cause copy
86Good cause copywritng that fights
87Smart copy for good causes
88Copy that moves your cause
89Moving your mission forward, one word at a time
90Where missions get put into motion
91Crafting the words that move your mission
92Where your big dream hit the page
93Making pages that move for big-hearted missions
94Get the words that move your cause
95Words that make your good business great
96The writer for mission-based motion
97Copy that rallies yours troops
98Your mission’s rally cry writer
99The rally cry writer for mission-based businesses
100Propelling copy for good causes
101Copy that pulls up your good business by its bootstraps

Overall: I realize this isn’t the most interesting list for you to read, but I really enjoyed writing it. Rather telling you how I think I did, here’s the response from Amy:



First of all – THANK YOU! It was really fun reading through these and also watching my personal brand (or whatever you call it) translated by someone else. Not surprisingly, I’ve never had anyone write something in my own voice. It’s a weird level of abstraction and actually gave me insight into the experience of being a client with a personal brand. There is something extra tricky about nailing a person’s voice, especially when they are capable of writing halfway decent sentences.


With all of that out of the way, here are my thoughts. Hopefully some of this will be helpful when thinking about benefits to other writers


  • I’ll go through the list and remark on specific headlines I liked + why. Hopefully that will be helpful.
  • What’s great about this list is that I’ll be able to pull from it for other page headlines as well. There are plenty of spots in my existing copy (processes page, about page, etc) where I could definitely punch things up and this is a handy list to be able to pull from as I finish this webpage revamp. It is a document I will be using time + time again.
  • Your list brought to my attention a larger set of words to be considering + playing with. It was tinder for my creative spark. And it will be extra helpful when I’m in a creative drought finishing up the page.
  • I mentioned this, but I liked the last 20 headlines in particular because they had more motion + movement. And, ha(!) alliteration.


  • Some headlines, especially with the word fight, just isn’t language or tone I use. On the flipside, some headlines were too fluffy/aspirational/emotional. I wonder if other writers have such strong reactions to words (I imagine so). You may save yourself some time by sussing out what words or phrases should be avoided at the outset. Or midway.
  • It may be helpful to ask exactly how the headline is going to be used. I don’t think this was an issue here, but it may help situate your thinking. I am working with a client on a headline for a page that is buried in the website – but is necessary nonetheless.

Let me know if I can help in any other way. I am on a few deadlines this week, but hope to finish up my webpage next week. I’ll keep you posted on how the headlines get used!


  • Looking back, I should have sent the list for her review after 50. Then I could’ve strengthened the back half even more
  • Her feedback on the word “fight” was especially interesting, because every time I wrote it, it felt wrong. So trust your gut, people.
  • It was great to work with someone on the project. It was more like a partnership rather than flying solo as usual
  • Super motivating to know the lines may be used, as opposed to posting into the void
  • The list is repetitive, but seeing all your options is essential for getting your message just right.

I’ll be adding this service to my site as soon as I nail down the process. Contact me if you want to be in beta-test phase!

Time: I didn’t time today but it went fast. I’d say 45-55 minutes, plus breaks awaiting feedback.